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Blues und Folk



Abschieds-Sendung 6.12.2021

Johnny Shines, Trouble in mind

Mississippi Fred McDowell, Good morning little schoolgirl

Mississippi John Hurt, I shall not be moved

Big Boy Fuller, Jitterbug rag

John Mayall, Palace of the king

Freddie King, Living in the palace of the king

Alexis Korner, Sweet home Chicago

BB King, Bad luck Blues

BB King, Three o'clock Blues

Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon, 4 o'clock Blues

Carey & Lurrie Bell, Key to the highway

Johnny Jenkins, feat. Gregg Allman, Rollin' stone

Junior Wells, Mystery train

Ray Bonneville, The changing sky

Lou Reed, Turning time around

Eric Andersen & Lou Reed, You can't relieve the past

Eric Andersen & Townes Van Zandt, Meadowlark

Jackie Leven, Pale blue eyes

Townes Van Zandt & Guy Clark, Snowin' on Raton

Richard Thompson, 1932 Vincent black lightning

June Tabor & Martin Simpson, Strange affai

Nick Drake, River man

Tim Buckley, Blue melody

Tucker Zimmerman, The wind returns into the night

Sandy Denny, Who knows where the time goes

Emmylou  Harris, Good bye


Sendug 1.11.2021

Sue Foley, Dallas man

Sue Foley, Hurricane girl

Sue Foley, Think it over

Sue Foley, Pinky's Blues

(CD "Pinky's Blues", 22.10.2021)

Colin James, As the crow flies

Colin James, Leave the house

Colin James, There's a fire

Colin James, Bad boy

(CD "Open road", 5.11.2021)

Micke Bjorklof, Jungle cat

Micke Bjorklof, Grapesugar love

Micke Bjorklof, It's been so long

(CD "Whole notha thang", 29.10.2021)

Corey Harris, Some of these days

Corey Harris, Mama Africa

Corey Harris, Boats up the river

Corey Harris, By and by

Corey Harris, After mountain Blues

(CD "The insurrection Blues", 5.11.2021)

Emmylou Harris, If I needed you

Emmylou Harris, Wayfaring stranger

Emmylou Harris, The boxer

Emmylou Harris, Save the last dance for me

(CD "Ramble in Music-City, The lost concert", 11.9.2021)

Jason Isbill  Honeysuckle blue

Jason Isbill, The truth

Jason Isbill, Reversel

Jason Isbill, I'm through

(CD "Georgia Blue", 15.10.2021)

Baartmans Matthews Conspiration, Writing off the Blues

Baartmans Matthews Conspiration, Low in the water

Baartmans Matthews Conspiration, Is it it

(CD Distant chatter", 21.10.2021)

R.E.M., Find the river, 1992)


Sendung 4.10.2021

Tommy Castro, I got burning

Tommy Castro, Blues prisoner

Tommy Castro, Bring it on back

Tommy Castro, Somewhere

(CD "A bluesman comes to town", 17.9.2021, Alligator)

Colin Linden, 4 cars

Colin Linden, Ain't no shame

Colin Linden, Right shoe wrong foot

Colin Linden. Houston

(CD "Blow", 17.9.2021)

Seth Lee Jones, I can't be satisfied

Seth Lee Jones, It was rainin'

Seth Lee Jones, Desiree

(CD "Flathead", 10.9.2021, Horton Records)

Tas Cru, You're the real deal

Tas Cru, Stay home blues

Tas Cru, Henry

Tas Cru, Write me my own

(CD "Broke down busted up", 3.9.2021, Subcat)

Eric Bibb, Dear America

Eric Bibb, Tell yourself

Eric Bibb, White and black

(CD "Dear America", 10.9.2021)

The Felice Brothers, To-do-list

The Felice Brothers, Valium

The Felice Brothers, Inferno

The Felice Brothers, We shall live again

(CD "From dreams to dust", 17.9.2021)

Adrian Sutherland, Big city dreams

Adrian Sutherland, Nowhere to run

Adrian Sutherland, Walk with me

Adrian Sutherland, Make me better

(CD "When the magic hips", 17.9.2021, Greywood Records)


Sendung 6.9.2021

Tito Jackson Big leg woman

Tito Jackson, That kind of love

Tito Jackson, All in the family Blues

(CD "Under your spell", 6.8.2021)

Cedric Burnside, Step in

Cedric Burnside, Keep on pushing

Cedric Burnside, What makes me think

Cedric Burnside, Hands off that girl

(CD "I be trying, 25.6.2021)

Big Daddy Wilson, Yazoo City

Big Daddy Wilson, A letter

Big Daddy Wilson, Testimony

(Hard time Blues, 10.9.2021)

Charlie Parr Walking back from Willmar

Charlie Parr, Anaconda

Charlie Parr, Everyday opus

(CD "Last of the better days ahaed", 31.7.2021)

James McMurtry, Decent man

James McMurtry, Vaquero

James McMurtry, What's the matter

James McMurtry, Blackberry winter

(CD "The horses and the hounds", 20.8.2021)

Chrissie Hynde, Blind Willie McTell

Chrissie Hynde, Love minus zero

Chrissie Hynde, Tomorrow is a long time

Chrissie Hynde, Every grain of sand

(CD "Standing in the doorway", 20.8.2021)

Son Volt, War on misery

Son Volt, The levee on down

Son Volt, The globe

Son Volt, Rebetika

(CD "Electro melodier", 30.7.2021)


Sendung 2.8.2021

Tiffany Pollack, Split on your grave

Tiffany Pollack, Crawfish and beer

Tiffany Pollack, Devil and the darkness

(CD "Bayou Liberty", 16.7.2021, Nola Blue)

Mike Zito, I'll make love to you

Mike Zito, When it rains

Mike Zito, Running man

(CD "Ressurection", 16.7.2021, Gulf Coast Records)

Dave Kalz, Werewolf Blues

Dave Kalz, Route 666

Dave Kalz, She's got a hemi

(CD "Relish", 25.6.2021, Gulf Coast Records)

Sean Chambers, Fourty-four

Sean Chambers, Louise

Sean Chambers, Tail dragger

(CD "That's what I'm talking about - Tribute to Hubert Sumlin", 9.7.2021)

Christone 'Kingfish Ingram, She calls me Kingfish

Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram, That's what you do

Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram, Something in the dirt

(CD "662", 23.7.2021, Alligator)

Promise of the Real & Lukas Nelson, Perennial bloom

Promise of the Real & Lukas Nelson, Leave 'em alone

Promise of the Real & Lukas Nelson, More we can handle

Promise of the Real & Lukas Nelson, Smile

(CD "A few stars apart", 11.6.2021, Concord Records)

The Wallflowers & Jakob Dylan. Maybe your heart's not in it no more

The Wallflowers & Jakob Dylan, The dive bar in my head

The Wallflowers & Jakob Dylan, Wrong end of the spears

The Wallflowers & Jakob Dylan, Who's the man walkin' round my garden

(CD "Exit wounds", 16.7.2021. New West Records)

Jackson Browne, The dreamer

Jackson Browne, A song for Barcelona

(CD "Downhill from everywhere", 23.7.2021, Warner)


Sendung 5.7.2021

Mark Cameron, It's allright

Mark Cameron, This is the blues

Mark Cameron, 2nd Job

Mark Cameron, Back from the edge

(CD "Back from the edge", 18.6.2021)

Jimmy Bratcher, I love her name

Jimmy Bratcher, Where you gonna stop

Jimmy Bratcher, Grits ain't groceries

Jimmy Bratcher, Bologna sandwich man

(CD "I'm hungry", 23.4.2021, Ain't Skeers Tunes)

Billy F. Gibbons, She's on fire

Billy F. Gibbons, I was a highway

Billy F. Gibbons, He Baby, que passo

Billy F. Gibbons, Vagabond man

(CD "Hardware", 4.6.2021, Concord Records)

Roger Chapman, The playtime is over

Roger Chapman, Rabbit got the gun

Roger Chapman, Green at Guacamole

Roger Chapman, On lavender heights

(CD "25.6.2021, RUF Records)

John Hiatt & Jerry Douglas, Long black electric Cadillac

John Hiatt & Jerry Douglas, I'm in Ashville

John Hiatt & Jerry Douglas, Keen rambler

John Hiatt & Jerry Douglas, Sweet dreams

(CD "Leftover feelings", 21.5.2021, New West Records)

Tim O'Brian, Nervous

Tim O'Brian, He walked on

Tim O'Brian, That's how every empire falls

Tim O'Brian, Ready on the firing line

(CD "25.6.2021, Howdy Skies Records)

Shannon McNally, I've been always crazy

Shannon McNally, This time

Shannon McNally, Only Daddy that I'll walk the line

Shannon McNally, Help me make it through the night

(CD "The Waylon Sessions", 28.5.2021, Compass Records)


Sendung 7.6.2021

Eddie 9V, She got some money

Eddie 9V, Travellin' man

Eddie 9V, You don't have to go

(CD "Little black flies", 28.5.2021, RUF Records)

Tommy Z, My alarm clock

Tommy Z, Plug in and play

Tommy Z, DYD

(CD "Plug and play", 28.5.2021, Blossom Records)

Bob Corritore, Big Mama's soul food

Bob Corritore, Don't mess with the messer

Bob Corritore, Mama talk to your daughter

Bob Corritore, Soon forgotten

(CD "Spider in my stew", 14.5.2021, VizzTone)

Alex Lopez, Paradise

Alex Lopez, Not this time

Alex Lopez, Mountain rain

(CD ""Rising up", 7.5.2021, Maremil)

Gary Moore, Looking at your picture

Gary Moore, How blue can you get

(CD "How blue can you get", 30.4.2021, Provogue)

Guy Davis, Flint river blues

Guy Davis, 200 days

Guy Davis, Palestine oh Palestine

(CD "Be ready when I call you", 4.6.2021, M.C. Records)

Tom Jones, Windmills of your mind

Tom Jones, I won't lie

Tom Jones, One more cup of coffee

Tom Jones, This is the sea

(CD "Surrounded by time", 23.4.2021, Universal)

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Hall of death again

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Watch what happens

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Resist the urge

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, There must be a someone

(CD "Superwolves", 30.4.2021, Drag City)


Sendung 3.5.2021

Reverend Peyton, Come down angels

Reverend Peyton, I'll pick you up

Reverend Peyton, Nothing's easy but you and me

Reverend Peyton, Rattle can

(CD "Dance songs for hard times", 9.4.2021, Family Owned Records)

Tomislav Goluban, Express connection

Tomislav Goluban, Bite me like a snake

Tomislav Goluban, No future in your past

Tomislav Goluban, Pale blue eyes

(CD "Express connection", 16.4.2021, Blue Heart Records)

Randy McAllister, You're masked potatoes

Randy McAllister, Relax watch the crach

Randy McAllister, Best patch of grass

(CD "Paperback salvation", 15.3.2021, Severn Records)

Reverend Freakchild, Personal Jesus

Reverend Freakchild, Soul of a man

Reverend Freakchild, Keep on praying

Reverend Freakchild, It's gonna be alright

(CD "Supramundane Blues", 26.3.2021, Treated And Released Records)

Parker Millsap, In your eyes

Parker Millsap, Being alive

Parker Millsap, The real thing

Parker Millsap, In between

(CD "Be here instead", 9.4.2021, Okrahoma Records)

Adrian Crowley, Underwater song

Adrian Crowley, The singalong

Adrian Crowley, Ships on the water

(CD "The watchful eye of the stars", 30.4.2021, Chemical Underground Records)

Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi, Avalon

Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi, Si dolce Tormento

Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi, I shall not be moved

(CD "They're calling me home", 9.4.2021, Nonesuch Records

Christopher Mark Jones, Call back your soldier

Christopher Mark Jones, The sweetness of this

Christopher Mark Jones, Your healing grace

(CD "Looking for the light", 1.3.2021)

Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi, Amazing grace


Sendung 5.4.2021

Ally Venable, Played the game

Ally Venable, Bring on the pain

Ally Venable, Sad situation

(CD "Heart of fire", 26.2.2021, RUF Records)

Ghalia Volt, Evil thoughts

Ghalia Volt, Meet me in my dreams

Ghalia Volt, Bad apple

Ghalia Volt, Just one more time

(CD "One woman band", 29.1.2021, RUF Records)

Damon Fowler, Leave it alone

Damon Fowler, I've been low

Damon Fowler, Alafia moon

Damon Fowler, Taxman

(CD "Alafia moon", 20.3.2021, Landslide)

Sunday Wilde & Harpdog Brown, Never get to win

Sunday Wilde & Harpdog Brown, Too damn cute

Sunday Wilde & Harpdog Brown, He does it

Sunday Wilde & Harpdog Brown, Peace for everyone

(CD "Peace in trouble", 14.3.2021, Indie)

Steve Gulley & Tim Stafford, Still here

Steve Gulley & Tim Stafford, So far

Steve Gulley & Tim Stafford, It's all about this game

Steve Gulley & Tim Stafford, Back when it was easy

(CD "Still here", 19.3.2021, Mountain Home Music Company)

Arab Strap, Another clockwork day

Arap Strap, Bluebird

Arab Strap, Fable of the urban fox

Arab Strap, Just enough

(CD "As days get dark", 5.3.2021, Rock Action Records)

James Yorkston, Choices

James Yorkston, Struggle

James Yorkston, We test the beans

James Yorkston, There is no upside

(CD "The wide wide river", 22.1.2021, Domino Recording Co.)


Sendung 1.3.2021

Curtis Salgado, You're going to miss my sorry

Curtis Salgado, I don't do that no more

Curtis Salgado, Truth be told

Curtis Salgado, Slow down

(CD "Damage control", 27.2.2021, Alligator)

Johnny Mastro, Red guitar

Johnny Mastro, See you in the evening

Johnny Mastro, If you think I've lost you

Johnny Mastro, Like Marie Laveau

(CD "Elmore James for presient", 26.2.2021, Continental Blue Heaven)

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, How much is enough

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, This crazy world

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, Tribute to Danny

(CD "Live at the Time Out Pub", 17.2.2021, Bluestorm Records)

Junior Wells feat. Colin James, Blues hit big town

Junior Wells feat. Albert Castiglia, Baby scratch my back

Junior Wells feat. Mike Zito, Worried life blues

Junior Wells feat. Bernard Allison, It's a man down there

(CD "Blues Brothers", 6.11.2020, Cleopatra Blues)

The Wild Roots, King snake crawl revisted

The Wild Roots, Something in the water

The Wild Roots, Cradled in the bosom of Jerusalem

The Wild Roots, Misty morning in New Orleans

(CD "The Wild Roots Sessions, Volume 1", 3.2.2021, Wildroots Records)

Steve Earle, Harlem River Blues

Steve Earle, Champagne corolla

Steve Earle, Far away in another town

Steve Earle, Turn out my lights

(CD "J.T.", 1.1.2021, New West Records)

Arlo Mckinley, Bag of pills

Arlo Mckinley, The hurtin's done

Arlo Mckinley, Walking shoes

(CD "The Midwestern", 4.8.2020, Oh Boy Records/ Thirty Tigers)

Anna B Savage

(CD "A common turn", 29.1.2021, City Slang)


Sendung 1.2.2021

Live-Mitschnitt Blues Caravan 2020 mit Vanja Sky, Ryan Perry und Jeremiah Johnson:

Let's work together

Ain't afraid to eat alone

High risk, low reward

Love's creeping up on you

A woman's rules the world

White lightning


Good man good woman

Gotta serve somebody

Cherry red wine

Old time rock'n roll

(CD "Blues Caravan 2020", 29.1.2021, RUF Records)

Selwyn Birchwood, One more time

Selwyn Birchwood, Mama knows best

Selwyn Birchwood, Freaks come out at night

Selwyn Birchwood, My happy place

(CD "Living in a burning house", 29.1.2021, Alligator)

Passenger, Sword from the stone

Passenger, Sandstorm

Passenger, London in the spring

(Do.-CD "Songs for the drunk and broken hearts", 8.1.2021, Black Crow Records)

Terry Allen, Houdini didn't lke the spititualists

Terry Allen, Death of the last stripper

Terry Allen, Pirate Jenny

Terry Allen, Sailin' on through

(CD "Just like Moby Dick", 24.1.2020, Paradise of Bachelors)

Passenger, Suzanne


Sendung 4.1.2021

The Blues Bones, A better life

The Blues Bones, Find my way out

The Blues Bones, Going down

The Blues Bones, Cruisin'

(CD "Live on stage", 20.11.2020, Naked/ Donor Productions)

Jeremiah Johnson, Cherry red wine

Jeremiah Johnson, Daddy's going out tonight

Jeremiah Johnson, Unemployed highly annoyed

Jeremiah Johnson, Rock'n roll for the soul

(CD "Unemployed highly annoyed", 23.10.2020. RUF Records)

Dudley Taft, The devil

Dudley Taft, Goin' away Baby

Dudley Taft, Relentless

Dudley Taft, Fly with me

(CD "Cosmic radio", 2.10.2020, M2 Music)

Vanessa Collier, Bloodhound

Vanessa Collier, I don't want anything to change

Vanessa Collier, Weep and moan

Vanessa Collier, Heart on the line

(CD "Heart on the line", 21.8.2020)

Robin Trower & Maxi Priest & Livingstone Brown, Are we just people

Robin Trower & -"-,   Bring it all back to you

Robin Trower & -"-,   Sunrise revolution

Robin Trower & -"-,   Where our love came from

(CD "United state of mine", 9.10.2020, Manhaton Records)

Paul Armfield, January

Paul Armfield, You

Paul Armfield, Fledgling

Paul Armfield, Alone

(CD "Domestic", 11.9.2020, PSA)


Sendung 7.12.2020

John Mayall, I'm as good as gone

(Single 22.11.2020, Fourty Below Records)

Natural Blues, I can't breathe

Natural Blues, Weepin' n' moanin'

Natural Blues, Sweet goodess Blues

Natural Blues, What my boss wants

(EP "I can't breathe", 22.11.2020, AAA Culture)

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Big town playboy

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Albert's stomp

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Mess around

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Black lives matter

(CD "Rise up", 11.9.2020, Stony Plain Records)

Snowy White, Another blue night

Snowy White, Get responsible

Snowy White, I wish I could

(CD "Something on me", 9.10.2020, Snowy White)

Kai Strauss, In my prime

Kai Strauss, Guest in the House of Blues

Kai Strauss, Down on the bended knee

Kai Strauss, World crisis Blues

(CD "In my prime", 27.11.2020, Continental Record Services)

Walter Trout, Heartland

Walter Trout, All out of tears

Walter Trout, Final curtain call

Walter Trout, Make it right

(CD "Ordinary madness", 28.8.2020, Mascot Label Group)

Bruce Springsteen, One minute you're here

Bruce Springsteen, Rainmaker

Bruce Springsteen, I'll see you in my dreams

(CD "Letter to you", 23.10.2020, Columbia/ Sony Entertainment)


Sendung 2.11.2020

Kim Wilson, Slow down

Kim Wilson, If it ain't me

Kim Wilson, Goin' away Baby

Kim Wilson, Out of the fryin' pan

(CD "Take me back, The Bigtone Sessions", 9.10.2020, MC Records)

Shaun Murphy, Love me like a man

Shaun Murphy, Soul shake

Shaun Murphy, Ain't got no money

(CD "Flame still burns", 10.10.2020, Vision Wall Records)

John Nemeth, Fountain of a man

John Nemeth, Throw me in the water

John Nemeth, Deprivin' a love

(CD "Stronger than strong", 16.10.2020, Nola Blue Records)

Shemekia Copeland, Walk until I ride

Shemekia Copeland, Applepie and a .45

Shemekia Copeland, Uncivil war

(CD"Uncivil war", 23.10.2020, Alligator Records)

Joe Bonamassa, A conversation with Alice

Joe Bonamassa, Beyond the silence

Joe Bonamassa, Savannah

(CD "Royal tea", 23.10.2020 Mascot Label Group)

Anthony Gomes, Praying for rain

Anthony Gomes, Tell somebody

Anthony Gomes, The greatest 4 letter

(CD "Containment Blues", 16.10.2020, Up 2 Zero Entertainment)

Alastair Greene, Bayou mile

Alastair Greene, Heroes

Alastair Greene, Alone and confused

(CD "The new world Blues", 23.10.2020, Whisky Bayou Records)

Richard Koechli, I'm going down

Richard Koechli, Sensitive kind

Richard Koechli, Anyway the wind blows

Richard Koechli, Easy road

(CD "The real chill, Remembering J.J. Cale", 25.9.2020, Fontastix)


Sendung 5.10.2020

The Allman Betts Band, King crawler

The Allman Betts Band, Rivers run

The Allman Betts Band, Should we ever part

(CD "Bless your heart", 28.8.2020, BMG)

Eric Johanson, Down to the bottom

Eric Johanson, Nowhere to go

Eric Johanson, Riverbend Blues

(CD "Below sea level", 18.9.2020, Nola Blue Records)

Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite, 100 years of blues

Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite, Old school

Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite, Midnight hour blues

(CD "100 years of Blues", 25.9.2020, Alligator)

Bobby Rush, Down in Mississippi

Bobby Rush, Don't start me talkin'

Bobby Rush, Dust my broom

(CD "Rawer than raw", 28.8.2020, Deep Rush/ Thirty Tigers)

Victor Wainwright, South end of a north bound mule

Victor Wainwright, My dog Riley

Victor Wainwright, America

(CD "Memphis loud", 29.5.2020, RUF Records)

Peter Parcek, Everybody oughta make a change

Peter Parcek, Live's a one way tickett

Peter Parcek, Waiting for the man

(CD "Mississippi suitcase", 4.9.2020, Lightnin Records)

Bill Callahan, Pigeons

Bill Callahan, Let's move to the country

Bill Callahan, Cowboy

Bill Callahan, As I wander

(CD"Gold record", 4.9.2020, Drag City Records)

Ad Vanderveen, David and Goliath

Ad Vanderveen, Treasure keepers

Ad Vanderveen, Puppet show

Ad Vanderveen, Motherland

(CD "Treasure keepers", 13.9.2020, Continental Europe)

Emma Swift, I contain multitudes

(CD "Blonde on the tracks", 3.7.2020 Continental Song City)


Sendung 7.9.2020

Scott Weis Band, Simmer me down

Scott Weis Band, Helpless

Scott Weis Band, Jesus just left Chicago

(CD "Simmer me down", 7.8.2020)

Savoy Brown, All gone wrong

Savoy Brown, Ain't done yet

Savoy Brown, Jaguar Car

Savoy Brown, Rocking in Louisiana

(CD "Ain't done yet", 28.8.2020, Quarto Valley Records)

Kat Riggins, Catching up

Kat Riggins, Burn it all down

Kat Riggins, On it's way

Kat Riggins, The storm

(CD "Cry out", 14.8.2020, Gulf Coast Records)

Dave Fields, I love my Baby

Dave Fields, Force of will

Dave Fields, Best I can

(CD "Force of will", 3.7.2020)

Bob Dylan, I contain multidudes

Bob Dylan, I've made up my mind to give myself to you

Bob Dylan, Goodbye Jimmy Reed

Bob Dylan, Mother of muses

(CD "Rough and rowdy ways", 19.6.2020, Columbia Records)

James Elkington, Nowhere time

James Elkington, Sleeping me away

James Elkington, Carousel

James Elkington, Ever-roving eye

(CD "Ever-rovng eye", 22.5.2020, Paradise of Bachelors)

Jason Isbill, Dreamcicle

Jason Isbill, St. Peters's autograph

Jason Isbill, Letting you go

Jason Isbill, Overseas

(CD "Reunions", 15.5.2020, Southeastern Records)


Sendung 3.8.2020

Rob Tognoni, New sets of ray

Rob Tognoni, Captain Magic

Rob Tognoni, Fat orange man

Rob Tognoni, Outback

(CD "Catfish cake", 29.5.2020, MIG)

Peter Karp, This world

Peter Karp, The grave

Peter Karp, Cool cool thing

Peter Karp, Going home

(CD "Magnificent heart", 8.5.2020, Peppercake Records)

Anthony Geraci, No one hears my prayers, feat. Walter Trout

Anthony Geraci, Mister

Anthony Geraci, Tutty frutti booty

Anthony Geraci, Crazy Blues/ Mississippi woman

(CD "Daydreams in Blue", 13.5.2020, Shining Stone Records)

Grant Dermody, One step at a time

Grant Dermody, Morning train

Grant Dermody, Great change

(CD "My Dony", 8.5.2020, Thunder River Recordings)

Will Hoge, Midway motel

Will Hoge, Even the river runs out of this town

Will Hoge, The likes of you

Will Hoge, All the pretty horses

(CD "Tiny little movies", 26.6.2020, Thirty Tigers)

Ray Lamontagne, Roll me Mama, roll me

Ray Lamontagne, Summer clouds

Ray Lamontagne, We'll make it through

Ray Lamontagne, Highway to the sun

(CD "Monovision", 25.6.2020, RCA Records)

Tara Dente, Let the good one go

Tara Dente, What a mess

Tara Dente, Ain't no time

Tara Dente, Hill so steep

(CD "Truth in the mud", 17.7.2020, Travianna Records)


Sendung 6.7.2020

Tim Lothar, Corvid Blues (Single)

Johnny Burgin, One day you're gonna lucky

Johnny Burgin, So crazy about you

Johnny Burgin, Samurai harp attack

Johnny Burgin, Sweet home Osaka

(CD "No border Blues", 20.4.2020, Delmark)

Dion, Blues comin' on, feat. Joe Bonamassa

Dion, Bang bam boom, feat. Billy Gibbons

Dion, Told you once in August, feat. John Hammond Jr. & Rory Block

Dion, Hymn for him, feat. Bruce Springsteen & Patty Cialfia

(CD "Blues with friends", 5.6.2020, The Blues Alive Records)

Micke & Lefty feat. Chef, Big Bill Blues

Micke & Lefty feat. Chef, Small town Baby

Micke & Lefty feat. Chef, I'm steady rollin' man

(CD "Let the fire lead", 26.6.2020, Hokahay Records/CRS)

Steve Earle & The Dukes, Union, God and Country

Steve Earle & The Dukes, Devil put the coal in the ground

Steve Earle & The Dukes, John Henry was a steel-drivin' man

Steve Earle & The Dukes, Time is never on our side

(CD "Ghosts of West Virginia", 22.5.2020, New West Records)

Mark Lanegan, Churchbells, ghosts

Mark Lanegan, Daylight in the nocturnal house

Mark Lanegan, Hanging on (for you)

(CD "Straight songs of sorrow", 8.5.2020, Heavently Records)

Gretchen Peters, Wish I was

Gretchen Peters, Saint Ceciia

Gretchen Peters, Three bells for Stephen

(CD "The night you wrote this song, The songs of Mickey Newbury", 15.5.2020, Proper Records)


Sendung 10.5.2020

Jim Gustin & Truth Jones, All you ever bring to me is the Blues

Jim Gustin & Truth Jones, I hate to see you

Jim Gustin & Truth Jones, Never to big for the Blues

Jim Gustin & Truth Jones, Rockslide

(CD "Lesson learned", 27.3.2020)

Vanja Sky, Rock'n Rolla Train

Vanja Sky, Hard time

Vanja Sky, Turn it on

Vanja Sky, Shadow play

(CD "Woman named trouble", 27.3.2020, RUF Records)

The Reverend Shawn Amos, Troubled man

The Reverend Shawn Amos, Counting down the days

The Reverend Shawn Amos, Hold back

The Reverend Shawn Amos, The job is never done

The Reverend Shawn Amos, 27 Dollars

(CD "Blue sky", 17.4.2020, Put Together Music)

David Bromberg, Just because you didn't answer

David Bromberg, Who will the next fool be?

(CD "Big road", 17.4.2020, Red House)

Tim O'Brien, A mountaineer is always free

Tim O'Brien, Down in the willow garden

Tim O'Brien, John Riley

Tim O'Brien, Take the ribbon in your hair

(CD "The crossing", 1999/ 1.5.2020, Howdy Skies Music)

Darrell Scott, Lost highway

Darrell Scott, Men with broken hearts

Darrell Scott, When God comes and gathers his jewels

Darrell Scott, I heard that lonesome whistle

(CD "Sings the Blues of Hank Wiliams", 24.4.2020, Full Light Records)

Ken Dunn, King high tide

Ken Dunn, Talking tales of wandering

Ken Dunn, Water is life

Ken Dunn, Farewell to the cage

Ken Dunn, Come back Joni

(CD "Ashes in the morning", 1.5.2020, Trespass Music)


Sendung 3.5.2020

Reverend Freakchild, I can't be satisfied

Reverend Freakchild, Big boss man

Reverend Freakchild, Little red rooster

Reverend Freakchild, Yer Blues

(CD "The Bodhisattwa Blues", 10.4.2020, Treated and Released Records)

John Primer & Bob Corritore, Keep a-driving

John Primer & Bob Corritore, Little bitty woman

John Primer & Bob Corritore, My imagination

John Primer & Bob Corritore, Ain't gonna be no cuttin' a loose

(CD "Gypsy woman told me", 1.5.2020, VizzTone)

Liz Mandeville, Comfort food blues

Liz Mandeville, Keep on working

Liz Mandeville, Poor Robert Johnson

Liz Mandeville, Boss lady

Liz Mandeville, Hey Babe you wanna Boogie?

(CD "Playing with fire", 7.3.2020, Blue Kitty Music)

Lucinda Williams, Bad news Blues

Lucinda Williams, Big black train

Lucinda Williams, Shadows & doubts

Lucinda Williams, Good souls

(CD "Good souls better angels", 24.4.2020, Highway 20 Records)

Eliza Gilkyson, Promises to keep

Eliza Gilkyson, My heart aches

Eliza Gilkyson, A hard rain's a-gonna fall

Eliza Gilkyson, We are not alone

(CD "2020", 24.4.2020, Red House)

Gordon Lightfoot, E-motion

Gordon Lightfoot, Return into dust

Gordon Lightfoot, Why not give it a try

(CD "Solo", 20.3.2020, WM Canada)


Sendung 26.4.2020

Mike Zito, Don't let the world go down

(CD "Quarantine Blues", download bei Soundcloud)

The Proven Ones, You ain't done

The Proven Ones, Already gone

The Proven Ones, I ain't good for nothin'

The Proven Ones, Favourite dress

(CD "You ain't done", 17.4.2020, Gulf Coast Records)

Back Track Blues Band, Your Baby has left

Back Track Blues Band, Dixie grill

Back Track Blues Band, Natural born lover

Back Track Blues Band, You'll come back someday

(CD "Your Baby has left", 3.4.2020, VizzTone)

Shawn Pittman, Make it right

Shawn Pittman, I feel good

Shawn Pittman, Let it go

Shawn Pittman, I'm done

(CD "Make it right", 10.4.2020, CRS)

Paul Burch, Mardi gras in mobile

Paul Burch, The tell

Paul Burch, Marisol

Paul Burch, Prince Ali's fortune telling book of dreams

(CD "Light sensitive", 17.4.2020, Plowboy)

Ben Reel, Tough people

Ben Reel, Round the next bend

Ben Reel, Fine wine

Ben Reel, Broken

(CD "The Nashville calling", 24.4.2020, Ben Reel Records)

Dan Tuffy, Can't contain my feeling

Dan Tuffy, Eternity

Dan Tuffy, Home fires

Dan Tuffy, Big man

(CD "Letters of gold", 24.4.2020, Continental Europe)

Tamikrest, Anha achal wad namda

(CD "Tamotait", 27.3.2020, Glitterbeat)


Sendung 19.4.2020

Nico Brina, Happy ol' boy

Nico Brina, Blues stay away

Nico Brina, Reconsider Baby

Nico Brina, Early in the morning

Nico Brina, Two rabbits on a blind date

Jimmy Johnson, I need you so bad

Jimmy Johnson, Rattlesnake

Jimmy Johnson, Somebody loan me a dime

Jimmy Johnson, Lead on me

(CD "Every day of your life", 24.1.2020, Delmark)

Crystal Shawanda, When it comes to love

Crystal Shawanda, Blame it on the sugar

Crystal Shawanda, I can't take it

Crystal Shawanda, New Orleans is sinking

(CD "Church House Blues", 17.4.2020, True North Records)

Blind Lemon Pledge, Big road blues

Blind Lemon Pledge, I know you rider

(CD "Goin' home", 3.4.2020, Ofeh Records)

Pokey LaFarge, Just the same

Pokey LaFarge, Fallen angel

Pokey LaFarge, Ain't coming home

Pokey LaFarge, Lost in the crowd

(CD "Rock Bottom Rhapsody", 10.4.2020, New West Records)

Celeigh Cardinal, The devil is a blue-eyed man

Celeigh Cardinal, Song in the supermoon

Celeigh Cardinal, There are some things we will never do

Celeigh Cardinal, Loving is letting go

(CD "Stories from a downtown apartment", 17.4.2020, Greywood Records)

M. Ward, Migrations of souls

M. Ward, Unreal city

M. Ward, Along the Santa Fé Trail

M. Ward, Torch

(CD "Migration stories", 3.4.2020, Anti)

Slow Leaves, Time was on your side

Slow Leaves, Try again the morning

Slow Leaves, Without a care

(CD "Shelf life", 3.4.2020, Make My Day)


Sendung 12.4.2020

Dr. Will, Hoodoo moon

Dr. Will, Rosie revisted

Dr. Will, Big old drum

Dr. Will, High jeopardy thing reprise

Dr. Will, Summer wine

(CD "I want my money back", 6.3.2020, Solid Pack Records/ Galileo)

Josh Smith, The way you do

Josh Smith, Letting you go

Josh Smith, When I get mine

Josh Smith, Where's my Baby

(CD "Live at the Spud", 8.1.2020, M2 Music)

Cindy Cashdollar feat. Omar Kent Dykes, How many more years

Cindy Cashdollar feat. Rory Block, That ain't no way for me

Cindy Cashdollar feat. Sonny Landreth, Sey Seychelles

Cindy Cashdollar feat. Larry Campbell, Waltz for Abilane

(CD "Waltz for Abilane", 24.2.2020, Silver Shot Records)

Noble Jacks, Stay awake

Noble Jacks, Lift me from the floor

Noble Jacks, Enjoy the ride

Noble Jacks, Dreams carry me on

(CD "Stay awake",DeLuxe-Ausgabe 27.3.2020, CRS)

Eileen Rose, Get up

Eileen Rose, Am  I really so bad?

Eileen Rose, A little too loud

Eileen Rose, Old time reckoning

(CD "Muscle Shoals", 17.3.2020, CRS)

A Choir of Ghosts, Outside the window

A Choir of Ghosts, Better off alone

A Choir of Ghosts, Human

A Choir of Ghosts, The taste of smoke

(CD "An ounce of gold", 3.4.2020, Greywood Records)

Eileen Rose, On shady hill


Sendung 5.4.2020

Crazy Hambones, Behind the sun

Crazy Hambones, Can't judge a book

Crazy Hambones, Bullfrog Blues

Crazy Hambones, Cornbread, peas and black molasses

Crazy Hambones, Boogie around the world

(CD "Beautiful", 15.10.2019, Stormy Monday)

Albert Castiglia, Get your ass in the Van

Albert Castiglia, Too much seconal

Albert Castiglia, Loving cup

(CD "Wild and free (live)", 3.4.2020, Gulf Coast Records)

Rory Block, He may be your man

Rory Block, Prove it on me

Rory Block, Wayward girl Blues

Rory Block, Motherless child

(CD "Prove it on me", 27.3.2020, Stony Plain)

The Handsome Family, Lake Geneva

The Handsome Family, Drunk by noon

The Handsome Family, The House Carpenter

The Handsome Family, The king who wouldn't smile

The Handsome Family, Amelia Earheart vs. The dancing bear

(CD "Milk and scissors", 1996/ 20.3.2020, Loose Music)

Dave Greaves, Fools gold

Dave Greaves, Frank

Dave Greaves, The desperate hours

Dave Greaves, Legacy

(Do.-CD "Still life", 20.3.2020, Inbread Records International)

Thomm Jutz, I long to hear them testify

Thomm Jutz, Hartford's bend

Thomm Jutz, Wilmer McLean

Thomm Jutz, Shelton Laurel Valley

(CD "To live in two worlds, Vol. 1", 27.3.2020, Mountain Home Records)


Sendung 22.3.2020

Steve Baker, Judgment day

Steve Baker, Long distance

Steve Baker, The wheel's on fire

Steve Baker, Too late

(CD "The great devide", 20.3.2020, Timezone)

Abi Wallenstein & Boogielicios, Sweet home Chicago

Abi Wallenstein & Boogielicios, Alabama Blues

Abi Wallenstein & Boogielicios, As long as I can see the light

Abi Wallenstein & Boogielicios, Shake your body

(CD "Live and pure", 1.3.2020, Herzog Records)

Avey Grouws Band, Let me sing my Blues

Avey Grouws Band, Weary

Avey Grouws Band, Dirty little secret

Avey Grouws Band, Dig what you do

(CD "The devil may care", 20.3.2020, Self)

Grant Peeples, Slow dancer

Grant Peeples, Venezuela

Grant Peeples, Keep trying

Grant Peeples, Market town

Maria McKee, Page of cups

Maria McKee, Right down to the heart of London

Maria McKee, Ceann bró

Maria McKee, However worn

(CD "La vita nuova", 13.3.2020, Afar Records/ Cargo)

Sam Lee, The garden of England

Sam Lee, Lay this body down

Sam Lee, Soul cake

Sam Lee, Worthy wood

(CD "Old wow", 31.1.2020, Vinyl Limited)


Sendung 15.3.2020

Ryan Perry, Why I sing the Blues

Ryan Perry, Homesick

Ryan Perry, High risk, low reward

Ryan Perry, Hard times

(CD "High risk, low reward", 13.3.2020, RUF Records)

Johnny Rawls, Country boy

Johnny Rawls, Stormy Monday

Johnny Rawls, Lucy

Johnny Rawls, I miss Otis Clay

(CD "Live in Europe", 13.3.2020, Continental Blue Heaven)

Whitney Shay, Stand up!

Whitney Shay, Equal ground

Whitney Shay, P.S. It's not about you

Whitney Shay, Boy sit down

Whitney Shay, Change with the times

(CD "Stand up!", 21.2.2020 RUF Records)

The Mastersons, Circles in the sun

The Mastersons, Eyes wide open

The Mastersons, There is a song

The Mastersons, Pride of the wicked

(CD "No time for love songs", .3.2020, Red House Records)

Jonathan Wilson, 69 Corvette

Jonathan Wilson, Pirate

Jonathan Wilson, Patform

Jonathan Wilson, El camino real

Jonathan Wilson, Korean tea

(CD "Dixie blur", 6.3.2020,  Pias/ Bella Union)

John Garner, Help

John Garner, In my eyes

John Garner, Last main cup

(EP "Heart", 13.3.2020, Bangup Bullet)

The Mastersons, The last laugh


Sendung 8.3.2020

John Blues Boyd, In my blood

John Blues Boyd, I heard the Blues somewhere

John Blues Boyd, A beautiful woman

John Blues Boyd, That singing roofer

John Blues Boyd, My memory takes me there

(CD "What my eyes have seen", 4.3.2020, Gulf Coast Records)

Ben Rice & RB Stone, The swamp east Boogie

Ben Rice & RB Stone, Jesus needs a gig

Ben Rice & RB Stone, Crushin' on the bartender

Ben Rice & RB Stone, Train of time

Ben Rice & RB Stone, Lobo jam

(CD "Out of the box", 6.3.2020, Middle Mountain Music)

Mary Jo Curry Band, Turn it lose

Mary Jo Curry Band, All you're lies

Mary Jo Curry Band, Lookin'

Mary Jo Curry Band, Joyfull

(CD "Front porch", 21.2.2020, Self)

Bonny Light Horseman, Jane Jane

Bonny Light Horseman, Magpie's nest

Bonny Light Horseman, Mountain rain

Bonny Light Horseman, Bright morning stars

(CD "Bonny Light Horseman", 24.1.2020, 37d03d/ Cargo)

William Prince, That's all I'll ever become

William Prince, Leave by the sea

William Prince, The gun

William Prince, Great wide open

(CD "Reliever", 28.2.2020, Glassnote Records)

Robert Vincent, My neighbor's ghost

Robert Vincent, The ending

Robert Vincent, If you were you

Robert Vincent, Cuckoo

(CD "In this town you're owned", 14.2.2020, Robert Vincent)

Sandy Newman, You're in heaven now

Sandy Newman, Over the river

Sandy Newman, Daisy

(CD "Golden Years", 2010, Table 51 Records)


Sendung 1.3.2020

Henry Gray My girl Josephine

Henry Gray, Lucky lucky man

Henry Gray, Cold chills

Henry Gray, Mojo Boogie

Henry Gray, Mean old wold

(CD "Lucky man", 1988/ 29.3.2011, Blind Pig Records)

Albert Cummings, Do what Mama says

Albert Cummings, Queen of mean

Albert Cummings, It's all good

Albert Cummings, Call me crazy

(CD "Believe", 14.2.2020, Mascot/Provogue Label Group)

Popa Chubby, A flavour in the fat

Popa Chubby, It's a mighty hard road

Popa Chubby, It ain't nothin'

Popa Chubby, I'd rather be blind

(CD "It's a mighty hard road", 14.2.2020, Dixiefrog)

Leif de Leeuw Band, Playing in a band

Leif de Leeuw Band, Where I'm heading

Leif de Leeuw Band, Running

(CD "Where we're heading", 17.1.2020,  Continental Europe)

Sonny Landreth, Blacktop run

Sonny Landreth, Mule

Sonny Landreth, Don't ask me

Sonny Landreth, Something grand

Sonny Landreth, Many worlds

(CD "Blacktop run", 22.2.2020, Provogue/Mascot Label Group)

Lynne Hanson, Higher ground

Lynne Hanson, Clean slate

Lynne Hanson, Every minute in between

Lynne Hanson, Would you still

(CD "Just words", 7.2.2020, Must have Music/ CRS, 12.3. Club am Donnerstag/Bergedorf)

Chip Taylor, Together we're not much

Chip Taylor, He's magician

Chip Taylor, Bad bus ride

Chip Taylor, Mantra for the rest

Chip Taylor, In sympathy of a heartache

(CD "In sympathy of a heartache", 17.1.2020, Train Wreck Records)



Hinweis: Am Sonntag 23.2.2020 läuft von 18 - 21 Uhr eine Sonder-Sendung

zur Bürgerschaftswahl in Hamburg, meine Sendung fällt deshalb aus


Sendung 16.2.2020

Kerry Pastine, Goin' for broke

Kerry Pastine, Ragin

Kerry Pastine, Crawl

Kerry Pastine, Down down

(CD "City of love", 13.9.2019)

Phantom Blues Band, Don't fight it

Phantom Blues Band, Just in case

Phantom Blues Band, Fess on up

Phantom Blues Band, I'm just your fool

Phantom Blues Band, Shine on

(CD "Still cookin'", 14.2.2020, Vizztone)

Miss Bix, Gotta give off the ride

Miss Bix, Black widow

Miss Bix, Crazy bout you

Miss Bix, We don't own the blues

(CD "We don't own the blues", 20.9.2019)

The Rails, The inheritace

The Rails, Save the planet

The Rails, Dictator

The Rails, Leave here alone

(CD "Cancel the sun", 16.8.2019, Thirty Tigers)

Isobell Campbell, Ain't life

Isobell Campbell, The heart of all

Isobell Campbell, Counting fireflies

Isobell Campbell, Below zero

(CD "There is no other", 7.2.2020, Cooking Vinyl)

John Blek, Ciara waiting

John Blek, Flame (little death no. 3)

John Blek, The haunting

John Blek, Walls

(CD "The embers", K& Records)

Lankum, The dark eyed Gypsy

(CD "The livelong day", 25.10.2019, Rough Trade)


Sendung 9.2.2020

Tas Cru, Money talk

Tas Cru, Kinda mess

Tas Cru, Memphis blue

Tas Cru, Devil in your heart

(CD "Drive on", 1.2.2020, Subcat Records)

Thorbjörn Risager, Come on in

Thorbjörn Risager, Last train

Thorbjörn Risager, Never givin' in

Thorbjörn Risager, Love so fine

(CD "Come on in", 31.1.2020, RUF Records)

Bernard Allison, Let's try it again

Bernard Allison, Something's wrong

Bernard Allison, Slide master

(CD "Songs from the road", 31.1.2020, RUF Records)

Roger Hurricane Wilson, The wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald

(Single, Januar 2020)

The Wood Brothers, Little bit sweet

The Wood Brothers, Jitterbug love

The Wood Brothers, The one I love

The Wood Brothers, A dream's is a dream

(CD "Kingdom in my heart", 24.1.2020, Thirty Tigers)

Arlan Feiles, Homeward

Arlan Feiles, New Jersey sky

Arlan Feiles, I know a song

Arlan Feiles, If I were a Dinosaur

Arlan Feiles, 50 years of Kavanaugh

(CD "What kind of world", 4.10.2019, Not Pop Records)

Nick Justice, I'm slippin' away

Nick Justice, Judgement day

Nick Justice, The road not taken

Nick Justice, Wind of change

(CD "The road not taken", 30.9.2019, Lulu Belle Music)


Sendung 2.2.2020

Tinsley Ellis, Last one to know

Tinsley Ellis, Sit tight Mama

Tinsley Ellis, No stroll in the park

Tinsley Ellis, Everything and everyone

(CD "Icecream in hell", 31.1.2020, Alligator)

Jeremiah Johnson, American steel

Jeremiah Johnson, Showdown

Jeremiah Johnson, Castles in the air

Jeremiah Johnson, Born under a bad sighn

Jeremiah Johnson, Preachers daughter

(CD "Heavens to Betsy", 14.2.2019, RUF Records)

The Wildmen Bluesband, Good friends

The Wildmen Bluesband, When the day ends

The Wildmen Bluesband, Tinderman

The Wildmen Bluesband, The Blues ain't here to stay

(CD "Wildlife", 30.11.2019)

Terry Allen, Pirate Jenny

Terry Allen, American Childhood II: Bad kiss

Terry Allen, American Childhood III: Little young puppet thing

Terry Allen, Sailin' on through

(CD "Just like Moby Dick", 24.1.2020, Paradise of Bachelor)

Annette Wasilik, Chincoteague

Annette Wasilik, The world is on fire

Annette Wasilik, Lucille Marie

Annette Wasilik, Solid ground

(CD "Love and fire", 31.1.2020, Azalea City Recordings)

Eliza Meyer, Hello stranger

Eliza Meyer, Leaning on the everlasting arms

Eliza Meyer, Out of town

Eliza Meyer, Hills of home

(CD "Hello stranger, 31.1.2020)

Yorkston, Thorne, Khan, Westlin winds

( CD "Navarasa - Nine emotions", 24.1.2020, Domino Recordings)


Sendung 26.1.2020

Grant Dermody, Morning train

Grant Dermody, One step in time

Grant Dermody, Real time man

Grant Dermody, 35-59

Grant Dermody, My doney

(CD "My doney", 18.10.2019, Self)

Georgia Randell, Anticipation Blues

Georgia Randell, Drive-in fantasy

Georgia Randell, Big oak tree

Georgia Randell, Put it down

(CD "Help wanted", 2.1.2020, Georgia Randell)

Frank Bey, I bet I never cross your mind

Frank Bey, Never no more

Frank Bey, One thing every day

Frank Bey, Imagine

(CD "All my dues are paid", 17.1.2020, Nola Blue Records)

Matt Harlan, Heavy steel

Matt Harlan, Somebody else

Matt Harlan, Like lightning (way out of the town)

Matt Harlan, Mountain pose

(CD "Best beasts", 9.1.2020, Continental Records Services)

Bill Fay, Salt of the earth

Bill Fay, Countless branches

Bill Fay, Filled with wonder once again

Bill Fay, Love will remain

(Do.-CD "Countless branches", 17.1.2020, Dead Oceans)

Hello Emerson, Edges and corners

Hello Emerson, Am I the midwest?

Hello Emerson, May 2018

Hello Emerson, Seat 16B

(CD "How to cook everything", 24.1.2020,K&F Records)

David Olney, No lies


Sendung 19.1.2020

Val Starr & The Blues Rocket, Lighter side of the Blues

Val Starr & The Blues Rocket, Can't get sad tonight

Val Starr & The Blues Rocket, Big boss man

Val Starr & The Blues Rocket, The Blues doesn't pick or chose

(CD "Lighter side of the Blues", 2.1.2020, Sandwich Factory Records)

Tomislav Goluban, Hayloft Blues

Tomislav Goluban, Partytime Blues

Tomislav Goluban, Woman needs a man

Tomislav Goluban, Can be what I want

(CD "Memphis light", 10.1.2020, Spona)

Betty Fox Band, Winter's cold

Betty Fox Band, Peace in pieces

Betty Fox Band, Shattered dreams & broken toes

Betty Fox Band, 'Till the storm passes by

(CD "Peace in pieces", 10.1.2020)

Doug Duffy, Big easy street Blues

(CD "Play the Blues", 18.10.2019, Out of the Past Music)

Gill Landry, The wolf

Gill Landry, Nobody's coming

Gill Landry, The refuge of your arm

Gill Landry, Trouble town

(CD "Skeleton at the banquet", 24.1.2020, Loose Music)

Catherine MacLellan, The road is devided

Catherine MacLellan, Breath of a wind

Catherine MacLellan, All the way in

Catherine MacLellan, Too many hearts

(CD "Coyote", 11.10.2019, Idia/Alive)

Charlie Parr, Love is an unraveling birds's nest

Charlie Parr, To a scrapyard bus stop

Charlie Parr, Heavy

Charlie Parr, Meg wheels

(CD "Charlie Parr", 30.8.2019, Red House)


Sendung 12.1.2020

Aus technischen Gründen Wiederholung einer älteren Sendung,

am 19.1. gibt es wieder Neues zu hören.


Sendung 5.1.2020

Andrew Jr. Boy Jones & Kerri Pepai Jones, Blues Party

Andrew Jr. Boy Jones & Kerri Pepai Jones, Mr. Slick

Andrew Jr. Boy Jones & Kerri Pepai Jones, Old joker

Andrew Jr. Boy Jones & Kerri Pepai Jones, Good life

(CD "Jr. Boy & Kerris Blues", 11.11.2019, Galex'C Records)

Angel Forrest, Get it on

Angel Forrest, Grace

Angel Forrest, Indian moon

Angel Forrest, Looking glass

Angel Forrest, Mother lover

(CD "Hell bent with grace", 1.11.2019, Ad Litteram)

Diane Blue, Same old blues

Diane Blue, That's a pretty good love

Diane Blue, Easy, easy Baby

Diane Blue, Knock, knock

(CD "Look for the light", 12.10.2019, Regina Royale Records)

Jack Mack & The Heart Attack, Breakin' down the walls

Jack Mack & The Heart Attack, I walked alone

(CD "Live from Centennial Park, Atlanta 1996", 6.12.2019, SSR Free Roll Records)

Tri Continental, Look up

Tri Continental, Dust

Tri Continental, Stackerlee

Tri Continental, Lakalaka

(CD "Dust dance", 17.5.2019)

Lynne Taylor, Shades of blue

Lynne Taylor, Coulda been

Lynne Taylor, The disguise

Lynne Taylor, Grace

(CD "Shades of blue", 1.11.2019)

Ian & Sylvia, Come on in my kitchen

Ian & Sylvia, The last thing on my mind

Ian & Sylvia, The goodnight loving trail

Ian & Sylvia, I'll fly away

(Do.-CD "The lost tapes", 6.9.2019, Stony Plain)


Hinweis: 29.12.2019 Keine Sendung


Sendung 22.12.2019

Big Daddy T., Christmas time in New Orleans

Koko Taylor, Merry merry Christmas

Kenny Neal, Christmas time in the country

Katie Webster, Deck the hall with Boogie Woogie

Charles Brown, Boogie Woogie Santa Claus

Son Seals, Lonesome Christmas

Lonnie Brooks, Christmas on the Bayou

Saffire, One parent Christmas

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown, Christmas

Carey Bell, Christmas train

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, Santa Claus wants some lovin'

Elvin Bishop, Little drummer boy

Charley Musselwhite, Silent night

Roger Saloom, Talkin' Christmas Blues

Steven Clair, It's only Christmas

Stan Martin, It's Christmas (I'm so lonesome)

Tim McLear, Merry Christmas everyone

Kelly Zirbes, Color of December

Antsy McClain, Mary Lou's Christmas list

Yarn, Christmas in prison

Shoebox Letters, Please snow

Washboard Hank, Away on a sidewalk

Jeff Talmadge, A soldier's Christmas

Underhill Rose, One time in a year

Jimmy Baldwin & Michael O'Neal, Beer can Christmas tree

Lesley Cours Mather, Oh what a story

Volker Schäfer, Oh Du Fröhliche

Volker Schäfer, Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht


Sendung 15.12.2019

Michele D'Amour, Funky Santa

Michele D'Amour, Bring my Baby back

Michele D'Amour, The noisiest toy

Michele D'Amour, Little drummer boy

(CD "Christmas in Blue", 1.11.2019, Blueskitty Records)

Buddy Guy, Home for Christmas

Delta Moon, Christmas in New Orleans

Grady Champion, Blues on Christmas

Kelly's Lot, Angels we have heard on high

Meg Williams, Let it ring

Peter V Blues Train, I'll be home for Christmas

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix, Santa loves to Boogie

The Reverend Shawn Amos, Santa Claus is gonna make it right

Tiffany Polluk & Eric Johanson, River

Vaneese Thomas, Peace & goodwill

(Sampler Agentur Blind Raccoon)

Craig Blickhardt, One rose

Loretta Hagen, Mighty winter

Ken Dunn, Hills of Stratheavon

Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt, Northwind

Folkapotamus, Winter's ballet

Esther Golton, Wintered in

Esther Golton, Stay warm

Stefilia''s Stone, Frozen in time

Susan Cattaneo, Fall to fly

Mike Laureanno, Pushing back wintertime

Buford Pope, What Christmas ain't

The Shoebox Letters, Snowman blues

Walt Cronin & Martin Beal, We wanna see you Christmas eve

Matt Ellis, Another L.A. Christmas

Arti Tobia, It's Christmas time

Volker Schäfer, Leise rieselt der Schnee


Sendung 8.12.2019

City Blues Connection, I believe I'll dust my broom

City Blues Connection, I do not play no Rock n' Roll

City Blues Connection, For my friend

City Blues Connection, This angel shuffle

(Do.-CD "Fourty Years", 16.10.2019, AAA Culture)

Stefan Diestelmann, Everyday I have the Blues

Stefan Diestelmann, Trouble in mind

Stefan Diestelmann, Junior's waiting

Stefan Diestelmann, Don't send me no flowers

(CD "The Real Blues", 6.12.2019, MIG)

Hamilton Loomis, Everything I wanted

Hamilton Loomis, Another South Texas Christmas

Hamilton Loomis, Run Rudolph run

Hamilton Loomis, Holy night

(CD "This season", 29.11.2019, Ham Bone Records)

Shane Alexander, Everything as one

Shane Alexander, A life like ours

Shane Alexander, I'll been there

Shane Alexander, Riverbed

Shane Alexander, Evermore

(CD "A life like ours", 18.11.2019, Continental Song City)

The Milk Carton Kids, I meant every word I said

The Milk Carton Kids, I'll be gone

The Milk Carton Kids, The only ones

The Milk Carton Kids, About the size of a pixel

(Maxi-Single "The only ones", 18.10.2019, Thirty Tigers)

Tom Keller, Best things in life are free

Tom Keller, Change my life

Tom Keller, Hold me tonight

Tom Keller, Follow

(CD "Where are you brother", 15.11.2019, GIM Records)

James Mc Murtry, Holiday

Johnny Iron, Xmas song


Sendung 1.12.2019

Chris Bergson & Ellis Hooks, Knuckles & bones

Chris Bergson & Ellis Hooks, 55 miles from Bromley

Chris Bergson & Ellis Hooks, Grit's ain't groceries

Chris Bergson & Ellis Hooks, Float your mind

(CD "Live in Normandy", 27.9.2019, Continental Blue Heaven)

Bluescats feat. Tommie Harris, Luther's Blues

Bluescats feat. Tommie Harris, Got my mojo working

Bluescats feat. Tommie Harris, It's a Blues world

(CD "Ride with mule 5, Live at Haus Eifgen", 29.11.2019, Timezone)

Bad Temper Joe & Fernant Zeste, Winter Blues #5 (or maybe not)

Bad Temper Joe & Fernant Zeste, Little rain

Bad Temper Joe & Fernant Zeste, Been a while since we've talked

(CD "Haunt", 15.11.2019, Timezone)

Gene Clark, Life's greatest fool

Gene Clark, Silver raven

Gene Clark, From a silver phial

Gene Clark, Lady in the North

(CD "No other", LP 1974, CD 8.11.2019, 4ad/ Beggars Group)

Leonard Cohen, Moving on

Leonard Cohen, The night of Santiago

Leonard Cohen, Thanks for the dance

Leonard Cohen, Listen for the hummingbird

(CD "Thanks for the dance", 22.11.2019, Columbia/ Legacy)

Joe Henry, Orson Welles

Joe Henry, Green of the afternoon

Joe Henry, In time for tomorrow

Joe Henry, In fact of love

(CD "The Gospel according to water", 15.11.2019, earMusic)

Quique Sinesi, La solitaria

(CD "Corazon sur", 6.12.2019, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 17.11.2019

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, I'm coming home

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, I did what I wanted to!

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, Blues came from the country

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, I'm through with the Blues

(CD "I did what I wanted to!", 1.11.2019, Bluestorm Records)

Mike Zito, St. Louis Blues feat. Charlie Berry III.

Mike Zito, Wee wee hours, feat. Joe Bonamassa

Mike Zito, You never can tell, feat. Robben Ford

Mike Zito, Let it rock, feat. Jimmie Vivino

Mike Zito, Thirty days, feat, Albert Castiglia

(CD "Mike Zito & Friends Rock'n Roll, A tribute to Chuck Berry, 1.11.2019, RUF Records)

Henning Pertiet & Abi Wallenstein, Sunnyland blow

Henning Pertiet & Abi Wallenstein, Boogie round the world

Henning Pertiet & Abi Wallenstein, Wild cow Blues

Henning Pertiet & Gottfried Böttger, Pioneer Boogie

(Do.-CD "Best or 30 years in Blues & Boogie Woogie", 1.11.2019, Stormy Monday)

Geoff Berner, Would you hide me?

Geoff Berner, Vilne

Geoff Berner, Grand Hotel Cosmopolis

Geoff Berner, Why don't we just take the billionaires money away

(CD "Grand Hotel Cosmopolis", 1.11.2019, COAX

Simon Joyner, Morning sun, slow down

Simon Joyner, Pocket moon

Simon Joyner, The last time I saw you

Simon Joyner, Blue lullaby

(CD "Pocket Moon", 25.10.2019, BB*Island/ Cargo)

Fink, We watch the stars

Fink, Out loud

(CD "Bloom innocent", 25.10.2019, R'Coup'D)

Vetiver, A door shuts quick

(CD "Up on high", 1.11.2019, Loose Music)


Sendung 24.11.2019

Eddie 9V, Look over yonder wall

Eddie 9V, Wake up sweetin'

Eddie 9V, Ghosts

Eddie 9V, 1945 (cocaine & rum)

(CD "Left my soul in Memphis, 1.10.2019, Hubbub Music)

Myles Goodwyn, Hip hip

Myles Goodwyn, Fish tank Blues

Myles Goodwyn, When your ship came in (I was at the station drinkin')

Myles Goodwyn, I saw someone that wasn't there (and that was you)

(CD "Friends of the Blues 2", 25.10.2019, Linus Entertainment)

Bob Margolin, Evil walks in our world

Bob Margolin, Dancer's Boogie

Bob Margolin, Blues lover

Bob Margolin, Predator

(CD "The guitar and tonight", 25.10.2019, VizzTone)

Ad Vanderveen, The karma question

Ad Vanderveen, Every grain of sand

Ad Vanderveen, Blues ain't nothing

Ad Vanderveen, The signet ring

(CD "Final refuge", 15.11.2019, Continental Rose/ Blue Rose)

Bonnie Prince Billy, Dream awhile

Bonnie Prince Billy, I have made a place

Bonnie Prince Billy, Squid eye

Bonnie Prince Billy, The glow pt. 3

(CD "I made a place", 15.11.2019, Domino Recording Co.)

Tindersticks, Carousel

Tindersticks, Take care in your dreams

Tindersticks, See my girls

Tindersticks, The old man's gail

(CD "No treasure but hope", 15.11.2019, City Slang)

Drew Holcomb, Family

Drew Holcomb, Dragons

(CD "Dragons", 18.8.2019. Thirty Tigers


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Sendung 27.10.2019, Wiederholung Sendung 2.6.2019


Sendung 20.10.2019

Biscuit Miller & The Mix, Here Kitty Kitty

Biscuit Miller & The Mix, 609

Biscuit Miller & The Mix, Two legged dog

Biscuit Miller & The Mix, Take a ride

(CD "Chicken grease", 18.10.2019, American Showplace)

Albert Castiglia, Same old game

Steve Marriner, How in the devil

Watermelon Slim, Who's been cheatin' who

Bob Margolin, Low life blues

Debbie Davis, Don't be reckless with my heart

(CD "Sean Costello Tribute, Don't pass me by", 18.10.2019, Landslide)

Meena & The Filmore Band, Sweet loving Mama

Meena & The Filmore Band, In my fathers house

Meena & The Filmore Band, Lord have mercy

Meena & The Filmore Band, Well, well, well

(CD "Elevations", 18.10.2019, Continental Blue Heaven)

Gabriel Sullivan, Black crow blues

Gabriel Sullivan, The arms of Magdalene

Gabriel Sullivan, Woman at the sea

(CD "Black crow", 27.9.2019, Dust and Stone Records)

Linda McRae, Dimming of the day

Linda McRae, Empty

Linda McRae, Till the rivers all run dry

Linda McRae, Heroes

(CD "Going to the well", 1.10.2019, 42 RPM/ Trespass)

Big Thief, The toy

Big Thief, Two hands

Big Thief, Replaced

(CD Two hands", 10.10.2019, 4AD)

Daniel Green, True save heaven

Daniel Green, Wave goodbye friends

Daniel Green, Magic dreamer

(CD "Vanish like a cloud in sunlight", 4.10.2019, Timezone)


Sendung 13.10.2019

Chris 'Bad News' Barnes, Back in a Cadillac

Chris 'Bad News' Barnes, It's tight like that

Chris 'Bad News' Barnes, It hurts me too

Chris 'Bad News' Barnes, I drink alone

(CD "Live!", 11.10.2019, VizzTones)

Ghalia Volt, Gypsy lady

Ghalia Volt, Meet you down the road

Ghalia Volt, Why don't you sell your children?

Ghalia Volt, I thought I told you not to tell them

(CD "Mississippi blend", 20.9.2019, RUF Records)

North Mississippi Allstars, Mean old world

North Mississippi Allstars, Out on the road

North Mississippi Allstars, Bump that music

North Mississippi Allstars, Take my hand, precious Lord

(CD "Up and rolling", 4.10.2019, New West Records)

Malted Milk, Daddy has a gun

Malted Mild, Branded by your love

Malted Milk, Pay day

(CD "Love, tears & guns", 20.9.2019, Blues Productions)

The Avett Brothers, Long story short

The Avett Brothers, When you learn

The Avett Brothers, Who will I hold

The Avett Brothers, It's raining today

(CD "Clother than together", 4.10.2019, Republic Records)

Wilco, Before us

Wilco, Quiet simplifier

Wilco, Love is everywhere (beware)

Wilco, Hold my anywhere

(CD "Ode to joy", 4.10.2019, dBpm Records)

Afenginn, The impact/ Skalvtin

Afenginn, The Aftershock, Eftirskjálvtin

(CD "Klingra", 11.10.2019)

Habib Koitè, Fanta Damba

(CD "Kharifa", 11.10.2019, Contre Jour)


Sendung 6.10.2019

Ghost Town Blues Band, Soda Pop

Ghost Town Blues Band, Shine

Ghost Town Blues Band, High again

Ghost Town Blues Band, Hey there Lucinda

(CD "Shine", 4.10.2019, CTBB)

Troy Gonyea, (Do the) curl up and die

Troy Gonyea, Bring it on home

Troy Gonyea, Georgia slop

Troy Gonyea, I am feeling so good

(CD "Click Click Spark", 29.11.2018, Lotus Eater Records)

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Contemporary

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Root of all evil

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Nothing but love

(CD "Contemporary", 20.9.2019, Alligator)

Sunny Lowdown, Travelin' woman

Sunny Lowdown, Clip on man bun blues

Sonny Lowdown, Sunny shuffle (tell me what's the reason)

Sunny Lowdown, Lightnin' Hop

(CD "Shady deal", 21.9.2019, Cool Streen)

The Scatterlings, Mockingbird

The Scatterlings, Sweet Sally

The Scatterlings, Falling's easy

The Scatterlings, You're not coming back

(CD Being human", 1.10.2019, The Scatterlings)

Mean Mary, I fell into the night

Mean Mary, Rainy day

Mean Mary, Dark woods

Mean Mary, Friends I never had

(CD "Cold", 4.10.2019, Woodrock Records)

Vince Gill, I don't wanna ride the rails no more

Vince Gill, Nothin' like a Guy Clark song

Vince Gill, That old man of mine

Vince Gill, The price of regret

(CD "Okie", 23.9.2019, MCA Nashville)


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Sendung 22.9.2019

Toronzo Cannon, Insurance

Toronzo Cannon, Stop me when I'm lying

Toronzo Cannon, The first 24

Toronzo Cannon, That's what I love about 'Cha

(CD "The preacher, The polician or the Pimp", 20.9.2019, Alligator)

Giles Robson, Don't give up on the Blues

Giles Robson, Damn fool way

Giles Robson, Life, with all it's charms

Giles Robson, That 'Ol Heartache

(CD "Don't give up on the Blues", 20.9.2019, American Showplace)

Jimmy Carpenter, Soul doctor

Jimmy Carpenter, Wild streak

Jimmy Carpenter, Love is so much

Jimmy Carpenter, Wrong turn

(CD "Soul doctor", 20.9.2019, Gulf Coast Records)

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Bo Dee's bounce

(CD "Contemporary", 20.9.2019, Alligator)

Devendra Banhart, Kantori Ongaku

Devendra Banhart, Memorial

Devendra Banhart, My boyfriend's in the band

Devendra Banhart, The lost coast

(CD "Ma", 13.9.2019, Nonesuch)

Alasdair Roberts, False flash

Alasdair Roberts, The stranger with the scythe

Alasdair Roberts, Actors

Alasdair Roberts, Learning is eternal

(CD "The fiery margin", 13.9.2019, Drag City Records)

Roseaux, Kläär

Roseaux, Island

Roseaux, Heart and soul

Roseaux, You can discover

Roseaux, I'm gonna home

(CD "Roseaux II", 6.9.2019, Tot Ou Tard)


Sendung 15.9.2019

The Paul DesLauriers Band, Take me to the brink

The Paul DesLauriers Band, Working my way home

The Paul DesLauriers Band, When the darkness comes

The Paul DesLauriers Band, Feeling all kinds of good

(CD "Bounce", 6.9.2019, VizzTone)

Arsen Shomakhov, Full time lover

Arsen Shomakhov, No more

Arsen Shomakhov, Rain City Blues

Arsen Shomakhov, Hello little bird

(CD "Rain City Blues", 6.9.2019, Arsen Shomakhov)

The Tennessee Redemptions, Souls in the water

The Tennessee Redemptions, Back to Tennessee

The Tennessee Redemptions, Leave my body

The Tennessee Redemptions, Watch yourself

(CD "The Tennessee Redemptions", 13.9.2019, Endless Blues Records)

Johnny Burgin, You got to make a change

Johnny Burgin, Louisiana walk

Johnny Burgin (feat. Charly Musselwhite), California Blues

(CD "Live", 15.8.2019, Delmark)

Rodney Crowell (feat. Ringo Starr), You're only happy when you're miserable

Rodney Crowell, The border

Rodney Crowell, Treetop Slim & Bill Lowgrass

Rodney Crowell, Brown and root

(CD "Texas", 15.8.2019, RCI Records)

Walt Cronin, Sense the world

Walt Cronin, We go on

Walt Cronin, Once again

Walt Cronin, Sleep wake

(CD "Sense the world", 6.9.2019, Walla Records)

Jesse Malin, Meet me at the end of the world again

Jesse Malin, Shane

Jesse Malin, Revelations

Jesse Malin, My little life

(CD "Sunset Kids", 30.8.2019, Wicked Cool Records)

Tinariwen, Takount

(CD "Amadar" 6.9.2019, Wedge/ PIAS)


Sendung 8.9.2019

Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Don't fight

Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Cry over me

Robert Randolph & The Family Band, I'm living off the love you give

Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Strange train

(CD "Brighter days", 23.8.2019, Provogue)

The Altered Five Blues Band, Too mad to make up

The Altered Five Blues Band, Mischief man

The Altered Five Blues Band, Let me do the wrong thing

The Altered Five Blues Band, Half of nothing

(CD "Ten Thousand Watts", 6.9.2019, Blind Pig)

Dudley Taft, I can't live without you

Dudley Taft, In your way

Dudley Taft, Death by bliss

Dudley Taft, If heartaches were Nickels

(CD "Simple life", 6.9.2019, American Blues/ M2 Music)

The Paul DesLauriers Band, Picked bad day

(CD "Bouncer", 6.9.2019, VizzTone)

Martin Simpson, Trouble brought me here

Martin Simpson, Kimble

Martin Simpson, Fool me once

Martin Simpson, More than enough

(CD "Rooted", 30.8.2019, Topic Records)

Andy Clark, But for you

Andy Clark, Daddy please

Andy Clark, Sunny boy

Andy Clark, Apples

(CD "I love Joyce Morris", 30.8.2019, Greywood Records)

The Slow Show, Low

The Slow Show, Hard to hide

The Slow Show, Vagabond

The Slow Show, Exit wounds

(CD "Lust and learn", 30.8.2019, Pias Recordings)

John Howard, We are

John Howard, Jean Genet just imagined

(CD "Cut the wire", 5.8.2019, John Howard)


Sendung 1.9.2019

Charlie Wooton Project, Tell me a story

Charlie Wooton Project, Dime note

Charlie Wooton Project, One night

Charlie Wooton Project, Front porch

(CD "Blue Basso", 23.8.2019, Whiskey Bayou Records)

Jason Ricci, Don't badger the witness

Jason Ricci, Fuck the falcons

Jason Ricci, The way I hurt myself

Jason Ricci, Think it over

(CD "My chops are rolling", 19.7.2019, Eller Soul Records)

Vaneese Thomas, Ebony man

Vaneese Thomas, Wake me

Vaneese Thomas, Legacy of pain

Vaneese Thomas, Down yonder

(CD "Down yonder", 23.8.2019, Segue Records)

The Allman Betts Band, All right

The Allman Betts Band, Shinin'

The Allman Betts Band, Southern accents

The Allman Betts Band, Long gone

(CD "Down to the river", 16.8.2019, BMG/ Warner)

Marc Cohn & The Blind Boys of Alabama, Work to do

Marc Cohn & The Blind Boys of Alabama, Ghost train

Marc Cohn & The Blind Boys of Alabama, Walking in Memphis

Marc Cohn & The Blind Boys of Alabama, One safe place

(CD "Work to do", 6.9.2019, BMG Management)

Caroline Herring, One day

Caroline Herring, Joy comes in the morning

Caroline Herring, Whatever is true

Caroline Herring, Therefore we will not fear

(CD "Verses", 30.8.2019, Continental Song City)

Rodney Crowell, "Caw caw Blues

(CD "Texas", 15.8.2019, RCI Records)


Sendung 25.8.2019

JP Soars, If you wanna get to heaven

JP Soars, Freddie King thing

JP Soars, Let go of the reins

JP Soars, Old silver bridge

(CD "Let go of the reins", 23.8.2019, Whiskey Bayou Records)

Professor Louie & The Cromatix, 1-50 Blues

Professor Louie & The Cromatix, Passion in my life

Professor Louis & The Cromatix, Orange juice Blues

Professor Louie & The Cromatix, Bull frog jam Blues (live)

(CD "Miles of the Blues", 23.8.2019, Woodstock Records)

Coco Montoya, Coming in hot

Coco Montoya, Lights are on but nobody's home

Coco Montoya, Stone survivor

Coco Montoya, Water to wine

(CD "Coming in hot", 23.8.2019, Alligator)

The Tallest Man on Earth, Hotel bar

The Tallest Man on Earth The running styles of New York

The Tallest Man on Earth, What I've been kicking around

The Tallest Man on Earth, I'll be the sky

(CD "I love you, it's a fever dream", 28.6.2019, Rivers/ Birds Records)

Frank Turner, Jinny Bingham's ghost

Frank Turner, Nica

Frank Turner, Eye of the day

Frank Turner, The hymn of Kassiani

(CD "No man's land", 15.8.2019, Polydor Records)

Bastien Lallemant, La Maison Penche

Bastien Lallemant, Le feu

Bastien Lallemant, Le grand depart

Bastien Lallemant, Ami ami

Bastien Lallemant, Nous dormirons la nuit au chaud

(CD "Danser de la fille", 23.8.2019, Zamora)


Sendung 18.8.2019

Alex Lopez, Cheating Blues

Alex Lopez, Take me back home

Alex Lopez, I'm losing you

Alex Lopez, I can't stop

(CD "Yours, truly me", 16.8.2019, Maremil)

Bobby Rush, Good stuff

Bobby Rush, Sweet Lizzy

Bobby Rush, Bobby Rush shuffle

Bobby Rush, Recipe to your love

(CD "Sitting on the top of the Blues", 16.8.2019, Deep Rush Records)

Bruce Katz, Down in the Barrelhouse

Bruce Katz, It hurts me too

Bruce Katz, Going places

Bruce Katz, Watermelon thump

(CD "Solo ride", 16.8.2019, American Showcase)

Billy Price, My love will never die

Billy Price, All night long café

Billy Price, You gotta leave

(CD "Dog eat dog", 2.8.2019, Gulf Coast Records)

Sweetwater, Motherless child

Sweetwater, Come take a walk

Sweetwater, What's wrong

Sweetwater, In a rainbow

Sweetwater, Through an old songbook

(LP "Sweetwater", 1986, CD 2009 Cherry Red Records)

Butch Hancock, Capture... Fracture... and the rapture

Butch Hancock, Personal renditions of the Blues

Butch Hancock, Wild horses chase the wind

Butch Hancock, Wind's dominiion

(LP "The wind's dominion", 1997)

Bruce Springsteen, Hitch hikin'

Bruce Springsteen, Hello sunshine

Bruce Springsteen, Moonlight motel

(CD "Western stars", 14.6.2019, Columbia)


Sendung 11.8.2019

Nick Moss Band, Full moon ache

Nick Moss Band, Ugly woman

Nick Moss Band, Lucky guy!

Nick Moss Band, Me and my friends

Nick Moss Band, Wait and see

(CD "Lucky Guy!", 9.8.2019, Alligator)

Annika Chambers, What's your thing

Annika Chambers, Two bits Texas town

Annika Chambers, Brand new day

Annika Chambers, In the Basement

(CD "Kiss my sass", 9.11.2019, VizzTone)

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson & Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith, Born in Arkansas

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson & Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith, How long Blues

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson & Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith, Can't be satisfied

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson & Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith, Willie's Boogie finale

(CD "Live Blues, protected by Smith and Wilson", 2012, Blue Storm Records)

The Teskey Brothers, Paint my heart

The Teskey Brothers, Rain

The Teskey Brothers, San Francisco

The Teskey Brothers, That bird

(CD "Run home slow", 2.8.2019, Decca/ Universal)

Faris Nourallah, Love or religion

Faris Nourallah, I'm alive

Faris Nourallah, Invincible

Faris Nourallah, The heart is an ocean

Faris Nourallah, See my soul

(CD "Minus one", 9.8.2019, Ruth Records)

Karine Polwart, The whole of the moon

Karine Polwart, Swim until you can't see land

Karine Polwart, Women in the world

(CD "Karine Polwart's Scottish Songbook", 2.8.2019, Hegri)

The Teskey Brothers, Sun comes easy me in


Sendung 4.8.2019

Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners, Blues Power

Jeff Dale, Toxic stew

Jeff Dale, Best kind of trouble

Jeff Dale, Black crow

Jeff Dale, Can I Boogie

(CD "Blues Power", 12.7.2019, Pro Sho Bidness)

Shaun Murphy, Love the man

Shaun Murphy, Don't come crying to me

Shaun Murphy, Roadhouse rockin'

Shawn Murphy, Turn me on

(CD "Reason to try", 1.8.2019, Vision Wall Records)

Battle of Blues, Cold in the streets

Battle of Blues, Me and my guitar

Battle of Blues, Time slips away

Battle of Blues, Hootchie coochie man

Battle of Blues, Mama don't wheep

(CD "Chicago vs. Oakland", 2.8.2019, Delta Roots Records)

Nick Moss Band, Simpled minded

(CD "Lucky Guy!", 9.8.2019, Alligator)

The Small Glories (Cara Luft & JD Edwards), Long long moon

The Small Glories, Johnson slide

The Small Glories, Secondhand

The Small Glories, Peaces of me

(CD "Assiniboine & The Red", 28.6.2019, Red House)

Angie McMahon, Play the game

Angie McMahon, Slow mover

Angie McMahon, Pasta

Angie McMahon, Standout

Angie McMahon, Mood song

(CD "Salt", 26.7.2019, Dualtone Music Group)

Janet Bates, It is here I leave you dragon

Janet Bates, Would I still be okay?

Janet Bates, We had come seeking peace

Janet Bates, At least he was able to smile

(CD "It is here I leave you dragon", 12.6.2019, Janet Bates)


Sendung 28.7.2019

Brett Benton, Last time

Brett Benton, I got a .45

Brett Benton, You can stay gone

Brett Benton, Hard love

Brett Benton, You got to pray

(CD "You got to pray", 12.4.2019, Knick Knack Records)

Delbert McClinton, If I hook my guitar

Delbert McClinton, No chicken on the bone

Delbert McClinton, Loud mouth

Delbert McClinton, Down in the mouth

Delbert McClinton, Can't get up

(CD "Tall, dark and handsome", 26.7.2018, Thirty Tigers)

Gracie Curran, The things we love

Gracie Curran, Sweet Sativa

Gracie Curran, If Mama ain't happy

Gracie Curran, Chasing sunset

(CD "Come undone", 26.7.2019, VizzTone)

Chris Jones & Steve Baker, County Jail

Chris Jones & Steve Baker, Walking Blues

Chris Jones & Steve Baker, Free man

Chris Jones & Steve Baker, Damn good run

(CD "Damn good run, The Best Of Chris Jones & Steve Baker", 26.7.2019, Acoustic Music)

Chuck Hawthorne, Such is live (C'est la vie)

Chuck Hawthorne, Amarillo wind

Chuck Hawthorne, Arrowhead & porpucine claw

Chuck Hawthorne, Broken wire

Chuck Hawthorne, I will fight no more forever

(CD "Fire out of stone", 26.7.2019, 3 Notches Music)

Benjamin Dakota Rogers, Pretty girls

Benjamin Dakota Rogers, Lazy old man

Benjamin Dakota Rogers, Rockabey

Benjamin Dakota Rogers, Mercy

Benjamin Dakota Rogers, She was a singer

(CD "Better by now", 5.4.2019, Trespass Music)


Sendung 21.7.2019

Mark Cameron Band Dirty biscuit

Mark Cameron Band, Riding the rails

Mark Cameron Band, On a roll

Mark Cameron Band, Bad street boogie

Mark Cameron Band, Dreams

(CD "On a roll", 19.7.2019, COP Records)

Zac Harmon, Honey pleez

Zac Harmon, Sunday morning after Saturday night

Zac Harmon, Since you been gone

Zac Harmon, Knockin' on heavens door

(CD "Mississippi BarBq", 19.7.2019, Catfood Records)

Lena & The Slide Brothers, Snake boogaloo

Lena & The Slide Brothers, Eldorado

Lena & The Slide Brothers, Late night watchdog Blues

Lena & The Slide Brothers, New kind of soldier

(CD "IV", 29.3.2019, RetroU Art)

Roger Williams, I know the road

Roger Williams, Look at us

Roger Williams, Life goes on

Roger Williams, Ave Maria

(CD "I know this road", 1.7.2019, Happy Appy Records)

Phil Lee, No exit wound

Phil Lee, Rebel in my heart

Phil Lee, Bad for me

Phil Lee, All right here

(CD "Phil Lee and the horse he rode on", 15.1.2019, Palookaville)

Elisabeth Cutler, Untouchable man

Elisabeth Cutler, A real human being

Elisabeth Cutler, Sanctuary

(CD "Silence is rising", 17.5.2019, Tasai Records)


Sendung 14.7.2019

Ben Levin, I feel so good

Ben Levin, Pappy

Ben Levin, This morning

Ben Levin, Creole kitchen

Ben Levin, Lightnin'

(CD "Before me", 15.7.2019, VizzTone)

Terry Hanck, I still get excited

Terry Hanck, Come on back

Terry Hanck, Howlin' for my darlin'

Terry Hanck, Feel so bad

(CD "I still get excited", 12.7.2019, VizzTone)

Benny Turner, Who sang it first

Benny Turner & CashMcCall, Money

Tom Hambridge, Blues been mighty good to me

Jim Alchin, Voodoo doll

Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, Blues in my blood

(CD "Nola Blue Collection, 2019)

Local Store, Magpie and the moon

Local Store, Yellow umbrella

Local Store, In the garden

Local Store, The riverside

(CD "Magpie and the moon", 12.7.2019, BJK Music/ BrokenSilence)

Bill Callahan, Writing

Bill Callahan, What comes after certainty

Bill Callahan, Call me anything

Bill Callahan, Circles

Bill Callahan, Lonesome valley

(CD "Shepherd in a sheepskin vest", 23.5.2019, Drag City Records)

Peter Bruntnell, Dinosaur

Peter Bruntnell, Thief of joy

Peter Bruntnell, Snow queen

Peter Bruntnell, National library

(CD "King of Madrid", 16.6.2019, Blue Rose)

Roger Williams, Medley for Dobro and Double Bass

(CD "I know this road", 1.7.2019, Happy Appy Records


Sendung 7.7.2019

Billy Branch & Sons of the Blues, Nobody but you

Billy Branch & Sons of the Blues, Hate to see you go

Billy Branch & Sons of the Blues, It's too late brother

Billy Branch & Sons of the Blues, You're so fine

Billy Branch & Sons of the Blues, Blues with a feeling

(CD "Roots & Branches, The songs of Little Walter", 5.7.2019, Alligator)

Michael Lee Band, Praying for rain

Michael Lee Band, Can't kick you

Michael Lee Band, The thrill is gone

Michael Lee Band, Here I am

(CD "Michael Lee", 28.6.2019, RUF Records)

Jeremiah Johnson, Straitjacket

Samantha Fish, Chills & fever

Mike Zito, First class life

Savoy Brown, Why do you hoodoo me

(CD "RUF Records, 25 years anniversary", 14.6.2019, RUF Records)

Anders Osborne, Alone

Anders Osborne, Aching for your love

Anders Osborne, Escape

Anders Osborne, Traveling with friends

(CD "Buddha an the Blues", 26.4.2019, Back on Dumaine Records)

Buddy & Julie Miller, Everything is your fault

Buddy & Julie Miller, Underneath the sky

Buddy & Julie Miller, Spittin' on fire

Buddy & Julie Miller, War child

(CD "Breakdown on 20th Ave. South", 21.6.2019, New West Records)

Willie Nelson, Serve year itch

Willie Nelson, Immigrant eyes

Willie Nelson, Nobody's listening

(CD "Ride me back home", 21.6.2019, Legacy Recordings/ Sony)

Kate Tempest, Brown eyed man

Kate Tempest, People's faces

(CD "The book of traps and lessons", 14.6.2019, Republic Recordings)


Hinweis: 30.6. keine Sendung, 5. Sonntag im Monat


Sendung 23.6.2019

Manx Marriner Mainline, Nothing

Manx Marriner Mainline, Hellbound to heaven

Manx Marriner Mainline, Rattlesnake

Manx Marriner Mainline, Death have no mercy in this land

(CD "Hellbound for heaven", 5.4.2019, Stony Plain)

Kenny 'Beedy Eyes' Smith, Hear pounder

Kenny 'Beedy Eyes' Smith, Hey Daddy

Kenny 'Beedy Eyes' Smith, Keep on presenting

Kenny 'Beedy Eyes Smith, Second hand woman

(CD "Drop the hammer", 29.3.2019, Big Eye Inc.)

Joanne Shawn Taylor, In the mood

Joanne Shawn Taylor, Bad love

Joanne Shawn Taylor, Reckless heart

Joanne Shawn Taylor, New 89

(CD "Reckless heart", 15.3.2019, RCA/ Sony Music)

Bernard Allison, Backdoor man

Victor Wainwright, Boogie depression

(CD "RUF Records, 25 Years Anniversary", 14.6.2019, RUF Records)

Keb' Mo', Put a woman in charge

Keb' Mo', This is my home

Keb' Mo', Don't throw away

Keb' Mo', Ridin' on a train

(CD "Oklahoma", 14.6.2019, Concord Records)

Spencer Bohren, Lost forever in your kiss

Spencer Bohren, In the absence of sacred

Spencer Bohren, Thief in the night

Spencer Bohren, Delia

(CD "Makin' it home for you", 7.12.2019, Valve Records)

Calexico & Iron and Wine, What heaven's left

Calexico & Iron and Wine, Midnight sun

Calexico & Iron and Wine, Follow the water

Calexico & Iron and Wine, In your own town

(CD "Years to burn", 14.6.2019, Slang City)


Sendung 16.6.2019

The Stray Cats, Cat fight (over a dog like me)

The Stray Cats, Rock me off

The Stray Cats, I attract trouble

The Stray Cats, I'll be looking out for you

(CD "40", 24.5.2019, Mascot Label Group)

Savoy Brown, Red light Mama

Savoy Brown, Conjure rhythm

Savoy Brown, Selfish word

Savoy Brown, Hang in tough

(CD "City nights", 7.6.2019, Quarto Valley Records)

Peter Frampton, I just want to make love with you

Peter Frampton, You can't judge a book by the cover

Peter Frampton, Going down slow

Peter Frampton, I'm a king bee

Peter Frampton, All Blues

(CD "All Blues", 7.6.2019, Universal Music Enterprise)

Mavis Staples (feat. Ben Harper), We get by

Mavis Staples, Change

Mavis Staples, Heavy on my mind

Mavis Staples, Sometime

Mavis Staples, One more  change

(CD "We get by", 24.5.2019, Anti/ Epitaph)

Jake Xerxes Fussell, The river St. Johns

Jake Xerxes Fussell, Jubilee

Jake Xerxes Fussell, Winnsboro cotton mill Blues

Jake Xerxes Fussell, 16-20

(CD "Out of sight", 7.6.2019, Paradise of Bachelors)

Oh Susanna, You're always be

Oh Susanna, Alabaster

Oh Susanna, The bridge

Oh Susanna, Parallel rail

Oh Susanna, Oh my good ol' gal

(CD "Yohnstown" (Wiederveröffentlichung), 14.6.2019, Continental Song City)


Sendung 9.6.2019

Tom Euler, Blues got my back

Tom Euler, Rock'n roll these days

Tom Euler, Broken soul

Tom Euler, More to life

(CD "Blues got my back", 3.5.2019, Tom Euler Music)

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Long time running

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, I want you

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, We all alright

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Turn to stone

(CD "Traveler", 31.5.2019, Mascot Label Group)

Grady Champion, Down home Blues

Grady Champion, Bump and grin

Grady Champion, Open house at my house

Grady Champion, Right arm for your love

(CD "Steppin' in, A tribute to ZZ Hill", 26.4.2019, Malaco Records)

Delbert McClinton, If I hook my guitar

(Single, 17.5.2019, CD "Tall, dark and handsome" 26.7. Dirty Tiger Records)

Junior Cheyne, Out of gas

Junior Cheyne, Stand up and crawl

Junior Cheyne, Wild in the country

Junior Cheyne, Night is a woman

(CD "Ain't a cheyne", 29.5.2019, Latigo Records)

Ray Cardwell, Time to drive

Ray Cardwell, Hurricane rain

Ray Cardwell, New set of problems

Ray Cardwell, Alright

(CD "Stand on my own", 24.5.2019, Bonfire Recordings)

Jamie Freeman, The fire

Jamie Freeman, The deer

Jamie Freeman, The man I want to be

Jamie Freeman, Match among the ashes

(CD "Dreams about falling", 31.5.2019, Union Music Store/ CRS)

Joy Williams, All I need

Joy Williams, When creation was young

Joy Williams, Look how far we've come

(CD "Front porch", 3.5.2019, Sensibility Recordings)


Sendung 2.6.2019

Harpdog Brown, One step forward

Harpdog Brown, Stiff

Harpdog Brown, For love and money

Harpdog Brown, Thinkin' and drinkin'

(CD "For love & money", 26.4.2019, Doghouse Records)

Jon Gindick, I was born to wail

Jon Gindick, The all Night Café

Jon Gindick, Load me up Baby

Jon Gindick, The song I couldn't write

(CD "Love at the All Night Café", 31.5.2019, Old Chimney)

Albert Castiglia & Mike Zito, I tried to tell

Albert Castiglia & Mike Zito, Keep on swinging

Albert Castiglia & Mike Zito, Thoughts and prayers

Albert Castiglia & Mike Zito, Catch my breath

(CD "Masterpeace", 24.5.2019, Gulf Coast Records)

Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson, Don't let go

Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson, Crazy arms

Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson, Careless love

(CD "Amour", 8.2.2019, Stony Plain)

Frankie Lee, Speakeasy

Frankie Lee, (I don't want to know) John

Frankie Lee, One wild bird

Frankie Lee, Ventura

(CD "Stillwater", 24.5.2019, Loose Music)

Chip Taylor, Whiskey salesman

Chip Taylor, A sip or two of good Scotch

Chip Taylor, Whiskey dreams

Chip Taylor, In the stillness of the night

(CD "Whiskey salesman", 17.5.2019, Train Wreck Records)

Hugh Moffatt, Whiskey up

Hugh Moffatt, Close as I long to be

Hugh Moffatt, Long wide open road

Hugh Moffatt, She don't know me now

(CD "Long wide open road", Ende Mai 2019, Sohl Records)


Sendung 26.5.2019

Bob Corritore & Friends, The twist

Bob Corritore & Friends, Shake your hips

Bob Corritore & Friends, Bitter seed

Bob Corritore & Friends, Trying to make a living

Bon Corritore & Friends, Few more days

(CD "Do the Hip-Shake Baby", 31.5.2018 Vizztone)

Jimmie Vaughan, No one to talk to (but the blues)

Jimmie Vaughan, Midnight hour

Jimmie Vaughan, Baby, what's wrong

Jimmie Vaughan, Silly dilly woman

(CD "Baby, please come home", 17.5.2019, The Last Music Company)

DoBroMan, Run run, better run

DoBroMan, Blues boys gone

DoBroMan, Ride this train

DoBroMan, Do me some good

(CD "DoBroMan", 2018, Obermain-Musik Produktion)

Kelly's Lot, All ever I want is the Blues

Kelly's Lot, Woe is me

Kelly's Lot Dirt

Kelly's Lot, Can't take my soul

(CD "Can't take my soul", 17.5.2019, Self)

The Felice Brothers, Holy weight champ

The Felice Brothers, Poor blind birds

The Felice Brothers, Jack reminiscing

The Felice Brothers, Days of the years

(CD "Undress", 3.5.2019, Yep Records)

Rory Ellis, Another woman down

Rory Ellis, Rust on the chain

Rory Ellis, Boom

Rory Ellis, Hightide

(CD "One skin", 1.2.2019, Valve Records)

Hazmat Modine, Box of breath

Hazmat Modine, Dark river

Hazmat Modine, Get on out

Hazmat Modine, Delivery man

(CD "Box of breath", 6.5.2019, Jaro Medien)


Sendung 19.5.2019

The Cash Box Kings, Ain't no fun

The Cash Box Kings, Take anything I can

The Cash Box Kings, Poison in my Whiskey

The Cash Box Kings, Joe, you ain't from Chicago

(CD "Hail to the Kings", 17.5.2019, Alligator)

Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram, Fresh out

Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram, It ain't right

Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram, If you love me

Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram, Outside of this town

(CD "Kingfish", 17.5.2019, Alligator)

Julian Sas, Runin' for money

Julian Sas, Stand your ground

Julian Sas, Get on up

Julian Sas, These 18 wheels

(CD "Stand your ground", 5.4.2019, Cavalier Recordings)

Snowy White, Blues in my reflection

Snowy White, You can't take it with you

Snowy White, Hard Blues

Snowy White, Crazy situation Blues

(CD "The situation", 19.4.2019, Snowy White)

Hanne Kah, My hands

Hanne Kah, Greta

Hanne Kah, The wanderer

Hanne Kah, After stormy tides

(CD "Y",  5.5.2019, Kosmopolit Records)

Aldous Harding, Designer

Aldous Harding, Zoo eyes

Aldous Harding, Treasure

Aldous Harding, Damn

(CD "Designer", 26.4.2019, 4 AD Records)

Luther Dickinson, Superlover

Luther Dickinson, Like a songbird that has fallen

Luther Dickinson, Sing to me

Luther Dickinson, Cricket

Luther Dickinson, Fly with me

(CD "Solstice", 3.3.2019, New West Records)


Sendung 12.5.2019

The Bluesanovas, Lucky man

The Bluesanovas, Trash talking woman

The Bluesanovas, Heal me, Baby

The Bluesanovas, Heads up

(CD "Emergancy call for the Blues!, 3.5.2019, Timezone)

The B.B. King Blues Band, Irene, Irene

The B.B. King Blues Band, Paying the cost to be the boss

The B.B. King Blues Band, Low down

The B.B. King Blues Band, Regal Blues (A tribute to the King)

The B.B. King Blues Band, The thrill is gone

(CD "The sou of the king", 10.5.2019, RUF Records)

Julian Taylor Band, Sweeter

Julian Taylor Band, Never let the lights go  dim

Julian Taylor Band, Gone

Julian Taylor Band, Avalanche

(CD "Avalanche", 2.4.2019, Gypsy Soul Records)

Josh Ritter, On the water

Josh Ritter, Silverblade

Josh Ritter, A new man

Josh Ritter, Blazing highway home

(CD "Feaver breaks", 3.5.2019, Pytheas Recordings)

Rihannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi, Then thousend voices

Rihannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi, Brown baby

Rihannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi, Black swan

Rihannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi, He will see you through

(CD "There is no other", 3.5.2019, Nonesuch)

Louis Rive, Frances Drake's last trip

Louis Rive, The cheap part of town

Louis Rive, House of God

Louis Rive, Take me to Virginia

(CD "The chaep part of town", 7.2.2018, 771572 Records DK)

Lucas Choi Zimbel, Teach me humility

Lucas Choi Zimbel, The more we have, the more we less

Lucas Choi Zimbel, Eyed of the tantrum

(CD "Tempered Tantrum", 1.5.2019, Trespass Music)


Sendung 5.5.2019

Nico Brina, Boogie me up

Nico Brina, Good rockin' tonight

Nico Brina, Jellyfish Babe

Nico Brina, C Jam Boom Boom

Nico Brina, Tomorrow can come

Nico Brina, Why did you kiss me last night

(CD "Boogie me up", 1.5.2019, Stormy Monday)

Sunday Wilde, Show me mercy

Sunday Wilde, Dead presidents

Sunday Wilde, Captured me

Sunday Wilde, Swear you're cheatin'

(CD "Sunday Wilde & The 1 Eyed Jacks", 1.5.2019, Sunday Wilde)

Trombone Shorty, One night ony

Professor Longhair, Big chief

Savoy Family Band, Midland two step

Snooks Eaglin', Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Alain Toissant & Bonnie Riatt, What is success

Preservation Hall Jazz Band, My bucket's got a hole in it

(5-CD Box "Jazz-Fest, New Orleans Jazz & Herritage Festival", 3.5.2019,

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)

JJ Cale, Cheasing you

JJ Cale, Winter snow

JJ Cale, Girl of mine

JJ Cale, Maria

(CD "Stay around", 25.4.2019, JJ Cale)

Elva, Dreaming with our feet

Elva, Harbour in the storm

Elva, Don't be afraid

Elva, I need love

(CD "Winter Sun", 19.4.2019, Tapete Records)

Safe As Houses, Coney Island

Safe As Houses, Ghost

Safe As Houses, Hey little

Safe As Houses, Heat in our lungs

(CD "Lucky Lucky Deluxe", 26.4.2019, Trespass Music)

Pete Seeger, Where have all the flowers gone

Pete Seeger, My dirty stream

Pete Seeger, We shall overcome

Pete Seeger, Turn, turn, turn

(6-CD-Box "The Smithsonians Folkways Collection", 3.5.2019)


Sendung 28.4.2019

Bonita & The Blues Shacks, Momma's goin' dancing

Bonita & The Blues Shacks, Too much mystery

Bonita & The Blues Shacks, Where's the money honey

Bonita & The Blues Shacks, Singing Cadillac song

(CD "Sweet thing", 13.4.2019, Rhythm Bomb Records)

Robert Connely Farr, Dirty South Blues

Robert Connely Farr, Hard time killin' floor blues

Robert Connely Farr, Just jive

Robert Connely Farr, Cypress tree blues

(CD "Dirty South Blues", 22.9.2018, Robert Connely Farr Music)

Big Daddy Wilson, Ain't got no money

Big Daddy Wilson, I got plenty

Big Daddy Wilson, I'm walking

Big Daddy Wilson, Redhead stepchild

(CD "Deep in my soul", 18.3.2019, RUF Records)

Meg Williams, Come on over to me

Meg Williams, Tell everybody

Meg Williams, Played by the blues

Meg Williams, Sometimes I need you too

(CD "Take me as I am, The Muscle Shoals Sessions", 19.4.2019, Nola Blue Records)

Matt Ellis, Isolationist blues

Matt Ellis, Some people

Matt Ellis, Guns & drugs

Matt Ellis, If I had a hammer

Matt Ellis, Wake me up

(CD "Rambler pacifico", 29.3.2019, Krew Pie Records)

Edwyn Collins, Beauty

Edwyn Collins, I'm OK, Jack

Edwyn Collins, Sparks in the sparks

Edwyn Collins, Badbea

(CD "Badbea", 31.3.2019, AED Records/ Rough Trade)
Las Hermanas Caronni, Santa plástica

Las Hermanas Caronni, Breathe

Las Hermanas Caronni, Buena des mas

Las Hermanas Caronni, Coucou

Las Hermanas Caronni, Tole

Las Hermanas Caronni, Coplita para mi Mama

(CD "Santa plástica", 1.3.2019, Les Grand Fleures/ Broken Silence)


Sendung 21.4.2019

Tony Campanella, Pack it up

Tony Campanella, Good morning little schoolgirl

Tony Campanella, Texas chainsaw

Tony Campanella, My motor's running

(CD "Taking it to the street", 19.4.2019, Gulf Coast Records)

Kai Strauss, Judgement day

Kai Strauss, Get the ball rolling

Kai Strauss, This game ain't worth playing

Kai Strauss, I ain't buying

(CD "Live in concert", 19.4.2019, Continental Blue Heaven/ CRS)

Mary Lane, Leave that wine alone

Mary Lane, Some people say I'm crazy

Mary Lane, Bad luck and trouble

Mary Lane, Make up your mind

(CD "Travelin' woman", 8.3.2019, Women of the Blues Records)

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, Jack of all trades

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, Gypsy biker

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, Independence day

Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson, Better days

(CD "Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson covers the Boss", 1.4.2019, Bluestorm Records)

Adam Carroll, Crescend City angel

Adam Carroll, This old garage

Adam Carroll, Cordelia

Adam Carroll, Night of the show

(CD "Walked in them shoes", 11.4.2019, Gypsy Shuffle Records)

Molly Tuttle, Take the journey

Molly Tuttle, The high road

Molly Tuttle, Don't let go

Molly Tuttle, Light came in (power went out)

Molly Tuttle, Sit back and watch it roll

(CD "When you're ready", 5.4.2019, Compass Records)


Sendung 14.4.2019

Kerry Kearney, Shakin' like Jelly

Kerry Kearney, Statesboro Blues

Kerry Kearney, Goin' to Mardi Gras

Kerry Kearney, Pretty Baby

(CD "Smokehouse Serenade", April 2019, Dwarz Entertainment)

John Mayall, The moon is full

John Mayall, Delta Hurricane

John Mayall, It's so tough

John Mayall, Like like you do

(CD "Nobody told me", 22.2.2019, Forty Below Records)

Sugaray Rayford, Time to get movin'

Sugaray Rayford, I'd kill for you honey

Sugaray Rayford, Sometimes you get the bear

Sugaray Rayford, Dark night of the soul

(CD "Somebody save me", 1.3.2019, Forty Below Records)

Billy Branch & The Sons of the Blues, Roller coaster

(CD "Roots and Branches, The songs of Little Walter", Alligator, noch nicht erschienen)

Dervish, Molly Malone, feat. Imelda May

Dervish, The Galway shawl, feat. Steve Earle

Dervish, The May morning dew, feat. Rhiannon Giddens

Dervish, The west coast of Clarc, feat. David Gray

Dervish, There's a Whiskey in the Jar, feat. The Steel Drivers

(CD "The Great Irish Songbook", 12.4.2019, Rounder)

John Blek, The blackwater

John Blek, North star lady

John Blek, Hannah

John Blek, Forever in your lightness

(CD "Thistle & thorn", 22.3.2019, K & K Records)

Noémi Waysfeld, Les bottes

Noémi Waysfeld, Zimlya

Noémi Waysfeld, Le miroir

Noémi Waysfeld, Soledad

(CD "Zimlya", 1.3. AWZ Records, 17.5.2019 Broken Silence)


Sendung 7.4.2019

Rick Vito, I do believe

Rick Vito, Dancin' little sister

Rick Vito, I'm going to heaven

Rick Vito, Walking shoes

(CD "Soulshaker", 5.4.2019, VizzTone)

Reese Wynans & Friends, Shape I'm in

Reese Wynans & Friends, Hard to be

Reese Wynans & Friends, So much trouble

Reese Wynans & Friends, I've got the right to be blue

(CD "Sweet release", 1.3.2019, J & R Adventures)

Jonas Scott Cowan, Black boots

Jonas Scott Cowan, I miss the girl

Jonas Scott Cowan, Testify

Jonas Scott Cowan, How I know

(CD "Still there", 24.12.2018, Melrose Hill Records)

Son Volt, Broadsides

Son Volt, Union

Son Volt, Lady Liberty

Son Volt, Holding your own

Son Volt, The symbol

(CD "Union", 29.3.2019, Thirty Tigers)

Steve Earle & The Dukes, Dublin Blues

Steve Earle & The Dukes, L.A. Fireway

Steve Earle & The Dukes, Desperados waiting for a train

Steve Earle & The Dukes, Out in the parkin lot

Steve Earle & The Dukes, Old friends

(CD "Guy", 29.3.2019, New West Records)

Tom Russell, Small engine repair

Tom Russell, T-bone steak and spanish wine

Tom Russell, Back streets of love

Tom Russell, Pass me the gun, Bill

(CD "October in the railroad earth", Proper Records)


Hinweis: 31.3.2019 keine Sendung


Sendung 24.3.2019

Christiano 'Kingfish' Ingram feat. Buddy Guy, Fresh out

(Single vom Album "Outside of this time", 7.5.2019, Alligator)

Ally Veneble. Love struck Baby

Ally Veneble, Long way home

Ally Veneble, Running after you

Ally Veneble, Careless love

(CD "Texas honey", 22.3.2019, RUF Records)

Magic Slim & The Teardrops, Think

Magic Slim & The Teardrops, She's tough

Magic Slim & The Teardrops, Bad boy

Magic Slim & The Teardrops, Rough dried woman

(CD "I'm gonna play the Blues", 14.3.2019, Wolf Records)

Mighty Mike Schermer, How much longer

Mighty Mike Schermer, Baby down the well

Mighty Mike Schermer, Up all night

Mighty Mike Schermer, Ain't that the way love goes

(CD "Bad tatoo", 22.3.2019, VizzTone)

Michael McDermott, Last night it rained in Memphis

Michael McDermott, Black tree blue sky

Michael McDermott, Los Angeles, long time ago

Michael McDermott, What if today were my last

(CD "Orphans", 15.3.2019, Pauper Sky/ CRS)

Patty Griffin, River

Patty Griffin, Where I come from

Patty Griffin, What now

Patty Griffin, Just the same

(CD "Patty Griffin", 8.3.2019, Thirty Tigers)

Joseph Parsons, Wide awake

Joseph Parsons, Come around

Joseph Parsons, Sad parade

Joseph Parsons, Long road

(CD "Digging for rays", 15.3.2019, Meer Music)


Sendung 17.3.2019

Coyote Kings feat. Tiphony Dames, Blind

Coyote Kings feat. Tiphony Dames, Break free

Coyote Kings feat. Tiphony Dames, All tangled up

Coyote Kings feat. Tiphony Dames, Trusted you

(CD "Rocket", 15.3.2018, Underworld Records)

Brandon Santini, Don't come around here

Brandon Santini, Drive you off my mind

Brandon Santini, Back to you

Brandon Santini, Going home

(CD "The longshot", 15.3.2018, American Showplace)

Susan Santos, Shakin' all over

Susan Santos, Freedom

Susan Santos, Heaven or hell

Susan Santos, In trouble

(CD "No U Turn", 11.1.2019, TWH Records)

Dennis Brendon & The White Owls, Nothin' but love

Dennis Brendon & The White Owls, Yes I'm loving you

Dennis Brendon & The White Owls, End of the Blues

Dennis Brendon & The White Owls, Foolkiller

(CD "Live at the Andyland", 15.3.2019, VizzTone)

Townes Van Zandt, Sky blue

Townes Van Zandt, All I need

Townes Van Zandt, Pancho & Lefty

Townes Van Zandt, Silver ships of Andilar

Townes Van Zandt, Last thing of my mind

(CD "Sky Blue", 7.3.2019, Fat Possum)

Point Quiet, Vera Cruz

Point Quiet, Walking in the wild

Point Quiet, Now you know

Point Quiet, The last time

(CD "Walking in the wild", 15.3.2019, Continental Record Services)

Howe Gelb, Gathered

Howe Gelb, Flyin' off rails

Howe Gelb, The park in the dark

Howe Gelb, Steadfast

Howe Gelb, Anna

(CD "Gathered", 8.3.2019, Fire Records)


Sendung 10.3.2019

Eric Schenkman, I'm alright

Eric Schenkman, Locked in the house

Eric Schenkman, Lincoln's feat

Eric Schenkman, Who shot John?

(CD "Who shot John?", 10.1.2019, VizzTone)

Gaye Adegbalola, Nothin' changed

Gaye Adegbalola, Liearrhea

Gaye Adegbalola, Dirty sheets

Gaye Adegbalola, Sorry, but...No shame

(CD "The Griot", 4.1.2019, VizzTone)

Kenny Parker, Bye bye Baby

Kenny Parker, Goin' in circles

Kenny Parker, Dance with me

Kenny Parker, Hard times in the land of plenty

(CD "Hellfire", 15.2.2019, Rock-A-While Records)

Tiny Legs Tim, Elswhere bound

Tiny Legs Tim, In the morning

Tiny Legs Tim, The game

(CD "Elswhere bound", 1.2.2019, Sing My Title)

Hank Shizzoe, Careless love

Hank Shizzoe, Days of heaven

Hank Shizzoe, Cool water

Hank Shizzoe, California

(CD "Steady as we go", 8.2.2019, Blue Rose)

Robert Forster, Inferno (summer in Brisbane)

Robert Forster, Live has turned a page

Robert Forster, I'm gonna tell it

Robert Forster, One bird in the sky

(CD "Inferno", 1.3.2019, Tapete Records)

Katie Fenner, Fatal fire

Katie Fenner, Hunter

Katie Fenner, That is all

Katie Fenner, Song and dance

(CD "Middle Voice", 22.2.2019, Wolfe Island Records/ CRS)


Sendung 3.3.2019

Nick Schnebelen, Ain't got time for the blues

Nick Schnebelen, Altar of love

Nick Schnebelen, Bad disposition with the blues

Nick Schnebelen, Monkey around

(CD "Crazy all by myself", 1.3.2019, VizzTone)

Rockin' Johnny Burgin & Quique Gomez, You can't steal my sugar

Rockin' Johnny Burgin & Quique Gomez, The Jinx

Rockin' Johnny Burgin & Quique Gomez, Ain't no high roller

Rockin' Johnny Burgin & Quique Gomez, Don't blame Shorty

(CD "Dos hombres wanted", USA 22.2./ 8.3.2019 VizzTone)

Tony Holiday, That's alright, feat. Charlie Musselwhite

Tony Holiday, Tell me Baby, feat. John Primer & Bob Corritore

Tony Holiday, Goin' to court, feat. James Harman & Kid Ramos

Tony Holiday, Coin operated woman, feat. Johnny Burgin

Tony Holiday, This time I'm gone for good, feat. William G. Kidd & Ronnie Shellist

(CD "Tony Holiday's Porch Sessions", USA 25.1./ 8.3.2019, VizzTone)

Gurf Morlix, Turpentine

Gurf Morlix, Sliver of light

Gurf Morlix, Bottom of the Musquash River

Gurf Morlix, Back beat of the dispossessed

(CD "Impossible Blue", 8.2.2019, Rootball Records)

James Yorkston, The Irish war of independence

James Yorkston, Shallow

James Yorkston, Solitary Islands

James Yorkston, The villages I have known my entire life

(CD "The route to the Harmonium", 22.2.2019, Domino Recordings)

Steve Poltz, Shine on

Steve Poltz, Over the top for you

Steve Poltz, Come to me in the mornin'

Steve Poltz, 4th of July

(CD "Shine on", 1.3.2019, Red House Records)



Sendung 24.2.2019

Black Cat Biscuit, Parrot woman

Black Cat Biscuit, He's a fool

Black Cat Biscuit, I don't know

Black Cat Biscuit, Goin' home

(CD "That's why the cookie crumbles", 22.2.2019, Naked/ Donor Productions)

Tedeschi Trucks Band, Signs, high times

Tedeschi Trucks Band, Hard case

Tedeschi Trucks Band, All the world

Tedeschi Trucks Band, They don't shine

(CD "Signs", 15.2.2019, Fantasy Records)

Katarina Pejak, Nature of my Blues

Katarina Pejak, Chasing summer

Katarina Pejak, Turtle Blues

(CD "Roads that crosses", 15.2.2019, RUF Records)

Stafano Ronchi, Klaas Wending, Micha Maass, Have mercy

Ronchi, Wending, Maass, Death letter Blues

Ronchi, Wending, Maass, Turtle Blues

(CD "Soul mining", 1.2.2019, Stormy Monday)

Our Native Daughters, Moon meets the sun

Our Native Daughters, I knew I could fly

Our Native Daughters, Polly Ann's hammer

Our Native Daughters, Mama's crying long

Our Native Daughters, You're not alone

(CD "Songs of Our Native Daughters", 22.2.2019, Smithonian Folkways Recordings)

Leyla McCalla, Capitalist Blues

Leyla McCalla, Money is king

Leyla McCalla, Mize pa doux

Leyla McCalla, Oh my love

(CD "Capitalist Blues", 25.1.2019, Jazz Village)

Ryan Bingham, Beautiful and kind

Ryan Bingham, Got damn Blues

Ryan Bingham, Wolves

Ryan Bingham, America

(CD "Amercan Love Songs", 15.2.2019, Axter Bingham Records)

Our Native Daughters, Lavi difisil


Sendung 17.2.2019

Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, Diamonds on the crown

Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, Blues in my blood

Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, Michael

Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, No expectations

(CD " Blues in my blood", 15.2.2019, Nola Blue Records)

Tommy Castro, Make it back to Memphis

Tommy Castro, Can't keep good man down

Tommy Castro, Calling San Francisco

Tommy Castro, Shakin' the hard times loose

Tommy Castro, Lose lose

(CD "Killin' it live", 1.2.2019, Alligator)

Kerri Powers, Bicycle man

Kerri Powers, Moon 'n stars

Kerri Powers, Grace and harmony

Kerri Powers, Can't find my way home

(CD " Starseeds", 15.2.2019, Continental Record Services)

Bad Temper Joe, Bad Gasoline

Bad Temper Joe, Flyin'

Bad Temper Joe, Hell's gonna fly

Bad Temper Joe, Highway takes the lonely

(Do.-CD "The maddest of all", 15.2.2019, Timezone)

Michael Chapman, It's too late

Michael Chapman, Bluesman

Michael Chapman, Truck song

Michael Chapman, Bon ton roolay

(CD "True North", 8.2.2019, Paradise of Bachelors")

Lula Wiles, Nashville man

Lula Wiles, Bad Guy

Lula Wiles, Shaking at it turns

(CD "What will we do", 15.2.2019, Smithonian Folkways)

The Lonely Heartstring Band, Smoke and ashes

The Lonely Heartstring Band, Red bird flies

(CD " Smoke and ashes", Rounder)


Sendung 10.2.2019

3 Dayz Whizkey, Back on the river

3 Dayz Whizkey, Bad boy

3 Dayz Whizkey, Right time wrong place

3 Dayz Whizkey, Through the smoke

(CD "Common buzzard blues", 8.2.2019, Timezone)

Walter Trout, Be careful how you vote

Walter Trout, Please love me

Walter Trout, Red sun

Walter Trout, It takes time

Walter Trout, Goin' down to the river

(CD "Survivior", 25.1.2019, Provogue)

Glen Clark, You tell me

Glen Clark, Walk on

Glen Clark, That's where you come in

Glen Clark, This old road

(CD "You tell me", 7.1.2019,Glenco Records)

Sky Smeed, Leaving again

Sky Smeed, Speed of the sound of loneliness

Sky Smeed, Sally

Sky Smeed, Wanker Blues

(CD "Leaving again", 9.2.2019, Sky Smeed)

Suzanne Jarvie, Headless rider

Suzanne Jarvie, In the clear

Suzanne Jarvie, The core

Suzanne Jarvie, You shall not pass

(CD "In the clear", 8.2.2019, Wolfe Island Records/ CRS)

Ken Dunn, Shifting sand

Ken Dunn, Lifstream

Ken Dunn, Fire, wind, the earth, and rain

Ken Dunn, Don't believe

(CD "Live in L.A.", 1.2.2019, Trespass Music)

Alberto Lombardi, Spaghetti ennio

(CD "The fermi paradox", 2018, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 3.2.2019

Trevor B. Power Band, Future plans

Trevor B. Power Band, Storm brewin'

Trevor B. Power Band, Murder in the first degree

Trevor B. Power Band, Lord have mercy

(CD "Every day angel", 25.1.2019, Self)

The Kentucky Headhunters, Ragtop

The Kentucky Headhunters, Stumblin'

The Kentucky Headhunters, Don't let me down

The Kentucky Headhunters, Hi-heel sneakers

(CD "Live at the Ramblin' Fair", 11.1.2019, Alligator)

Watermelon Slim, Gypsy woman

Watermelon Slim, Smokestack Lightning

Watermelon Slim, That ole 1-4-5

Watermelon Slim, Charlottesville (Blues for my nation)

(CD "Church of the Blues", 25.1.2019, Northern Blues Records)

Ina Forsman, Miss mistreated

Ina Forsman, Chains

Ina Forsman, Be my home

(CD "Been meaning to tell you", 25.1.2019, RUF Records)

Carson McHone, Drugs

Carson McHone, Gentle

Carson McHone, Goodluck man

Carson McHone, Spider song

(CD "Carousel", 25.1.2018, Loose Music)

Leo Koster, Echos

Leo Koster, Boston

Leo Koster, She don't care about time

Leo Koster, Only Colombe

(CD "Leo Koster sings Gene Clark", 1.2.2019, Continental Europe)

Moe's Anthill, New Age

Moe's Anthill, Worthwhile waiting

(CD Quitter", 1.2.2019, Greywood Records)

Mo Klé, Mercenary

Mo Klé, The war song

(EP "Fighter in the sky", 25.1.2019, Greywood Records)

Tim Sparks & James Buckley, Mama tried

(CD "Jukebox Dreamin'", 14.12.2018, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 27.1.2019

Travelin' Blue Kings, About this world

Travelin' Blue Kings, Straight eight

Travelin' Blue Kings, Ninety minutes

Travelin' Blue Kings, Your being

(CD "Wired up", 25.1.2019, Naked/ Donor Productions)

Boogie Beasts, Long gone

Boogie Beasts, Don't know why

Boogie Beasts, Trouble

Boogie Beasts, Gonna be your name

(CD "Deep", 25.1.2019, Naked/ Donor Productions)

Big Pete, This time no lies

Big Pete, 6:45

Big Pete, Only time will tell

Big Pete, Rockin' Daddy

(CD "Live at Blues Now!", 18.1.2019, Continental Record Services)

Danny Burns, Let it go

Danny Burns, Down and out

Danny Burns, Human heart

Danny Burns, North Country

(CD "North Country", 18.1.2019, Bonfire Recordig Company)

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Crooked Eye John

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, My own way

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Wild mustang

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Rikki don't lose that number

(CD "If you can't stand the heat", 25.1.2019, Compass Records)

Malford Milligan & Southern Aces, Getting over you

Malford Milligan & Southern Aces, Life will humble you

Malford Milligan & Southern Aces, I'll take care of it all

Malford Milligan & Southern Aces, Slow train

(CD "Live will humble you", Download 31.10.2018/ CD 5.2.2019, Royal Family Records/ CRS)

Missy Raines, Royal traveler

Missy Raines, Darlin' Pal(s) on mine

(CD "Royal traveler", 5.10.2018, Compass Records)


Sendung 20.1.2019

Benny Turner & Cash McCall, Shake your money maker

Benny Turner & Cash McCall, It hurts me too

Benny Turner & Cash McCall, It's a man out there

Benny Turner & Cash McCall, Bring it on home

(CD "Going back home", 18.1.2019, Nola Blue Records)

Chris O'Leary, Second time around

Chris O'Leary, She ain't coming back

Chris O'Leary, Heartbreak waiting to happen

Chris O'Leary, Driving me crash

(CD "7 minutes late", 18.1.2019, American Sowplace)

Seth Rosenbloom, Crawling back

Seth Rosenbloom, I can't help

Seth Rosenbloom, Broke and lonely

Seth Rosenbloom, Palace of the king

(CD "Keep on turning", 18.1.2019, HOLMZ Music)

Jerry Moore, The ballad of Birmingham

Jerry Moore, Live is a constant journey

Jerry Moore, Anti bellum sermon

(LP "Life is a constant journey", 1968, CD 26.2.2018 ESP Disc)

Bob Brown, In these flames

Bob Brown, Death in dreams

Bob Brown, For Pamela

(LP "Willoughby's lament" 1970, CD 13.5.2017, Tompkin's Square)

Bobb Trimble, One mile from heaven

Bobb Trimble, Glass menagerie fantasies

(LP "Iron curtain innocence", 1980, CD 2007 Secretly Canadian)

Dana Cooper, Great day in the morning

Dana Cooper, Cold wind and bitter fiddles

(CD "Complicated stuff", 1988)

Dana Cooper, Sweet City man

(LP "Dana Cooper", 1973, Elektra Records)


Sendung 13.1.2019

The Dee Miller Band, Hot and sweety

The Dee Miller Band, Leopard print dress

The Dee Miller Band, Back in the saddle

The Dee Miller Band, I sing the blues

(CD "Leopard print dress", 23.10.2018, Self)

Tomislav Goluban, Bag full of troubles

Tomislav Goluban, Jerry Ricks on my mind

Tomislav Goluban, One way ticket

Tomislav Goluban, Little Pidgeon

(CD "Chicago rambler", 11.1.2019, Spona Records)

Vin Mott, Give me some cornbread

Vin Mott, Rouge hunter

Vin Mott, Ice cold beer

Vin Mott, Greaser

(CD "Rougue hunter", 18.1.2019, Self)

Loretta Hagen, Mighty winter

David Graff, Home

Ken Dunn, Hills of Strathavon

Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt, Northwind

Davey O., To Buffalo

Folkapotamos, Winter's ballet

Stefilia's Stone, Winter sun

Bethel Steele, Gentle Baby

Esther Golton, Wintered in

Esther Golton, Stay warm

Heidi Winzinger, Snow day

Stefilia's Stone, Frozen in time

Susan Cattaneo, Fall to fly

Mike Laureanno, Pushing back wintertime

(Sampler "Winter Songs", Agentur Trespass)

Daniel Murray, Infancia

(CD "14 - 37", 7.12.2018, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 6.1.2019

Katie Henry, Nowhere fast

Katie Henry, Chapels

Katie Henry, Roll away

Katie Henry, Takes a lot

(CD "High road", 21.11.2018, Katie Henry Music)

Paul Oscher, Cool cat, Prologue

Paul Oscher, Cool cat

Paul Oscher, Ain't that man

Paul Oscher, Poor man's blues

Paul Oscher, Rollin' and tumblin'

(CD "Cool cat", 19.10.2018, Blues Fidelity)

Andi's Blues Orchester, Strawhouse blues

Andi's Blues Orchester, Windmill blues

Andi's Blues Orchester, Catfish blues

Andi's Blues Orchester, Jesus on the mainline

(CD "I'm an old fashioned Papa", 7.12.2018, Stormy Monday

John Mellencamp, To the river

John Mellencamp, Mobile blue

John Mellencamp, Dark as a dungeon

John Mellencamp, Wreck of the old '97

(CD "Other people's stuff", 7.12.2018, Republic Records)

Richard Dobson, Leave the lights on

Richard Dobson, I will fight no more forever

Richard Dobson, Song for Richard Mock

Richard Dobson, The sky is falling

Richard Dobson, I hear singing

(CD "I hear singing", 7.12.2018, Brambus)

Tia McGraff, Travelin' by guitar

Tia McGraff, Stubborn in my blood

Tia McGraff, Far away man

Tia McGraff, The faithful ones
(CD "Stubborn in my blood", 13.8.2018, Bandana Records)

David Olney & John Hadley, Don't need shoes

David Olney & John Hadley, Hall of fame

(CD "Ol' Diz', a musical baseball story", 26.5.2009, Deadbeet Records)


Hinweis: 30.12.2018 keine Sendung


Sendung 23.12.2018

Koko Taylor, Have you heard the news

Carey Bell, Christmas train

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, Christmas time

C.J. Chenier, Zydeco Christmas

Marcia Ball, Christmas fais do do

Saffire, Really been good this year

Little Charley & The Nightcats, Christmas time again

Dave Hole, Fattening up the turkey

Kenny Neal, Christmas time in the country

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, I'm your Santa

William Clarke, Please let me be your Santa Claus

Tinsley Ellis, Santa Claus wants some lovin'

Lonnie Brooks, Christmas on the Bayou

Elvin Bishop, The little drummer boy

Charley Musselwhite, Silent night

(Sampler Alligator)

Sloan Wainwright, River

Sloan Wainwright, How beautiful are the feet

Sloan Wainwright, Silver bells

Sloan Wainwright, Oh come, oh come Emmanuel

Sloan Wainwright, Silent night

(CD "On a night before Christmas", 2005, Derby Disc Music)

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Old waits carol

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Oh little time of Bethlehem

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Il est né und Ca bergers

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Counting star

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Wise man

Kate & Anna McGarrigle, God rest ye Merry Christmas

(CD "The McGarrigles Christmas hour", 2005, Warner)

Hidden Agenda Deluxe, Christmas morning

Hidden Agenda Deluxe, Angels in the snow

(CD "Angels in the snow", 23.11.2018, Continental Song City)

Volker Schäfer, Come children

(CD "Auszeit, weihnachtliche Impressionen", 2018, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 16.12.2018

Benny Turner, I want some Christmas cheer

Buddy Guy, Home for Christmas

Chris Daniels & The Kings, Cool Yule

Davis Coen, Love grows for Christmas

Delta Moon, Christmastime in New Orleans

Diane Durette, Please come home for Christmas

Jim Koeppel, Slim down Santa

Kelly's lot, Colours of Dezember

Lawrence Lebo, (I'm your) Christmas present Baby

Likho Duo, God rest ye Merry bluesmen

Professor Louie & The Crowmatics, Santa loves to Boogie

The Reverend Shawn Amos, Santa Claus is gonna make it right

Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, River

Wiley Bo Walker, For the Children

Tomislav Goluban, Ho ho Christmas

(Hollyday Sampler Agentur Blind Raccoon)

Loretta Hagen, Santa if you're listening

Craig Bickhardt, Unto us a child

Craig Bickhardt, One more generation

Aaron Nathans & Michel G. Ronstadt, Northwind

Randall Kromm, Snow dreams

Tia McGraff, Christmas in Hedben Bridge

Craig Bickhardt, Part of heaven

Randall Kromm, Cleveland

Sloan Wainwright, Big bright beautiful tree

Sloan Wainwright, Search the sky

Chuck Brodsky, On Christmas I got nothing

Steve Alain, Evergreen

Ryan Fitzsimmons, Will my mind

Laura Zucker, Let it shine

(Hollyday Sampler Agentur Trespass)



Sendung 9.12.2018

Niecie, Two can play the game

Niecie, Thank God for fools

Niecie, Two sides to every story

Niecie, Lighter shade of blue

(CD "Trouble with a capital T", 12.11.2018, Ride The Tigers Records)

Mindi Abair, All I get for Christmas is the blues

Mindi Abair, Christmas (Baby please come home)

Mindi Abair, Run run Rudolph

Mindi Abair, Christmas fool

(CD "All I get for Christmas is the blues", 26.10.2018, Pretty Good For A Girl Records)

Ville Lehtowaara, Reelin' & rockin'

Ville Lehtowaara, Long long shadow

Ville Lehtowaara, Crawfish

Ville Lehtowaara, Nobody's fault but mine

(CD "Regroovable", 7.12.2018, Humu Records)

Kat Riggins, Kitty won't scatch

Kat Riggins, Johnny Walker

Kat Riggins, Fistful o' water

Kat Riggins, Troubles away

(CD "In the boy's club", 22.6.2018, Bluzpik Media Group)

Jeff Tweedy, How hard it is for a desert to die

Jeff Tweedy, From far away

Jeff Tweedy, Having been is no way to be

Jeff Tweedy, Warm (when the sun has died)

(CD "Warm", 30.11.2018, Rycodisc/ Warner)

Ruston Kelly, Paratroopers Battlecry

Ruston Kelly, Mercury

Ruston Kely, Trying to let her

Ruston Kelly, Jericho

(CD "Dying star", 7.9.2018, Rounder)

Willard Grant Conspiracy, Untethered

(Single, 16.11.2018, Loose Music)

Will Oldham, I see a darkness

Will Oldham, So far and here we are

Will Oldham, The way

Will Oldham, Big Friday

(CD "Songs from love and horror", 19.10.2018, Domino Recordigs)

Volker Schäfer, Es wird scho glei dumpa

(CD "Auszeit, Weihnachtliche Impressionen", 26.10.2018, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 2.12.2018

Shaw Davis, Tales from the west

Shaw Davis, I gotta try you girl

Shaw Davis, My friend

(CD "Tales from the west", 20.10.2018, Chin Music Records)

Ben Rice, Dirt road home

Ben Rice, Mojo hand

Ben Rice, If you ever change your mind

Ben Rice, Oh Lord

(CD "Wish the world away", 30.6.2018)

Dominic Shoemaker, That's cold

Dominic Shoemaker, Play ths game

Dominic Shoemaker, Let me be your lover

Dominic Shoemaker Stay grounded

(CD "That's cold", 23.11.2018, Stormy Monday)

Mark Knopfler, Nobody's child

Mark Knopfler, Just a boy away from home

Mark Knopfler, Drover's road

Mark Knopfler, Matchstick man

(CD "Down the road whereever", 16.11.2018, Virgin Records)

Rad Orchestra, No matter where you are

Rad Orchestra, Gallon

Rad Orchestra, Shoot (me like you should)

(CD "Rad Orchestra", 30.11.2018, Labelship/ Broken Silence)

Emilie Zoe, 6 o'clock

Emilie Zoe, Blackberrys

Emilie Zoe, Loner

Emilie Zoe, Nothing stands

(CD "The very start", 9.11.2018, Hummus Records)

Hidden Agenda Deluxe, Snowin' on raton

(CD "Angels in the snow", 23.11.2018, Continental Record Services)


Sendung 25.11.2018

Detonics, She is command

Detonics, Can't get enough

Detonics, Route 101

Detonics, The Barber

(CD "Raise your bet", 16.11.2018, Naked/ Donor Productions)

Mike Zito, Shoes blues

Mike Zito, Soundcheck

Mike Zito, Rocket man

(CD "Blue room", 1998/ 16.11.2018, RUF Records)

Tony Joe White, Bad mouthin'

Tony Joe White, Boom boom

Tony Joe White, Sundown blues

Tony Joe White, Down the dirt road blues

(CD Bad mouthin'", 24.10.2018, Yep Roc Records)

Sandy Carroll, Slingers and arrows

Sandy Carroll, Road angels

Sandy Carroll, Mississippi me

(CD "Blues and angels", 19.10.2018, Catfood Records)

Tom Rush, Elder green

Tom Rush, Come see about me

Tom Rush, How can she dance like that?

Tom Rush, Voices

(CD "Voices", 27.4.2018, Appleseed)

Craig Moreau, The best of me

Craig Moreau, A different kind of train

Craig Moreau, Shadows left behind

Craig Moreau, Thirsty soul

(CD "A different kind of train", 10.11.2018)

J Edwards, Staying here

J Edwards, Young again

J Edwards, Of only beggars could be choosers

J Edwards, Your heart of stone

(CD "Cold", 21.9.2018, Storm Chaser Music)

Schrammel & Slide, Stepp by Sepp

(CD "Best of", 2017, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 18.11.2018

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war, um eine Woche verschoben werden. Stattdessen Wiederholung der

Sendung vom 7.10.2018.


Sendung 11.11.2018

Tomislav Goluban, Chicago rambler

(Single von CD "Locked heart", 12.1.2019)

Peter V Blues Train, Blue Monday

Peter V Blues Train, T Bone Shuffle

Peter V Blues Train, Don't sheat on my Baby

(CD "Shaken but not deterred", 19.10.2018, Self)

Sari Schorr, King of Rock and Roll

Sari Schorr, Turn your radio on

Sari Schorr, Maybe I'm fooling

Sari Schorr, Back to L.A.

(CD "Never say never", 26.10.2018, Manhaton Records)

Chris Youlden & The Slammers, Number 9 Train

Chris Youlden & The Slammers, Nervous breakdown

Chris Youlden & The Slammers, Come on

Chris Youlden & The Slammers, Let's talk about us

(CD "Closing times", 26.10.2018, The Last Music Company/ Proper)

Get The Cat, My old pair of boots

Get The Cat, Prove me wrong

Get The Cat, Brother's keeper

(CD "The way to my heart", 9.11.2018, Timezone)

Chip Taylor, Diamonds in the middle of the road

Chip Taylor, On the hold

Chip Taylor, Baby Lu

(CD "Time waits for no little girls", 12.9.2018, Train Wreck Records)

The Brothers Brothers, Red and gold

The Brothers Brothers, Angel Island

The Brothers Brothers, Ocean's daughter

The Brothers Brothers, Goodbye ol' Silver

(CD "Some people I know", 19.10.2018, Compass Records)

Marianne Faithfull, The Gypsie faerie queen

Marianne Faithfull, Witches song

Marianne Faithfull, It's all over now (Baby Blue)

Marianne Faithfull, No moon in Paris

(CD "Negative Capability, BMG Rights Management/ Warner)

Tellico, Like November

(CD "Woven Waters", 9.11.2018, Organic Records)

Alexandra Stréliski, Burnout fugue

(CD "Inscape", Secret City/ Rough Trade)


Sendung 4.11.2018

Ragtime Rumours, Faker

Ragtime Rumours, Everywhere I go

Ragtime Rumours, Humanity

Ragtime Rumours, Mister Coqburn

(CD "Rag 'N' Roll", 19.10.2018, RUF Records)

Mike Greene Band, Same old Blues

Mike Greene Band, You don't have to go

Mike Greene Band, Hush on hush

Mike Greene Band, Walking the dog

(CD "Same old Blues", 24.9.2018, Stormy Monday)

The Voodoo Hoodoo Blues Club, I was good

The Voodoo Hoodoo Blues Club, Blinded by fear

The Voodoo Hoodoo Blues Club, Runaway Blues

The Voodoo Hoodoo Blues Club, Jacky's song

(CD "Wounds and scars", 26.10.2018, Timezone)

Patrick Sassone, Halloween

Patrick Sassone, Deep in the jungle

Patrick Sassone, Cool water

(CD "Wicked", 18.9.2018, Coyote Productions)

Kelly Pardekooper, Bloody gasoline

Kelly Pardekooper, Downtown

Kelly Pardekooper, Pretty on the inside

Kelly Pardekooper, Call me Mom

(CD "50-Weight", 26.10.2018, Leisure Time Records)

John Hiatt, Nothing in my heart

John Hiatt, The odds of loving you

John Hiatt, One stiff breeze

John Hiatt, Robbers' highway

(CD "The eclipse sessions", 26.10.2018, New West Records)

KT Tunstall, Blacklash & vinegar

KT Tunstall, In this body

KT Tunstall, The night that Bowie died

KT Tunstall, Tiny love

(CD "Wax", 2.11.2018, Rostrum Records)

Chip Taylor, Dreams of Anna Lai

Chip Taylor, That's not the way that it is

(CD "Time waits for no little girls", 12.9.2018, Train Wreck Records)


Sendung 28.10.2018

Anthony Gomes, Peace, love and loud guitars

Anthony Gomes, Come down

Anthony Gomes, Blues in the first degree

Anthony Gomes, The Whiskey made me do it

(CD "Peace, love and loud guitars", 19.10.2018, Up To Zero)

Joe Louis Walker, Bruce Katz, Giles Robson, Mean old train

Walker, Katz, Robson, It's you baby

Walker, Katz, Robson, Chicago breakdown

Walker, Katz, Robson, Real gone lover

(CD "Journey to the heart of the blues", 26.10.2018, Alligator)

Saverio Maccne, The only thing I've got

Saverio Maccne, Another circus left the town

Saverio Maccne, Muchas Lucecitas

Saverio Maccne, Walking blues

(CD "Look twice", Juni 2018)

Gaetano Letizia, Drive me a car

Gaetano Letizia, Money

Gaetano Letizia, You can't do that

Gaetano Letizia, Get back

(CD "Beatles Blues Blast", 19.10.2018, Letizia Records)

Jason Isbell, White man's world

Jason Isbell, Last of my kind

Jason Isbell, Cover me up

(CD "Live at the Ryman", 19.10.2018, Southeastern Records)

Kaia Kater, Canyonland

Kaia Kater, Everly

Kaia Kater, The right one

Kaia Kater, Poets be buried

(CD "Grenades", 2.11.2018, Smithonian Folkways Recordings)

Micah P. Hinson, Sleep of the damned

Micah P. Hinson, Fuck your wisdom

Micah P. Hinson, Small spaces

Micah P. Hinson, My blood will call out to you from the ground

(CD "When I shoot at you with arrows, I will shoot to destroy you", 26.10.2018, Full Time Hobby)

Kaia Kater, Hydrants


Sendung 21.10.2018

Sean Chambers, Welcome to my blues

Sean Chambers, Black eyed Suzie

Sean Chambers, One more night zu ride

Sean Chambers, Red hot Mama

(CD "Welcome to my blues", 19.10.2018, American Showplace)

Kirk Fletcher, The Answer

Kirk Fletcher, Gotta right

(CD "Hold on", 19.10.2018, Kirk Fletcher/ Membran)

Seasick Steve, Can U cook?

Seasick Steve, Looked up and looked down Blues

Seasick Steve, Ain't nothing but a thang

Seasick Steve, Company

(CD "Can U cook?", 29.9.2018, BMG/ Warner)

Seth Lee Jones, Key to the highway

Seth Lee Jones, Shake your tree

Seth Lee Jones, 110

(CD "Live at Colony", 21.9.2018, Horton Records/ CRS)

Colter Wall, Plain to see plainsmen

Colter Wall, Wild dogs

Colter Wall, The trains are gone

Colter Wall, Tying knots in the devil's tail

(CD "Songs of the plains", download 12.10., CD 26.10.2018, Dirty Tigers/ Young Mary's Records)

Kendel Carson (feat. Chip Taylor), Make me a microphone

Kendel Carson, Paint me a cowboy

Kendel Carson, Fighting soldier

Kendel Carson, That's the way it is about love

(Do.-CD "The lost tapes of Suzanna Hamilton", 19.10.2018, Train Wreck Records/ CRS)

Craig Moreau, Every stop I take

Craig Moreau, Casey, Illinois

Craig Moreau, The Daredevil kid

Craig Moreau, Flames

(CD "The Daredevil kid", 8.8.2014)


Sendung 14.10.2018

Blues Caravan 2018 (Mike Zito, Vanja Sky, Bernard Allison), Low down dirty

Blues Caravan 2018, All night

Blues Caravan 2018, Keep coming back

Blues Caravan 2018, Wasted time

(CD + DVD "Blues Caravan 2018", 21.9.2018, RUF Records)

Lindsay Beaver, Don't be afraid of love

Lindsay Beaver, I got love if you want it

Lindsay Beaver, She'll be gone

Lindsay Beaver, Let's rock

(CD "Tough as love", 12.10.2018, Alligator Records)

Frank Bey, Back in the business

Frank Bey, Cokie jar

Frank Bey, Better look out

Frank Bey, Yesterday's dream

(CD "Back in the business", 21.9.2018, Nola Blue Records)

Bob Margolin, Mercy

Bob Margolin, Best I can do

Bob Margolin, Peace of mine

(CD "Bob Margolin", 12.10.2018, VizzTone)

Marc Ribot, Bella ciao

Marc Ribot, Srinivas

Marc Ribot, We'll never turn back

(CD "Songs of the resistance, 1942-2018", 14.9.2018, Anti)

John Flynn, Sing me on my way

John Flynn, Vintage

John Flynn, One fine boat

John Flynn, Take it down (uncivil war)

(CD "Vintage", 5.10.2018, Flying Stone Music Group)

T.G. Copperfield, June bug

T.G. Copperfield, Cold hard fact

T.G. Copperfield, Godforsaken place

(EP "Sweet honey", 29.9.2018, Timezone

John Garner, Earth song

John Garner, Ohio

John Garner, Keep in my mind

(CD "See you later", 12.10.2018, Bangup-bullet)


Sendung 7.10.2018

Jim Allchin, Enough is enough

Jim Allchin, Snuggle up

Jim Allchin, Pawn shop man

Jim Allchin, Tech Blues

(CD "Prime Blues", 21.9.2018, Artisanship Music)

Joe Bonamassa, King bee shake down

Joe Bonamassa, Deep in the blues again

Joe Bonamassa, Redemption

Joe Bonamassa, Love is a gamble

(CD "Redemption", 21.9.2018, Mascot/Provogue)

Billy F. Gibbons, Missin' yo kissin'

Billy F. Gibbons, My baby she rocks

Billy F. Gibbons, Let the left hand know

Billy F. Gibbons, Mo' slower blues

(CD "The big bad blues",21.9.2018, Concord Music)

Maria Muldaur, Now you're down in the alley

Maria Muldaur, Trombone man blues

Maria Muldaur, Don't you feel my leg

(CD "Don't you feel my leg", 28.9.2018, The Last Music Company)

Malcolm Holcombe, Left alone

Malcolm Holcombe, October morning

Malcolm Holcombe, Legal tender

Malcolm Holcombe, In the winter

(CD "Come hell or high water", Gypsy Eyes Music/ Proper)

Jim Wyly, Suddenly I'm singing

Jim Wyly, Coyotes of legend

Jim Wyly, Please Nessie

Jim Wyly, The artisan

(CD "The artisan", 5.10.2018, Texas Farfair)

Pidgeons on the Gate, Breathe

Pidgeons on the Gate, Jonny

Pidgeons on the Gate, Two kingdoms

Pidgeons on the Gate, Road to Corofin I

(CD "Chasing suns", 5.10.2018, TOURBOmusic/Greywood Records)


Hinweis: 30.9.2018 keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat


Sendung 23.9.2018

Colin James, Dig myself a hole

Colin James, Soul of a man

Colin James, Tears come rolling down

Colin James, One more mile (acoustic version)

(CD "Miles to go", 21.9.2018, True North Records/ Stony Plain)

Anthony Geraci, Don't think the grass look greener

Anthony Geraci, Long way home

Anthony Geraci, Time's running out

Anthony Geraci, Hand you your walking shoes

(CD "Why did you have to go", 21.9.2018, Shining Stone Records)

Rachelle Coba, High and dry

Rachelle Coba, Good ole heartbreak

Rachelle Coba, No deals

Rachelle Coba, Bad reputation

(CD "Blink", 20.9.2018, American Showplace Music)

Delta Moon, Might take a lifetime

Delta Moon, Skinny woman

Delta Moon, Somebody in my home

Delta Moon, One mountain at time

(CD "Babylon is falling", 21.9.2018, Jumping Jack Records)

We used to be tourists, Nashville, TN

We used to be tourists, Haven't you heard

We used to be tourists, Counting sheep

We used to be tourists, Signals

(CD "The benefit of doubt", 21.9.2018, Couch 'N' Candle)

Richard Thompson, The storm won't come

Richard Thompson, My rock, my robe

Richard Thompson, No matter

Richard Thompson, Shaking the gates

(CD "13 Rivers", 14.9.2018, Proper Records

Fairport Convention, Now be thankful

Fairport Convention, Who knows where the time goes

Fairport Convention, Meet on the ledge

Fairport Convention, A surfate of Lampreys

(Do.-CD "What we did on our Saturday" 15.6.2018, Matty Grooves Records)


Sendung 16.9.2018

Marco Marchi & The Mojo Makers, Stand up

Marco Marchi & The Mojo Makers, What's wrong with you

Marco Marchi & The Mojo Makers, I'm not the boss

Marco Marchi & The Mojo Makers, No more fools at the White House

(CD "Stand up", 15.6.2018, SUISA)

Amanda Fish, Not again

Amanda Fish, Going down

Amanda Fish, Here we are

(CD "Free", 14.9.2018, VizzTone)

The Weight Band, Common man

The Weight Band, You're never to old for Rock and Roll

The Weight Band, Big legged Sadie

The Weight Band, Remedy

(CD "World gone mad", 14.9.2018, Continental Record Services)

Guilande, Loser

Guilande, Mighty eagle

Guilande, Too late

(CD "Live", 10.9.2018, AWAL)

Ray Bonneville, Waiting on the night

Ray Bonneville, Next card to fall

Ray Bonneville, Codeine

Ray Bonneville, The day they let me out

(CD "At king electric", 7.9.2018, Stonefly Records)

Jonathan Jeremiah, Mountain

Jonathan Jeremiah, Hurt no more

Jonathan Jeremiah, No-one

Jonathan Jeremiah, Yes in a heartbeat

(CD "Good day", 31.8.2018, Pias Recordings)

Amos Lee, No more darkness, no more light

Amos Lee, Crooked

Amos Lee, Hang on, hang on

(CD "My new moon", 31.8.2018, Dualtone Records)

Jeremy Nail, Fields of your father

Jeremy Nail, Kingdom come

(CD "Live oak", 17.8.2018, Open Nine Records/ Euroots PR)


Sendung 9.9.2018

Ben Granfelt, This is love

Ben Granfelt, Fuel to burn

Ben Granfelt, My heroine

Ben Granfelt, Mind your head an watch your step

(CD "My soul to you", 22.6.2018, Record Jet)

Eric Lindell, Shot down

Eric Lindell, Big horse

Eric Lindell, Kelly Ridge

Eric Lindell, The sun don't shine

(CD "Revolution in your heart", 7.9.2018, Alligator Records)

Bernd Rinser, Love

Bernd Rinser, Walking the streets all night

Bernd Rinser, Get your business straight

(LP/CD's "Evil wild and blue, Streetdog blues, Split Pea Shel", 31.8.2018, Driftwood)

Greyhound, Hang me

Greyhound, Bad bad whiskey

Greyhound, Whup somebody's ass

Greyhound, Nobody's fault but mine

(CD "Double six", 29.6.2018, Continental Europe)

Geoff Achison, Miniature man

Geoff Achison, Walk away

Geoff Achison, Sovereign town

Geoff Achison, World of blue

(CD "Sovereign town", 7.9.2018, Landslide Records)

Passenger, Ghost town

Passenger, Runaway

Passenger, To be free

Passenger, Survivers

(CD "Runaway", 31.8.2018, Black Crow Records)

David Olney, Always the stranger

David Olney, Border town

David Olney, Stand tall

(CD "This side or the other", 24.8.2018, Black Hen Music)


Sendung 2.9.2018

Markey Blue Rick Patina Project, Raised in muddy water

Markey Blue Rick Patina Project, Red moon

Markey Blue Rick Patina Project, Walking over this line

Markey Blue Rick Patina Project, Come and go

(CD "Raised in muddy water", 29.6.2018, Ellersoul Records)

Shari Puorto Band, Home of the Blues

Shari Puorto Band, Outta my mind

Shari Puorto Band, All I want is you

Shari Puorto Band, I'm tired

(CD "Live at Bogie's", 21.6.2018, Little Lightning Productions)

Wily Bo Walker, Chattahoochie coochie man

Wily Bo Walker, Fool for you

Wily Bo Walker, Walking with the devil

Wily Bo Walker, Long way to heaven

(CD "Almost transparent Blues", 26.6.2018, Mescal Canyon Records)

Travis Bowlin, Go to girls

Travis Bowlin, Record shop

Travis Bowlin, Vicksburg Blues

(CD "Secundus", Moonbeam Records)

Roo Panes, Sketches of the summer

Roo Panes, My narrow road

Roo Panes, A gift to you

Roo Panes, Peace be with you

(CD "Quiet man", 20.7.2018, CRC Records)

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood, Feast to tamine

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood, My shadow life

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood, Upon doing something wrong

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood, Desert song

(CD "With animals", 24.8.2018, Heavenly Recordings)

Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton, Loving hands

Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton, Dead to me

Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton, Nature of us

Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton, Hold still

Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton, Which will

(CD "Been on your side", 31.8.2018, Free Dirt Records)


Sendung 26.8.2018

Eric McFadden, The girl has changed

Eric McFadden, If I die today

Eric McFadden, So hard to leave

Eric McFadden, The Jesus gonna see you naked

(CD "Pain by numbers", 7.9.2018, Whiskey Bayou Records)

Jeremiah Johnson Band, Keeping on sailing

Jeremiah Johnson Band, 9th and Russell

Jeremiah Johnson Band, Bonneville shuffle

Jeremiah Johnson Band, Rock & roll music to the world

(CD "Straitjacket", 24.8.2018, RUF Records)

Johnny & The Headhunters, Chicken house

Johnny & The Headhunters, Rock 'em dead

Johnny & The Headhunters, Shake your money maker

Johnny & The Headhunters, Watch and chain

(CD "That's all I need", 24.8.2018, Self)

Dennis Jones Band, Hot sauce

Dennis Jones Band, Enjoy the ride

Dennis Jones Band, Big black cat

(CD "We 3 Live", 3.9.2018, Blue Rock Records)

Cody Jinks, Somewhere between I love you and I'm leaving

Cody Jinks, Desert wind

Cody Jinks, Colorado

Cody Jinks, Stranger

(CD "Lifes", 27.7.2018, Rounder)

Osborne Jones, A million teardrops

Osborne Jones, Good night's sleep

Osborne Jones, You are the river

Osborne Jones, I wish the world would slow down

(CD "Ever closer", 3.8.2018, Continental Song City)

Great Lake Swimmers, The talking wind

Great Lake Swimmers, Falling apart

Great Lake Swimmers, Roots systems

Great Lake Swimmers, Holding nothing back

Great Lake Swimmers, Visions of a different world

(CD "The waves, the wake", 17.8.2018, Nettwerk/ Warner)


Sendung 19.8.2018

Josh Smith, Watching to go

Josh Smith, Half Blues

Josh Smith, Look no further

Josh Smith, What we need

(CD "Burn to grow", 17.8.2018, M2 Music)

Midnite Johnny, Your new occupation

Midnite Johnny, Tired of foolin' around

Midnite Johnny, Key to the highway

Midnite Johnny, Long road home (acoustic-version)

(CD "Long road home", 9.8.2018, Mosher Street Records)

Chad Elliott, Rest heavy

Chad Elliott, Dirty river (catfish blues)

Chad Elliott, Embarcadero Street

Chad Elliott, Water under the bridge

(CD "Rest heavy", 10.8.2018)

Israel Nash, Northwest stars (out of Tacoma)

Israel Nash, Hillsides

Israel Nash, The widow

Israel Nash, Strong was the night

(CD "Drifted", 27.7.2018, Loose Music)

Gene Clark, Past my door

Gene Clark, Down on the pier

Gene Clark, Big city girl

Gene Clark, Till today

(CD "Gene Clark sings for us", 15.6.2018, Omnivore Recordings)

Gene Clark & Carla Olsen, Gypsy rider

Gene Clark & Carla Olsen, Del Gato

Gene Clark & Carla Olsen, Deportee (plain wreck in Los Gatos)

Gene Clark & Carla Olsen, Broken hearts and broken dreams"

(LP 1987, CD 2006/ 3.8.2018, Sunset Boulevard Records)


Sendung 12.8.2018

Billy Price, No time

Billy Price, I keep holding on

Billy Price, Never be fooled again

Billy Price, Your love stays with me

(CD "Reckoning", 22.6.2018, VizzTone)

Alastair Greene, The sweetest honey

Alastair Greene, Red wine woman

Alastair Greene, Say what you want

Alastair Greene, Down to Memphis

Alastair Greene, Dream train

Alastair Greene, T' other way

Alastair Greene, Love you so bad

Alastair Greene, Rain stomp

(Do.-CD "Live from the 805", 17.8.2018, Rip Cat Records)

Michael Weiskopf, Wrong trail blues

Michael Weiskopf, I don't bother me

Michael Weiskopf, Tattoo of Jesus

Michael Weiskopf, Much worse that it sounds

Michael Weiskopf, Chimes of freedom

(CD "Lost in AmeriKa - 9 1/2 stories", 1.5.2018, Blue Highway Insomnia Music)

Michael Nau, Funny real life

Michael Nau, Funny wind

Michael Nau, Can't take one

Michael Nau, Smudge

(CD "Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread", 3.8.2018, Full Time Hobby/ Rough Trade)

The Innocence Mission, Records from your room

The Innocence Mission, Look out from your window

The Innocence Mission, Shadow on the pines

The Innocence Mission, Galvanic

(CD "Sun on the suqare", 6.7.2018, Bella Union)

Olivia Chaney, Long time gone

(CD "Shelter", 15.6.2018, Nonesuch/ Warner)


Sendung 5.8.2018

Jimmy Cornett, This life

Jimmy Cornett, Little Lil

Jimmy Cornett, White trash Boogie

(CD "Live in Roth", 6.4.2018, Stringkiller Records)

Jonathon Long, That's when I knew

Jonathon Long, Living the blues

Jonathon Long, Natural girl

Jonathon Long, The river, feat. Samantha Fish

(CD "Jonathon Long", August 2018, Wild Heart Records)

Judy Brown Band, He got me

Judy Brown Band, Free range man

Judy Brown Band, Trouble

Judy Brown Band, I dream

(CD "Say it", 18.5.2018, Bluestime Productions)

Paul Rodgers, Little bit love

Paul Rodgers, All right now

Paul Rodgers, Walk in my shadow

(Do.-CD "Free spirit (Live)", 2.6.2018, Quarto Valley Records)

The Jayhawks, Long time ago

The Jayhawks, Need you tonight

The Jayhawks, El Dorado

The Jayhawks, Bird never flies

(CD "Back roads and abandoned motels", 13.7.2018, Legacy/ Sony)

Eliza Gilkyson, Seculare

Eliza Gilkyson, Reunion

Eliza Gilkyson, Sanctuary

Eliza Gilkyson, Down by the riverside feat. Jimmy LaFave

(CD "Secularia", 13.7.2018, Red House)

Bill Miller, Forgive

Bill Miller, The vision

Bill Miller, There is you

Bill Miller, The sun gonna rising

(CD "Ghostdance", 2006/ 22.6.2018, Concord Records)


Hinweis: 29.7.2018 keine Sendung


Sendung 22.7.2018

Damon Fowler, Ain't gonna rock with you no more

Damon Fowler, Up the line

Damon Fowler, Holiday

Damon Fowler, Candy

(CD "The Whiskey Bayou Sessions", 20.7.2018, Whiskey Bayou Records)

The Bennett Brothers, Hold on tight

The Bennett Brothers, Rocking chair

The Bennett Brothers, Walk with the devil

The Bennett Brothers, Not made for hire

(CD "Not made for hire", 20.7.2018, American Showplace)

Bruce Katz Band, Hesitation Blues

Bruce Katz Band, Make things right

Bruce Katz Band, Wasn't my time

(CD "Get your groove!", 20.7.2018, American Showplace)

Shemekia Copeland, Great rain

Shemekia Copeland, Smoked ham and peaches

Shemekia Copeland, The wrong idea

Shemekia Copeland, Such a pretty flame

(CD "America's child", 3.8.2018, Alligator)

Cowboy Junkies, The things we do each other

Cowboy Junkies, Shining teeth

Cowboy Junkies, Nose before ear

Cowboy Junkies, All that Reckoning Pt. 2

(CD "All that reckoning", 13.7.2018, Proper Records)

Jimmy LaFave, When the thoughts of you up with me

Jimmy LaFafe, Sideline woman

Jimmy LaFave, You're gonna make me lonesome when you go

Jimmy LaFave, Goodbye Amsterdam

Jimmy LaFave, I may be used (but I ain't used up)

(Do.-CD "Peace town", 13.7.2018, Music Road Records)


Sendung 15.7.2018

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio, Something smells funky 'round here

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio, That's the way Willy likes it

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio, Looking good

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio, My soul

(CD "Something smells funky 'round here", 13.7.2018, Alligator)

Brooks Williams, Here comes the blues

Brooks Williams, Rock me

Brooks Williams + Hans Theessink, Gambling man

Brooks Williams + Hans Theessink, Rock me

(CD "Lucky star", 13.7.2018, Red Guitar Blue Music)

Eric Johanson, Burn it down

Eric Johanson. Bang against the wall

Eric Johanson, 4 in the morning

Eric Johanson, The fugitiv

(CD "Burn it down", 13.10.2017, Whiskey Bayou Records)

Cyril Neville, Love has got to win

Cyril Neville, Ayity

Cyril Neville, Can't stop a dreamer

( Box "Endangered species: The complete recordings", 13.7.2018, New Order Entertainment)

David Starr, Night rolls around

David Starr, Unit it's all gone

David Starr, Nothing short

David Starr, These damn goodbyes

(CD "South and West", 8.6.2018, Cedaredge Music)

The Wave Pictures, Jim

The Wave Pictures, The little window

The Wave Pictures, Volkano

(CD "Brushes with happiness", Moshi Moshi Records/ Rough Trade)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, For you

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, We offer

(CD "Wolf of the cosmos", 19.4.2018, Domino Recordings)

Susanna, Freight train

Susanna, Rye Whiskey

Susanna, Lilac tree

(CD "Dig my grave", 9.2.2018, Sonata)


Sendung 8.7.2018

Vanessa Collier, Don't nobody got time to waste

Vanessa Collier, Bless your heart

Vanessa Collier, You're a pill

Vanessa Collier, You get what you get

(CD "Honey up", 6.7.2018)

JP Soars, Sounthbound 1 - 95

JP Soars, The grass ain't always greener

JP Soars, Deep down in Florida

JP Soars, Troubled waters

(CD "Southbound 1 - 95", 1.7.2018, Soars High Productions)

Rory Block, Black mountain

Rory Block, Weeping willow blues

Rory Block, On revival day

Rory Block, Empty bed blues

(CD "A Woman's Soul, A tribute to Bessie Smith", Stony Plain/ CRS)

Milk Carton Kids, Just look at us now

Milk Carton Kids, Younger years

Milk Carton Kids, Blindness

Milk Carton Kids, Unwinnable war

(CD "All the things that I did and all the things that I didn't do", 29.6.2018, Anti)

Hadley McCall Thackston, Redbird

Hadley McCall Thackston, Somehow

Hadley McCall Thackston, No

Hadley McCall Thackston, Last mountain waltz

(CD "Hadley McCall Thackston", 6.7.2018, Wolfe Island Records/ CRS)

Indigo Girls, Compromise

Indigo Girls, Happy in sorrow key

Indigo Girls, Chickenman

Indigo Girls, Come on home

(Do.-CD "Indigo Girls live with the University Symphony Orchestra", 29.6.2018, Rounder)

Micah P. Hinson, Seems always impossible

Micah P. Hinson, Diggin a grave

Micah P. Hinson, Little boys dream

(CD "Micah P. Hinson and the opera circuit", 17.6.2011, Jade Tree/ Cargo)


Sendung 1.7.2018

The Blues Band, The rooster crowed in Memphis

The Blues Band, New skin game blues

The Blues Band, Too much competition

The Blues Band, Hot dog

(CD "The rooster crowed in Memphis", 1.6.2018, Repertoir Records)

Crystal Shawanda, Ball and chain

Crystal Shawanda, Hound dog

Crystal Shawanda, Cry out for more

Crystal Shawanda, Blue train

(CD "Voodoo woman", 15.6.2018, True North Records)

Daniel Smith, Old horse boogie woogie

Daniel Smith, Fast train boogie

Daniel Smith, The doctor's order

Daniel Smith, Three company boogie

(3-CD-Box "The best of", 30.5.2018)

Steve Howell, Bad luck blues

Steve Howell, When I was a cowboy out on the western plains

Steve Howell, Easy rider

(CD "Good as I been to you", 22.6.2018, Out Of The Past Music)

David Haerle, Play it like the record

David Haerle, The stranger

David Haerle, Tell your story

David Haerle, The tracer

(CD "Garden of Edendale", 29.6.2018, Edendale Records/CMH Group)

Father John Misty, Date night

Father John Misty, The place

Father John Misty, We're only people (and there's not much anyone can do)

(CD "God's favourite customer", 1.6.2018, Pias Coop/ Bella Junion)

Charles Watson, You've got your way of leaving

Charles Watson, Love is blue

Charles Watson, Everything goes right

(CD "Now that I'm a river", 18.5.2018, Moshi Moshi Records)


Sendung 24.6.2018

Buddy Guy, Guilty as charged

Buddy Guy, Bad day

Buddy Guy, You did the crime (feat. Mick Jagger)

Buddy Guy, End of the line

(CD "The blues is alive and well", 15.6.2018, Silvertone/ RCA Records)

Tom Hambridge, This end of the road

Tom Hambridge, Little things

Tom Hambridge, Save me

Tom Hambridge, Faith

(CD "The Nola Sessions", 22.6.2018, Superstar Records)

Bob Corritore & Friends, Tell me Mama

Bob Corritore & Friends, The glide

Bob Corritore & Friends, Willie Mae

Bob Corritore & Friends, Don't let the devil ride

(CD "Don't let the devil ride", 22.6.2018, SWMAF/ Vizztone)

The Lied's To, What keeps us in this world?

The Lied's To, Lay down

The Lied's To, Windtalker

The Lied's To, Deportee

(CD "The lesser of two evils", 11.5.2018, Hollow Body)

Cris Cuddy, I'm on my way to Trinidad

Cris Cuddy, Silver McLean

Cris Cuddy, Yesterday's lady

Cris Cuddy, Hillbilly days

(CD "Dream on", 22.5.2018, Vanishing Castle)

Carter Sampson, Lucky

Carter Sampson, Wild ride

(CD "Lucky", 25.5.2018, Continental Song City)

Ben Howard, Nica libres at dusk

Ben Howard, Towing the line

Ben Howard, Someone in the doorway

(CD "Noonday dream", 1.6.2018, Island/ Universal)


Sendung 17.6.2018

Bridget Kelly Band, Lil' Honey Bee

Bridget Kelly Band, Trouble in Texas

Bridget Kelly Band, Blues inside of me

Bridget Kelly Band, Sugar Sweet Baby

(CD "Blues Warrior", 17.5.2018, Alpha Sun Records)

Buddy Guy, Cognac, feat. Jeff Beck & Keith Richards

Buddy Guy, Blue no more

(CD "The blues is alive and well", 15.6.2018, Silvertone/ RCA Records)

Waydown Wailers, I want your soul

Waydown Wailers, Another bump in the road

Waydown Wailers, Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Waydown Wailers, State of the union

(CD "Backland Blues", 15.6.2018, Woodstock Records)

Lon Eldridge & Steven Troch, Kind hearted woman

Lon Eldridge & Steven Troch, Traveling Riverside Blues

Lon Eldridge & Steven Troch, I wished I was in heaven sitting

(CD "Cool Iron", 18.5.2018)

Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy, Strange weather

Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy, Shanty of the whale

Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy, The beast in me

Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy, Scarborough fair

Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy, We have an anchor

(CD "Anchor", 1.6.2018, Topic)

Ray Lamontagne, To the sea

Ray Lamontagne, It's always been you

Ray Lamontagne, Let's make it last

Ray Lamontagne, Such a simple thing, feat. Neko Case

(CD "Part of the light", 18.5.2018, RCA/ Sony Music)

Kira Skov, Lilac sky, feat. Bonnie Prince Billy

Kira Scov, Everything reminds me of you

Kira Skov, I tried to look into your eyes in a photograph today

(CD "The echo of you", 6.4.2018, Stunt Records)


Sendung 10.6.2018

Buddy Guy, Nine below zero

(Single aus Album "The Blues is alive and well", CD erscheint 15.6.2018)

Russ Green, Going down south

Russ Green, Something new

Russ Green, Love to give

(CD "City Soul", 8.6.2018, Cleopatra Records)

Sugar Blue, Gucci gucci man

(CD "In your eyes", 11.4.1995, Alligator)

Chris Kramer & Beatbox'N'Blues, Ain't nobody at home

Chris Kramer & Beatbox'N'Blues, Lawyer Clarc Blues

Chris Kramer & Beatbox'N'Blues, Last man riding

Chris Kramer & Beatbox'N'Blues, Erst hatt' ich kein Glück

(CD "Way back home", 8.6.2018, Blow 'Till Midnight)

Tas Cru, Heal my soul

Tas Cru, That look

Tas Cru, One eyed Jack

Tas Cru, Memphis song feat. Victor Wainwright & Pat Harrington

(CD "Memphis song", 1.6.2018, Subcat Records)

Michael Van Merwyk, Heroes

Michael Van Merwyk, Bankrobber

Michael Van Merwyk, Personal Jesus

Michael Van Merwyk, I still haven't found what I'm looking for

(CD "Songster", 8.6.2018, Timezone)

Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Silverlake

Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore, K.C. Moan

Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Billy the Kid & Geronimo

(CD "Downey to Lubbock", 1.6.2018, Yep Roc Records)

Sleepwalker's Station, Wandering people

Sleepwalker's Station, Unterwegs

Sleepwalker's Station, Las flores del Mal

Sleepwalker's Station, Assunta

(CD "Lorca", 4.6.2018, Timezone)


Sendung 3.6.2018

Little Boys Blue, Might as well

Little Boys Blue, Morning train

Little Boys Blue, Got a mind on your own

Little Boys Blue, Going back to Memphis

(CD "Hard blue space, feat. Kid Memphis", 1.6.2018 VizzTone)

Will Wilde, I'm your witchdoctor

Will Wilde, Locomotive breath

Will Wilde, Bring it on home

Will Wilde, Parisienne walkways

(CD "Bring it on home", 1.6.2018, Rock the Earth)

Joe Bonamassa, Pretending

Joe Bonamassa, Black winter/ Django

(Do.-CD "British Blues Explosion", 18.5.2018, Mascot Label Group)

Deb Ryder, Nothing to lose

Deb Ryder, What do you want from me

Deb Ryder, Red line

(CD "Enjoy the ride", 1.6.2018, VizzTone)

Hazmat Modine, Crust of bread

Hazmat Modine, Dark river

Hazmat Modine, Delivery man

(Single-Auskopplungen aus CD "Box of breath", erscheint im Herbst bei Jaro)

Roods & Reeds, Home by Bearna

Roods & Reeds, On the road

Roods & Reeds, The weaver & the factory maid

Roods & Reeds, Feels like home

(CD "The loom goes click", 1.6.2018, Labelship/ Broken Silence)

Davis Kathriner, Breakfast table

Davis Kathriner, Please leave traces

Davis Kathriner, Hello Anabella

Davis Kathriner, Take it back

(CD "Losing habits", 1.6.2018, Amano Records)

Lauren Anderson, On her own

Lauren Anderson, What if

(EP "The game", 25.4.2018, Independent)


Sendung 27.5.2018

Michael Kaeshammer, Do you believe?

Michael Kaeshammer, She's gone

Michael Kaeshammer, Who are you

Michael Kaeshammer, Forbidden love

(CD "Something new", 20.4.2018, True North Records)

Dave Hole, Too little, too late

Dave Hole, These blues are here to stay

Dave Hole, Shake your money maker

Dave Hole, Back door man

(CD "Goin' back home", 27.5. download, 6.6.2018 CD, Black Cat Records)

Big Daddy Wilson, Miss Dorothy Lee

Big Daddy Wilson, Anna Mae

Big Daddy Wilson, Cross creek road

Big Daddy Wilson, Neckbone stew

(CD "Songs from the road", 18.5.2018, RUF Records)

Reef, Provide

Reef, Don't go changing your mind

Reef, First mistake

Reef, Like a ship (without sails)

(CD "Revelation", 4.5.2018, Earmusic)

Gretchen Peters, Arguing with ghosts

Gretchen Peters, The boy from Rye

Gretchen Peters, Lay low

Gretchen Peters, Love makes a cup of tea

(CD "Dancing with a beast", 18.5.2018, Proper Records)

Levi Parham, Turn your love around

Levi Parham, Heavy weight

Levi Parham, Kiss me in the morning

Levi Parham, All the ways I feel for you

(CD "It's all good", 25.5.2018, Continental Song City)


Sendung 20.5.2018

The Lucky Losers, It's never too early

The Lucky Losers, Alligator baptism

The Lucky Losers, Supernatural blues

The Lucky Losers, You left it behind

(CD "Blind spot", 18.5.2018, Dirty Cat Records)

Dana Fuchs, Callin' angels

Dana Fuchs, Fight my way

Dana Fuchs, Same sunlight

Dana Fuchs, Ring of fire

(CD "Love lives on", 18.5.2018, RUF-Records)

Jeff Jensen, Good woman back home

Jeff Jensen, Downtown

Jeff Jensen, Luck is gonna change

Jeff Jensen, Something in the water

(CD "Wisdom and decay", 27.4.2018, Swingsuit Records)

Old Crow Medicine Show, Flicker and shine

Old Crow Medicine Show, Child of the Mississippi

Old Crow Medicine Show, The good stuff

Old Crow Medicine Show, Old hickory

Old Crow Medicine Show, Elzick's farewell

(20.4.2018, Smi Col/ Sony Music)

Ry Cooder, Straight street

Ry Cooder, Nobody's fault but mine

Ry Cooder, You must unload

Ry Cooder, Jesus and Woody

(CD "The prodigal son", 11.5.2018, Caroline/ Universal Music)

Parker Millsap, Singing to me

Parker Millsap, Gotta get you

Parker Millsap, Come back when you can't stay

Parker Millsap, Good night

(CD "Other arrangements", 4.5.2018, Okrahoma Records)

Sousou & Maher Cissoko, Fitifata

(CD "Made of music", Jaliya/Ajabul - Broken Silence)


Sendung 13.5.2018

Mike Zito, First class life

Mike Zito, Mama don't like no wah wah

Mike Zito, Time for a change

Mike Zito, Trying to make a living

(CD "First class life", 11.5.2018, RUF Records)

Steve Hill, Damned

Steve Hill, Tough love

Steve Hill, Out of phase

Steve Hill, The ballad of Johnny Wabo

(CD "The One-Man Blues Rock Band", 11.5.2018, Manhaton Records)

Danny Bryant, Truth or dare

Danny Bryant, Shouting at the moon

Danny Bryant, Sister decline

Danny Bryant, Someday the rain will fall

(CD "Revelation", 20.4.2018, Jazzhaus Records)

The Buttertones, At the Dojo

The Buttertones, Baby C 4

The Buttertones, Winks and smile

The Buttertones, Jungle

(CD "Midnight in a moonless dream", 4.5.2018, Innovative Leisure/ Rough Trade)

Michael McDermott, Cal-Sag road

Michael McDermott, Gotta go to work

Michael McDermott, Sad song

Michael McDermott, This work will brake your heart

(CD "Down from under", USA 27.4./Europa 18.5.2018, Continental Song City)

Marc Broussard, Leave a light on

Marc Broussard, Don't be afraid to call me

Marc Broussard, I miss you

Marc Broussard, Send me a sign

(CD "Easy to love", 4.5.2018, Big Lake Music)

Peter Rowan, The true and trembling brakeman

Peter Rowan, Take my ashes

Peter Rowan, Will you miss me

(CD "Carter Stanley's eyes", 20.4.2018, Rebel Records)


Sendung 6.5.2018

Sean Poluk, You can't find the blues

Sean Poluk, Guitar on my knee

Sean Poluk, The Soo is her name

Sean Poluk, Standing on another Blvd.

(CD "No more hate", 23.4.2018, Sean Poluk)

Eric Corne, Riding with the Lady Luck

Eric Corne, The gilded age

Eric Corne, Pull string to inflate

(CD "Songs for the apocalypse", 4.5.2018, Forty Below Records)

Les Copeland, When I been drinking

Les Copeland, Drop down Mama

Les Copeland, A perfect man like you

Les Copeland, Uncle to aunt

(CD "One more foot in the quicksand", April 2018)

Carlos Del Junco, Ribbon of darkness

Carlos Del Junco, Jersey girl

Carlos Del Junco, No fool horse

(CD "Hang on", März 2018, Big Reed Records)

Lord Huron, Lost in time and space

Lord Huron, Secret of life

Lord Huron, Back from the edge

Lord Huron, Moonbeam

(CD Vide noir", 20.4.2018, Universal Music)

Simone Felice, Hustler

Simone Felice, Same on any corner

Simone Felice, To be you, to be me

Simone Felice, War movie

(CD "Projector", 20.4.2018, New York Pro)

Willie Nelson, Dead breath

Willie Nelson, She made my day

Willie Nelson, I'll try to do better next time

Willie Nelson, Very far to crawl

(CD "Last man standing", 27.4.2018, Legacy/ Sony)

AlHai Trio, Ayoub

(CD "One sky", 27.4.2018, Smithsonian Folkways Records)


Hinweis: 29.4.2018 keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat


Sendung 22.4.2018

Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip, Jungle cat

Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip, Hold your fire baby

Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip, Tell me

Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip, 5.10.15 hours

(Do.-CD "Twentyfive at Blues Baltica", 6.4.2018, HokaHey Records/ CRS)

Marcia Ball, Life of the party

Marcia Ball, When the Mardi Gras is over

Marcia Ball, Too much for me

Marcia Ball, Take a little Louisiana

(CD "Shine bright", 20.4.2018, Alligator)

Too Slim & The Taildraggers, Broken white line

Too Slim & The Taildraggers, A little more true

Too Slim & The Taildraggers, Lay down your gun

Too Slim & The Taildraggers, High desert heat

(CD "High desert heart", 20.4.2018, Underworld/ VizzTone)

Joyann Parker, Ray

Joyann Parker, Take my heart and run

Joyann Parker, What happened to me

(CD "Hard love", 13.4.2018, BNC/ Joyann Parker)

Yarn, Too young

Yarn, Road less traveled

Yarn, Hurricane

Yarn, Promised land

(CD "Happy 13", 13.3. und 13.4.2018, Ardsley Music)

Myles Kennedy, Year of the tiger

Myles Kennedy, Turning stones

Myles Kennedy, Haunted by design

Myles Kennedy, One fine day

(CD "Year of the tiger", 8.3.2018, Napalm Records)

John Prine, I have met my love today

John Prine, Caravan of fools

John Prine, No ordinary

John Prine, When I get to heaven

(CD "Tree of forgiveness", 13.4.2018, Oh Boy Records)

Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz, Tú eres me sol (You are my sunshine)

Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz, Amor y corazón (Love and care)

Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz, Nubes azules (Blue clouds)

(CD "Tú eres mi flor, Songs for Children en Espanol", 6.4.2018,

Smithonian Folkways Recordings)


Sendung 15.4.2018

Kathy & The Kilowatts, Grown some

Kathy & The Kilowatts, Sugar bee

Kathy & The Kilowatts, All these questions

Kathy & The Kilowatts, I got this

(CD "Remonition of love", 13.4.2018, Nola Blue Records)

Pasquale Aprile, Chose me

Pasquale Aprile, Mississippi

Pasquale Aprile, Scars of my skin

Pasquale Aprile, Crazy clown

(CD "Crossing my mind", 23.3.2018, Il Popolo del Blues)

Tyler Morris Band, Ready to shove

Tyler Morris Band, Keep on driving

Tyler Morris Band, Willie the whimp, feat. Joe Louis Walker

(CD "Next in line", 23.2.2018, VizzTone)

Mark Otis Selby, Rise up

Mark Otis Selby, Blue on black

Mark Otis Selby, Rye and Angostura

Mark Otis Selby, More storms comin'

(CD "Naked sessions", 6.4.2018, Peppercake)

The Claudettes, November

The Claudettes, Naked on the internet

The Claudettes, Dance scandal at the gymnasium

The Claudettes, Bill played saxophon

(CD "Dance scandal at the gymnasium", 13.4.2018, Continental Blue Heaven)

Maya Fadeva, Save a little love for me

Maya Fadeva, Love is like a legend

Maya Fadeva, Fingersnap

(CD "Chaméleon", 13.4.2018, Bangup Bullet)

Dana Cooper, No second coming

Dana Cooper, Can my soul come out to play

Dana Cooper, Right or wrong

Dana Cooper, The day

(CD "Building a human beeing", 30.6.2015, Better Music)

Low Lily, Full grown love

Low Lily, Brothers in arms

Low Lily, Hope lingers on

(CD "10.000 days like these", 16.3.2018, Mad River Records)


Sendung 8.4.2018

Peter Parcek, Evolution

Peter Parcek, Showbiz Blues

Peter Parcek, Busted

(CD "The mathematics of love", 18.5.2010, VizzTone)

Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite, Love and trust

Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite, Trust you to dig my grave

Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite, Found the one

Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite, Mo mercy in this land

(CD "No mercy in this land", 30.3.2018, Anti/ Epitaph)

Freddie Pate, Hey good looking

Freddie Pate, I got the blues

Freddie Pate, Jolie Bond

Freddie Pate, Beer drinkin' dog

(CD "I got the blues", 27.11.2017, Happy Frappy Tunes)

Teresa James, I got a roll

Teresa James, Find me a bar

Teresa James, The day the blues came to call

(CD "Here in Babylon", 2.3.2018, Jesi-Lu Records)

Adam Wendler, Never go unknown

(CD "Never go unknown", 12.7.2017)

Ben Rogers, Wanted

Ben Rogers, Panhandler

Ben Rogers, The more I learn

(CD "The bloodred yonder", 4.11.2015)

The White Buffalo, The observatory

The White Buffalo, If I lost my eyes

The White Buffalo, I am the moon

(CD "The darkest darks, the lightes lights", 13.10.2017, Erache/Warner)

Reto Burrell, Where is Robin Hood?

Reto Burrell, Tell me why

Reto Burrell, Carried away

Reto Burrell, Like zombies and toys

(CD "Shampoo & Gasoline", 6.4.2018, Turbo Music)

Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons, If I lose

Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons, Pay day

Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons, Short times come again no more

(CD "Ever popular favourites", 7.10.2016, Fledg'ling Records)

Jean-Luc Thievent & Michel Haumont, Ballad en Alsace

(CD "Resonance", 29.9.2017, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 1.4.2018

Lil' Red & The Rooster, Chicken scratch

Lil' Red & The Rooster, Catch the train

Lil' Red & The Rooster, Narcissistic Blues

(CD "Soul burnin', 9.1.2018)

Peter V Blues Train, Youngblood

Peter V Blues Train, Time for me to go

Peter V Blues Train, Freedom

Peter V Blues Train, Love me like a man, feat. Bonnie Raitt

(CD "Running out of time", 23.2.2018)

Willie May, Gypsy eyes

Willie May, Plenty of problems

Willie May, Get it ready

Willie May, Smile

(CD "New county blues", 7.2.2018, Willie May Music)

Sunny Lowdown, A girl I once knew

Sunny Lowdown, Wandering and worrying

Sunny Lowdown, Texting blues

Sunny Lowdown, Rockin' my boat

(CD "Down loaded", 14.10.2017, Cool Streme)

Signs to the City, The line

Signs to the City, Unstable

(CD "Not made of miracles", 26.3.2018, Hugtight Records)

Lord Huron, Wait by the river

(Single aus Album "Vide noir", 20.4.2018)

The Wave Pictures, Jim

(Single aus Album "Brushes with happiness", 22.6.2018)

Megan Nash, The line

Megan Nash, Salted salamanders

Megan Nash, Joan

(CD "Seeker", 30.3.2018, Acrönym Records)

Micah P Hinson, I still remember

Micah P Hinson, Beneath the rose

Micah P Hinson, Lover's lane

Micah P Hinson, Oh spaceman

(CD "Micah P Hinson at the British Broadcasting Corporation", 30.3.2018, Full Time Hobby)

Anna & Elizabeth, Irish patriot

Anna & Elizabeth, John of the Hazelgreen

Anna & Elizabeth, Woman is walking

Anna & Elizabeth, Mother in the graveyard

Anna & Elizabeth, Margaret

(CD "The invisible comes to us", 30.3.2018, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)


Sendung 25.3.2018

Victor Wainwright, Train

Victor Wainwright, Boogie depression

Victor Wainwright, Rightous

Victor Wainwright, I'll start tomorrow

(CD "Victor Wainwright & TheTrain", 23.3.2018, RUF Records)

The Bluesbones, Find my way out

The Bluesbones, A better life

The Bluesbones, Romance for rent

The Bluesbones, Psycho mind

(CD "Chasing shadows", 23.3.2018, Donor/ Naked)

Blues Caravan, Two parts sugar, one part lime

Blues Caravan, You're gonna me cry

Blues Caravan, I wanna know why

(CD "Blues Caravan 2017", 23.3.2018, RUF Records)

Peter Parcek, I'm waiting for the man

Peter Parcek, When I'm dead and gone

(Singles 2018)

Dom Flemons, Steel pony blues

Dom Flemons, Charmin' Betsy

Dom Flemons, Goodbye old paint

Dom Flemons, Lonesome old river blues

(CD "Dom Flemons presents black cowboys", 23.3.2018, Smithonian Folkways Recordings)

David Kitt, Cause for living

David Kitt, There will always be this love

David Kitt, Keep the streets empty for me

David Kitt, Winter song

(CD "Yous", 23.3.2018, All City Records/ Rough Trade)

Luka Bloom, Water is life

Luka Bloom, I still believe in love

Luka Bloom, Dear goods

Luka Bloom, I am not at war with anyone

(CD "Refuge", download 19.9.2017, CD 6.4.2018, Pinnorek Records)

Tidemore, Real people

Tidemore, Big & small

(CD "a-part", 2.3.2018, Timezone)


Sendung 18.3.2018

Breezy Rodio, Change you ways

Breezy Rodio, Don't look now, but I've got the blues

Breezy Rodio, Doctor from the hood

Breezy Rodio, Chicago is loaded with the blues

(CD "Sometimes the blues got me", 16.3.2018, Delmark Records)

Sue Foley, Run

Sue Foley, The lucky ones, feat. Jimmy Vaughan

Sue Foley, Fools gold feat, Billy Gibbons

Sue Foley, Cannonball blues

(CD The ice queen", 2.3.2018, Stony Plain)

Richard Koechli, Wing ding shuffle

Richard Koechli, Pedro

Richard Koechli, Mother nature

Richard Koechli, Merci

(CD "Parcours", 16.3.2018, Fontastix)

Julie Christensen, Cold Tennessee rain

Julie Christensen, Vienna, Illinois

Julie Christensen, Slow blue fly

Julie Christensen, Anything like home

(CD "A sad clown", 16.3.2018, Stone Cupid)

Joan Baez, Whistle down the wind

Joan Baez, The things we are made of

Joan Baez, The president sings amazing grace

Joan Baez, I wish the wars were all over

(CD "Whistle down the wind", 2.3.2018, Proper Records)

Kenny Butterill, Gaia blues

Kenny Butterill, Willie we miss ya

Kenny Butterill, Woman in a canoe

Kenny Butterill, Good thing that couldn't happen here

(CD "Troubadour tales", 31.7.2014, Import)

Low Lily, Single girl

(CD "10,000 days like these", 16.3.2018, Mad River Records)


Sendung 11.3.2018

Reverend Raven, Once the women start talking

Reverend Raven, I want to love you

Reverend Raven, My life

Reverend Raven, Praying for a princess

(CD "My life", 9.2.2018, Nevermore Records)

Myles Goodwyn, Tell me where I've been

Myles Goodwyn, Good man in a bad place

Myles Goodwyn, Last time I'll ever sing the blues

Myles Goodwyn, You never got the best of me

(CD "Myles Goodwyn and friends of the blues", 2.3.2018, Linus Entertainment)

Reverend Shaun Amos, Moved

Reverend Shaun Amos, The Jean genie

Reverend Shaun Amos, (What's so funny 'bout) love Peace and understanding

(CD "The Reverend Shaun Amos breaks it down", 16.2.2017, Put together)

Michelle Malone, Beast's boogie

Michelle Malone, Civil war

Michelle Malone, Boxing gloves

(CD "Stings & arrows", 2.3.2018, SBS Records)

Chris Smither, Down to the sound

Chris Smither, Nobody home

Chris Smither, Everybody on top

Chris Smither, By the numbers

(Do.-CD "Call me lucky" 2.3.2018, Signature Records)

Ed Romanoff, St. Vincent de Paul

(CD "Ed Romanoff",9.3.2012, Selbst)

Ed Romanoff, The orphan king

Ed Romanoff, The elephant man

Ed Romanoff, Without you

Ed Romanoff, Lost and gone

(CD "The orphan king", 23.2.2018, Pinerock Records)

Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan, Wayside tavern

Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan, Texas rangers

Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan, Tribulations

Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan, A golden crown

(CD "Yonder", 13.5.1996, Rounder Records)


Sendung 4.3.2018

Richard Koechli, I got life

(Single aus CD "Parcour", 16.3.2018, Fontastix)

John Mayall, Tears come rolling down

John Mayall, Kongo square, Forty Below Records)

(CD "Three for the road", 23.2.2018)

Nick Moss Band, feat. Dennis Gruenling

Nick Moss Band, feat. Dennis Gruenling

Nick Moss Band, feat. Dennis Gruenling

Nick Moss Band, feat. Dennis Gruenling

(CD "The high cost of low living", 9.3.2018, Alligator)

Laurie Morvan, My moderation

Laurie Morvan, Money talks

Laurie Morvan, Dance in the rain

Laurie Morvan, Shake your tailfeather

(CD "Gravity", 9.2.2018, Burnside Distrubution)

Chip Taylor, If I am

Chip Taylor, A little bit of underground

Chip Taylor, Where I was a kid

Chip Taylor, You just think you changed your mind

(CD "Fix your word", 2.3.2018, Train Wreck Records/ CRS)

Gordie Tentrees & Jaxon Haldane

Gordie Tentrees & Jaxon Haldane

Gordie Tentrees & Jaxon Haldane

Gordie Tentrees & Jaxon Haldane

(CD "Grit (Live)", 2.3.2018, Greywood Label Services)

The Gloaming, The pilgrim's song

(CD "Live at the NCH", 2.3.2018, Real World Records)

Altan, The month of January

Altan, Cumha an Oiléan

Altan, Port Alex

(CD "The gap of dreams", 2.3.2018, Compass Records)


Sendung 25.2.2018

Wentus Blues Band, Fortune blues

Wentus Blues Band, Feel so young

Wentus Blues Band, Thirty dirty woman

Wentus Blues Band, Red's dream

(CD "Throwback", 9.2.2018, Ramasound)

Sugar Queen & The Straight Blues Band, Feel so young

Sugar Queen & The Straight Blues Band, Thirty dirty woman

Sugar Queen & The Straight Blues Band, Red's dream

(CD "340 Blues", 7.1.2018)

Bush League, Kokomo Baby

Bush League, Kick up to heels

Bush League, Tuxedo blues

Bush League, Moonshine

(CD "James Rivah", 12.1.2018)

Angel Forrest, Roll on down

Angel Forrest, Hold on tight Mr. I'm allright

Angel Forrest, Bobby McGee

(Do.-Live-CD "Electric love", 2.2.2018)

Adam James Sorensen, Dust cloud refrain

Adam James Sorensen, Boxcar

Adam James Sorensen, Mao Kong

Adam James Sorensen, Seasons

(CD "Dust cloud refrain", 16.2.2018, Continental Song City)

Rod Picott, Primer gray

Rod Picott, On the way down

Rod Picott, Blanket of stars

Rod Picott, Coal

(Do.CD "Out past the wires", download 16.2., CD 30.3.2018, Welding Rod Music)

Will Varley, Screenplay

Will Varley, Breaking the bread

Will Varley, The postman

Will Varley, Insect

(CD "Spirit of Minnie" 9.2.2018, Xtra Miles Records)

Rod Picott, On the way down


Sendung 18.2.2018

Hot N' Nasty, Back on track

Hot N' Nasty, Cruisin'

Hot N' Nasty, Drifting

Hot N' Nasty, Go to the woman

(CD "Dirt", 2.2.2018, Bob Media/ Soul Food)

Steve Baker, Blind man blues

Steve Baker, Notional security blues

Steve Baker, Born in London

Steve Baker, Soul train

(CD "Perfect Getaway", 9.2.2018, Timezone)

Johnny Tucker, Tired of doing nothing

Johnny Tucker, Why do you let me down so hard

Johnny Tucker, Do-right man

Johnny Tucker, I can't wait

(CD "7 day blues", 16.2.2018, High John Records)

Muddy Gurdy, Rollin' and tumblin'

Muddy Gurdy, Station blues

Muddy Gurdy, Shake em on down

(CD "Muddy Gurdy", 2.2.2018, VizzTone)

I'm With Her, See you around

I'm With Her, Wild one

I'm With Her, Ryland (under the apple tree)

I'm With Her, Hundred miles

(CD "See you around", 16.2.2018, Rounder)

Chip Taylor, Whatever devil's in me

(Single-Auskopplung 26.1. aus Album "Fix your words", 2.3.2018 Train Wreck Records)

Grant Peeples, Pitchfork & torches

Grant Peeples, Goodbye

Grant Peeples, Liliana

(CD "Settling scores Vol. II, 30.1.2018, Gatorbone)

Calexico, Flores y tamales

Calexico, Another space

Calexico, Lost inside

Calexico, End of the night

Calexico, Dream on mountain tam

Calexico, Luna roja

(Do.-CD "The thread that keeps us", 26.1.2018, City Slang)


Sendung 11.2.2018

Bernard Allison, Blues party

Bernard Allison, Let it go

Bernard Allison, Hey lady

Bernard Allison, Look out Mable

(CD "Let it go", 26.1.2018, RUF Records)

Peter Karp, Train o' mine

Peter Karp, Valentine's day

Peter Karp, The turning point

Peter Karp, The Arson's match

Peter Karp, Young girl

(CD "Blue flame", 2.2.2018, Rose Cottage Records)

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Damn your eyes

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Black coffee

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Saved

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Joy

(CD "Black coffee", 26.1.2018, Provogue)

Ash Gray, The other man

Ash Gray, Josephine Clark

Ash Gray, Chicken wire

Ash Gray, It might get loud

(CD "Chicken wire", 26.1.2018, Labelship/ Broken Silence)

Mary Gauthier, Got your six

Mary Gauthier, The war after the war

Mary Gauthier, Rifles & rosary beads

Mary Gauthier, Morphine 1 - 2

Mary Gauthier, It's her love

(CD "Rifles & rosary beads", 26.1.2018, Thirty Tigers)

Ad Vanderveen, Big old lonely feeling

Ad Vanderveen, Castles

Ad Vanderveen, Wooden shoes, wooden heart, wouldn't listen

Ad Vanderveen, Blackbird singing a blue note

(CD "Denver Nevada (still life)", 26.1.2017, Continental Song City)

Becky Buller, Bitter springs to big trees

Becky Buller, Maybe

(CD "Crêpe paper heart", 14.2.2018, Dark Shadow Recording)


Sendung 4.2.2017

Terry Evans, The story of my life

Terry Evans, A stone's throw away

Terry Evans, Credit card blues

(CD "Walk that walk", 2000 Telarc)

Terry Evans & Hans Theessink, Blues stay away from me

Terry Evans & Hans Theessink, Down in Mississippi

(CD "Delta Time", 2012 Delta Groove)

Al Jones, You don't have to go

Blues Rocket Man, Blues day

Andi's Bluesorchester, Hard road blues

Crazy Hambones, Hard being a man

Tin Pan Alley, Hamster wheel

Fast Eddie's Blues Band, My baby she's at home

Little Willie Littlefield, Bad bad whiskey

(Sampler "Blues & Boogie Artist Collection No. 10", 18.11.2017, Stormy Monday)

Moriarty, Milena

Moriarty, Beasty Jane

Moriarty, Ramblin' man

Moriarty, Fireday

Moriarty, Alice & Lewis

Moriarty, Oshkosh bend

Moriarty, Private Lily

Moriarty, Isabella

Moriarty, Cottonflower

Moriarty, La chanson de Margaret

Moriarty, Tagono-Ura

Moriarty, Long is the night

(Do.-CD "Echoes from the borderline", 19.1.2018, Air Rytmo/ Broken Silence)


Sendung 28.1.2018

Carolyn Gaines, Beware of my dog

Carolyn Gaines, Stone out your raggy mind

Carolyn Gaines, Catch that train

Carolyn Gaines, Hoochie Coochie Woman

(CD "Beware of my dog", 19.1.2018, Polka Dot Records)

Chris Ruest, Henhouse to the doghouse

Chris Ruest, Been gone too long

Chris Ruest, Mind out that gutter

Chris Ruest, I quit

Chris Ruest, Jivetalk

(CD "Been gone too long", 26.1.2018, Enviken Records)

Arnaud Fradin & His Roots Combo, If I get lucky

Arnaud Fradin & His Roots Combo, I can't judge nobody

Arnaud Fradin & His Roots Combo, Big Mama's door

Arnaud Fradin & His Roots Combo, Don't think twice it's all right

Arnaud Fradin & His Roots Combo, Don't leave me

(CD "Steady rollin' man", 19.1.2018, Blues Productions/ Broken Silence)

Yarn, One man's trash

Yarn, Old fool

Yarn, Heaven in you

Yarn, Undone

("Lucky 13", Januar und Februar)

James McMurtry, State of the Union (Single)

Adrian Nye, Till she's not afraid

Adrian Nye, Who would you be like

Adrian Nye, What I was to you

Adrian Nye, Straight ahead blues

Adrian Nye, Dragonflies

(CD "West with the night", 6.1.2018, Blue Dome Records)

Shake Russell & Michael Hearne, You've got a lover but not me

Shake Russell & Michael Hearne, You wouldn't know me

Shake Russell & Michael Hearne, Deep in the west

Shake Russell & Michael Hearne, Drift away

(CD "Live!", Januar 2018, Puff Bunny Records)


Sendung 21.1.2018

Billy Walton Band, It ain't true

Billy Walton Band, Green river

Billy Walton Band, Minglewood

Billy Walton Band, Days like this

(CD "Soul of a man", 2.2.2018, VizzTone)

Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers, Kokomo me baby

Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers, Frankie

Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers, Casey Jones

Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers, Stop and listen

(CD "Big road", 3.11.2017, VizzTone)

Curtis Salgado & Alan Hager, One night only

Curtis Salgado & Alan Hager, I want my dog to live longer (the greatest wish)

Curtis Salgado & Alan Hager, Too young to die

Curtis Salgado & Alan Hager, Morning train

Curtis Salgado & Alan Hager, The gift of Robert Charles

(CD "Rough cut", download 12.1., CD 26.1.2018, Alligator)

Tommy Emmanuel, Deep river blues (feat. Jason Isbill)

Tommy Emmanuel, Looking forward to the past (feat. Rodney Crowell)

Tommy Emmanuel, Song & dance man (feat. Ricky Skaggs)

Tommy Emmanuel, You don't want to get your own one of those (feat. Mark Knopfler)

Tommy Emmanuel, The Duke's message (feat. Suzzy Boggus)

(CD "Accomplice one", 19.1.2017, Mascot)

John Gorka, Tattooed

John Gorka, Cry for help

John Gorka, Blues with a rising sun

John Gorka, The ballad of Iris & Pearl

(CD "True in time", 19.1.2018, Red House)

Norman Blake, Where the fields are white with daisies

Norman Blake, Ginseng Sullivan

Norman Blake, Downhom summertime blues

Norman Blake, Spanish fandango

(LP "Back home in Sulphur Springs" 1971, CD 1990 Rounder)

Norman Blake, There's a storm somewhere

Norman Blake, The fate of Oliver Curtis Perry

Norman Blake, High rollers

(CD "Brushwood (Songs and stories)", 20.1.2017 Western Jubilee)


Sendung 14.1.2018

Tinsley Ellis, Nothing but fine

Tinsley Ellis, Satisfied

Tinsley Ellis, Dixie lulleby

Tinsley Ellis, Saving grace

(CD "Winning hand", 12.1.2018 (download) CD 26.1.2018, Alligator Records)

Red's Blues, There'll be a day

Red's Blues, That's all

Red's Blues, Why don't you stop it

Red's Blues, I'm trouble (Hillbilly Bongo Blues)

(CD "You knock me out", 11/2017)

Little Axe, Snake oil

Little Axe, Great heroes

Little Axe, Factory girl

Little Axe, Deep river

(CD "London Blues", 27.10./19.12.2017, Echo Beach)

Jim Allchin, Bad decisions

Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer, Lulu's back in town

Delta Moon, Just lucky I guess

(Sampler Agentur Blind Raccoon)

Pianosaurus, Thriftshoppin'

Pianosaurus, The speakeasy song

Pianosaurus, Memphis

Pianosaurus, Bubble gum music

Pianosaurus, The letter

Pianosaurus, Dimples

(LP "Groovy neighborhood", 1987, CD 1995 Rounder)

Cameron Blake, Fear not

Cameron Blake, After Sally

Cameron Blake, Queen bee

Cameron Blake, Wailing well

(CD "Fear not", 29.12.2017, Continental Song City)

Bob Livingston, Caution to the wind

Bob Livingston, It just might be your lovin'

Bob Livingston, That's the way things go

Bob Livingston, Can't get enough of it

(CD "Up the flatland stairs", 8.1.2018, Howlin' Dog Records)

Tommy Emmanuel, (Sittin' on) Dock of the bay

(CD "Accomplice one", 19.1.2018, Mascot/Provogue)


Sendung 7.1.2018

Jahresrückblick 2017:

John Mayall, Across the county line

Elvin Bishop, Keep on rolling

Julian Sas, Bullfrog Blues

Sean Chambers, Sweeter than a honey bee

Gregg Allman, I love the life I live

Albert Castriglia, '95 South

Savoy Brown, Vintage man

Johnny Lang, Snakes

Samantha Fish, Gone for good

George Thorogood, I'm a steady' rollin' man

Rick Estrin, Dissed again

Walter Trout, Ain't goin' back

Shaun Murphy, Blues in the morning

Tommy Castro, Soul shake

Yussuf/Cat Stevens, Northern wind

Brigitte de Mayer & Will Kimbrough, Everything

Jim White, Sweet bird of mystery

Adrian Crowley, Little breath

Rhiannon Giddens, We could fly

Willie Watson, Walking boss

Nick Garrie, Early morning in the garden

Son Volt, Cairo & Southern

John Mellencamp, Early bird café

Ian Felice, Will I ever reach Laredo

Bruce Cockburn, 40 years in the wilderness

Micah P. Hinson, The great void

Liz Wright, Every grain of sand

Mavis Staples, All over again


Hinweis: 31.12.2017 keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat


Sendung 24.12.2017

Buddy Guy, Home for Christmas

Benny Turner, I want some Christmas cheer

Delta Moon, Christmas time in New Orleans

Jim Koeppel, Slim down Santa

Micki Free, Five minutes till' Christmas

Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers, Run run Rudolph

Professor Louie & The Crowmatics, Santa loves to Boogie

Reverend Shawn Amos, Santa Claus is gonna make it right

(Christmas-Sampler Blind Raccoon 2017)

Clifton Chenier, It's Christmas time

Sonny Boy Williams, Sonny Boy's Christmas Blues

Black Ace, Christmas time blues

J.C. Burries, Christmas time once again

Bucca White, Christmas eve blues

Little Jimmy King, Happy Christmas tears

The Smoking Joe Kubek Band, Poor man's X-Mas

(Sampler Aarhoolic und Rounder)

Klezmer Conversatory Band, Dona Dona

Klezmer Conversatory Band, A yingele fun polyn

Klezmer Conversatory Band, O ir kleyne Likhtelekh

Klezmer Conversatory Band, The Dreydle song

(CD "Oy Chanukah!", 2.8.1987, Rounder)

Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Hot buttered Rum

Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Still, still, still

Mary Chapin Carpenter, On a quiet Christmas moon

Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Christmas carol

(CD "Come darkness, come light", 2008 Rounder)

Tore Brunborg & Kjetil Bjerkestrand, Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

Tore Brunborg & Kjetil Bjerkestrand, O, Helga Natt

Tore Brunborg & Kjetil Bjerkestrand, The happy Christmas comes once more

Tore Brunborg & Kjetil Bjerkestrand, Ave Maria Stella

(CD "Nordic Christmas", 1995 Kirkelig Kulturverksted/ 2017 Act Music)

John Fahey, Hark the angel sings/ O come all ye faithful

John Fahey, We three kings of orient are

John Fahey, Good king Wencelas

John Fahey, Good Christian men rejoice

(LP "New possibility: Guitar Soli Christmas Album" 1968, CD 2000 Takoma/Rounder)


Sendung 17.12.2017

Mighty Duck Blues Band, Hammered and nailed

Mighty Duck Blues Band, We will rock you

Mighty Duck Blues Band, Nobody home

Mighty Duck Blues Band, You're drivin' me

Mighty Duck Blues Band, Duck soup

(CD "Duck Soup", 15.8.2017)

Little G. Weevil, Here I come knocking

Little G. Weevil, See me in the country

Little G. Weevil, Crawling

Little G. Weevil, Top Model

(CD "Something poppin'", 17.11.2017, VizzTone)

Lightnin' Hopkins, Hello central

Slim Harpo, Buzz me Baby

Tampa Red, Dead cat on the line

Muddy Waters, Long distance call

John Lee Hooker, Just me and my telephone

Effie Smith, Dial that telephone

Big Maybelle, Rockhouse

Pigmeat Markham, Your wire's been tapped

Elmore James, I can hold it on

(CD "Talking on the telephone, Vol. 1", 12.1.2018, Richard Weize Archive Records)

Chris Stapleton, Last thing I needed, first thing this morning

Chris Stapleton, Either way

(CD "From A Room Vol. 1", 15.5.2017, Mercury)

Chris Stapleton, Millionaire

Chris Stapleton, A simple song

(CD "From A Room, Vol. 2", 1.12.2017, Mercury)

Dave Goodman, Brother

Dave Goodman, Juniper

Dave Goodman, The night we chased the day

Dave Goodman, All circles a chain

(CD "Cut into the chase", 15.12.2017, Acoustic Music)

David Beckingham, Montreal

David Beckingham, Sleepless City

David Beckingham, Places

David Beckingham, In spite of all the damage

(CD "Just when the light", 1.12.2017 Greywood Label Services/ Timezone)

Jerry Douglas, "Christmas time is here"

(CD "Jerry Christmas", 13.10.2017 Country Entertainment One)


Sendung 10.12.2017

Nico Brina, Speedy Mouse Blues

Nico Brina, Cooee Corinne

Nico Brina, Tipsy bounce

Nico Brina, Don't mess around with a pianoman

(CD "BoogieFul", 17.11.2017, Stormy Monday Records)

Chris Daniels & The Kings with Freddie Gowdy, Sweet Memphis

Chris Daniels & The Kings with Freddie Gowdy, Baby's in love with the radio

Chris Daniels & The Kings with Freddie Gowdy, Can't even do wrong right

Chris Daniels & The Kings with Freddie Gowdy, Rain check

(CD "Blues with horns Vol. 1", 25.9.2017, Moon Voyage Records)

Dave Hunt, Blues Highway

Dave Hunt, Doghouse

Dave Hunt, Tell me

Dave Hunt, Rehab

(CD "100 horses", 24.4.2017, Mad Ears Records)

Lara & The Bluz Dawgs, Easy come, easy go

Lara & The Bluz Dawgs, Out here in the blue

Lara & The Bluz Dawgs, Smoke break

(CD "Out here in the blue", 15.9.2017, Look Alley Music)

Jim White, Reason to cry

Jim White, Here I am

Jim White, Sweet bird of mystery

(CD "Waffles, Triangles & Jesus", 24.11.2017, Loose Music)

Nick Garrie, Lois' diary

Nick Garrie, Early morning in the garden

Nick Garrie, My dear one

Nick Garrie, Ma petite Catherine

(CD "The Moon & the village", 24.11.2017, Tapete)

Nick Garrie, The nightmare of JB Stanislas

(LP "The nightmare of JB Stanislas" 1968, CD 2010, Elefant Records)

Neil Young, Change of heart

Neil Young, Carnival

Neil Young, Diggin' a hole

Neil Young, Fly by night deal

(CD "The visitor", 1.12.2017, Reprise Records)


Sendung 3.12.2017

John Verity Band, The blues is my business

John Verity Band, Never gonna change

John Verity Band, Alabama blues

John Verity Band, Say the word

(CD "Blue to my soul", 10.11.2017, VaVoom Records)

Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones, Slideaside

Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones, What 'bout that

Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones, Go get some grub

Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones, A little while

(CD "Going places", 9.11.2017, Doghouse Sam Music)

Heather Newman, Bring the swing

Heather Newman, Howling for love

Heather Newman, High mountain blues

Heather Newman, I don't know why

(CD "Burn me alive", 1.12.2017, VizzTone)

Willie May, Ain't it funny

Willie May, Gypsy eyes

Willie May, Do Maiuke

Willie May, Underneath the trees

(CD "Haunted House", 14.9. 2017, Booman Music)

Adrian Crowley, Little breath

Adrian Crowley, Unhappy seamstress

Adrian Crowley, Catherina in the dunes

Adrian Crowley, Lulleby to a lost astraunaut

(CD "Dark eyed messenger", 27.10.2017, Chemical Underground)

Anthony da Costa, New life

Anthony da Costa + Sarah Jarosz, You're free now

Anthony da Costa + Sarah Jarosz, Go steady

Anthony da Costa + Sarah Jarosz, Talking to you

(CD "Anthony da Costa Deluxe", 8.9.2017, Anthony da Costa Music)

Broom Bezzums, Crow on the cradles

Broom Bezzums, Rain and snow

Broom Bezzums, All in the giving

Broom Bezzums, Salt sea & coal

(CD "Winterman Bonus Edition", 20.10.2017, Steeplejack Music)


Sendung 26.11.2017

Kevin Breit, I got 'em too

Kevin Breit, The goldtooth shuffle

Kevin Breit, A horse by another stripe

Kevin Breit, One mo bo

(CD "Johnny Goldtooth & The Chevy Casanovas", 17.11.2017, Stony Plain)

Jane Lee Hooker, Black rat

Jane Lee Hooker, Ends meet

Jane Lee Hooker, Turn on your love light

(CD "Spiritus", 17.11.2017, RUF Records)

Bobby Kyle, It's my life

Bobby Kyle, Highway man

Bobby Kyle, I've got my bloodshot eyes on you

Bobby Kyle, Little boy blue

(CD "It's my life", 20.10.2017, Juicy Records)

Leif de Leeuw Band, Listen here baby

Leif de Leeuw Band, Doing it allright

Leif de Leeuw Band, Mr. Hangman

(CD "Leelah", 22.10.2017, Continental Europe)

Mavis Staples, Ain't no doubt about it

Mavis Staples, We go high

Mavis Staples, Try harder

Mavis Staples, All over again

(CD "If I was was black", 17.11.2017, Anti)

Sons of Settlers, Nordhoek

Sons of Settlers, Climb on my back

Sons of Settlers, Living lies

(EP "Daily rituals", 11.2017, Lauter Leben Records)

The 4 Of Us, Sugar island

The 4 Of Us, The little things

The 4 Of Us, River flows

The 4 Of Us, Hometown on the border

(CD "Sugar island", Future Records/ Big Lake Music)

Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn

Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn

Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn

Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn

(CD "Echo in the valley", 20.10.2017, Rounder)


Sendung 19.11.2017

The Wild Ones, Cat squirrell

The Wild Ones, I'm back

The Wild Ones, Got my mojo working

The Wild Ones, Evil creature

(LP 1987, CD "The Wild Ones", 17.11.2017, Rootz Rumble/ Donor Productions)

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Southside stomp

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Death don't have mercy

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Blues for Magic Slim

(CD "The luckiest man", 17.11.2017, Stony Plain)

Samantha Fish, Cowtown

Samantha Fish, Poor black Matti

Samantha Fish, No angels

Samantha Fish, Gone for good

(CD "The belle of the west", 17.11.2017, RUF Records)

T-Bear & The Dukes

T-Bear & The Dukes

T-Bear & The Dukes

(CD "Time is a healer", 6.10.2017, Bear Family/ Westman Music)

Gordie Tentrees, Wheel girl

Gordie Tentrees, Less is more

Gordie Tentrees, Camelot Motel

Gordie Tentrees, Tired of time

(CD "Less is more", 27.10.2017, Greywood Label Services/ Timezone)

Mark Geary, Down in front

Mark Geary, Rosebud

Mark Geary, The fool

Mark Geary, Happy

(CD "The fool", 20.10.2017, TURBOmusic/ Timezone)

The Wailin' Jennys, Wildflowers

The Wailin' Jennys, Boulder to Birmingham

The Wailin' Jennys, Not alone

The Wailin' Jennys, Keep me in your heart

(CD "Fifteen", 27.10.2017, True North Records)

Chip Taylor, Son of a rotten gambler

Chip Taylor, Coming from behind

(Box mit 2 CDs + 1 DVD "Last chance, The Warner Brother Years", 17.11.2017, Trainwreck Records)


Sendung 12.11.2017

Dave Keyes, Change

Dave Keyes, Dance in the dark

Dave Keyes, Not so nice anymore

Dave Keyes, Strange things happening

(CD "The healing", 6.10.2017, Keyesland Music)

Peter Parcek, World keep on turning

Peter Parcek, Ashes to ashes

Peter Parcek, Things fall apart

Peter Parcek, Everybody wants to go to heaven

(CD "Everybody wants to go to heaven", 27.10.2017, Lightnin' Records 002)

Rockin' Johnny Burgin, Guitar king

Rockin' Johnny Burgin, Kinda wild woman

Rockin' Johnny Burgin, Our time in short

Rockin' Johnny Burgin, Goodbye Chicago

(CD "Neoprene Fedora", Oktober 2017, West Tone Records)

Joe Henry, Dark is light enough

Joe Henry, The glorious dead

Joe Henry, Now and never

(CD "Thrum", 27.10.2017, Ear Music)

Yusuf Cat Stevens, Blackness of the night

Yusuf Cat Stevens, Olive hill

Yusuf Cat Stevens, Mary and the little lamb

Yusuf Cat Stevens, Northern wind (Death of Billy the Kid)

(CD "The laughing apple", 15.9.2017, Decca)

Willie Watson, Gallows pole

Willie Watson, When my baby left me

Willie Watson, On the road again

Willie Watson, Take this hammer

(CD "Folk Singer Vol. 2", 15.9.2017, Aconi Records)

Julien Baker, Everything that helps you sleep

Julien Baker, Claws in your back

Julien Baker, Sour breath

(CD "Turn out the light", 27.10.2017, Matador Records)


Sendung 5.11.2017

Downchild Blues Band, Mississippi woman, Missiauga man

Downchild Blues Band, Albany, Albany

Downchild Blues Band, Worried about the world

Downchild Blues Band, Something I've done

(CD "Something I've done", 13.10.2017, Linus Entertainment)

Shaun Murphy, Down in the honky tonk

Shaun Murphy, Blues in the morning

Shaun Murphy, That kind of time

Shaun Murphy, Be good to yourself

(CD "Mighty gates", 23.10.2017, Vision Wall Records)

The Milligan Vaughan Project, Dangerous eyes

The Milligan Vaughan Project, Driving you

The Milligan Vaughan Project, Devil's breath

The Milligan Vaughan Project, Palace of the king

(CD "The Milligan Vaughan Project", 4.8.2017, Mark One Records)

Lightnin' Rod & The Thunderbolts, Delta time

Lightnin' Rod & The Thunderbolts, Low down funky blues

Lightnin' Rod & The Thunderbolts, 75 Highway blues

Lightnin' Rod & The Thunderbolts, Broken wing (for Jimi)

(CD "Delta time", 11.9.2017, Memphis Blues Records)

Jeffrey Garland, When you call my name

(Single von "14 steps to Harlem", 28.4.2017, Luna Park Records / Rough Trade)

Thomm Jutz, Run with the horses

Thomm Jutz, Old railroads

Thomm Jutz, Sometimes what glitters is gold

Thomm Jutz, The road to Galway

(CD "Crazy if you let it", 6.10.2017, Mountain Fever Records)

Dana Cooper, Bird or a fish

Dana Cooper, My America

Dana Cooper, Song of the west

Dana Cooper, Making a killing

(CD "Incendiary kid", 20.10.2017, Travianna Records)

Shake Russell & Dana Cooper, Songs on the radio

Shake Russell & Dana Cooper, Deep in the west

(LP/CD "Songs on the radio", LP 1978, CD 2004, Jalapeno Records)

Shake Russell & Dana Cooper, Dare of an angel

Shake Russell & Dana Cooper, Turning the wheel

(CD "Island night - Live from Port Aransa", 2004, Jalapeno Records)


Hinweis: am 29.10.2017 keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat mit Sonderprogramm


Sendung 22.10.2017

Richard van Bergen & Rootbag, Rock me right

Richard van Bergen & Rootbag, Love me Baby

Richard van Bergen & Rootbag, Walk on in

Richard van Bergen & Rootbag, Right on time

(CD "Walk on in", 20.10.2017, Naked/ Donor Productions)

Ghalia & Mama's Boys, 4am fried chicken

Ghalia & Mama's Boys, Hoodoo evil man

Ghalia & Mama's Boys, I'm shaking

Ghalia & Mama's Boys, Waiting

(CD "Let the demons out", 20.10.2017, RUF Records)

Bad Temper Joe, Hard to do

Bad Temper Joe, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde #4

Bad Temper Joe, I'll be there

Bad Temper Joe, Meet me in your dreams

(CD "Bad Temper Joe & His Band", 6.10.2017, Timezone)

Dudley Taft, Dark blue star

Dudley Taft, Pistols at ten paces

Dudley Taft, Find my way back home

(CD "Summer rain", 15.9.2017, American Blues Artist Group/ m2 Musik-Verlag)

Jack Tempchin, Peaceful easy feeling

Jack Tempchin, Part of me, part of you

Jack Tempchin, Slow dancing

Jack Tempchin, Allready gone

(CD "Peaceful easy feeling", 25.8.2017, Blue Elan Records)

Jarrod Dickinson, Your heart belongs to me

Jarrod Dickinson, California

Jarrod Dickinson, Gold rush

Jarrod Dickinson, I won't quit

(CD "Ready the horses", 29.9.2017, Decca/ Universal)

Gill Landry, Bird in a cage

Gill Landry, Berlin

Gill Landry, The real deal

Gill Landry, Scripted love

(CD "Love rides a dark horse", 20.10.2017, Loose Music)


Sendung 15.10.2017

Ilana Katz Katz, Riley and Spencer

Ilana Katz Katz, Subway blues

Ilana Katz Katz, I like wino

Ilana Katz Katz, Tribute to Slim Harpo

(CD "Subway stories", 6.10.2017, VizzTone)

Alastair Greene, Dream train

Alastair Greene, Big bad wolf

Alastair Greene, Rain stomp

Alestair Greene, Down to Memphis

(CD "Dream train", 20.10.2017, Rip Cat Records/ In-Akustik)

Black Patti, Ask your Mama

Black Patti, Good bye little Baby

Black Patti, Red tape blues

Black Patti, I'll never come back home

(CD "Red tape", 20.10.2017, Rhythm Bomb Records)

Duo Likho, I can't be satisfied

Duo Likho, Good morning little schoolgirl

Duo Likho, Almere

(CD "Blues and the world beyond", 29.8.2017, Likho Records)

Simon Joyner, I'm feeling it today

Simon Joyner, Earthquake

Simon Joyner, Galvston

Simon Joyner, I'll fly away

(Do.-CD "Step into the earthquake", 6.10.2017, Bb*Island/ Cargo Records)

Passenger, Simple song

Passenger, The boy who cried wolf

Passenger, Setting suns

Passenger, In the end

(CD "The boy who cried wolf", 28.7.2017, Black Crow Records)

Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards, Three little words

Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards, Someday

Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards, Stockholm

(CD "California calling", 6.10.2017, Compass Records)

Jean-Luc Thievent & Michel Haumont, Ballade en Alsace

(CD "Resonance", 29.9.2017, Acoustic Music Records)


Sendung 8.10.2017

Kelly Z, It's gonna work out fine

Kelly Z, You don't realize

Kelly Z, Trying to find my mind

Kelly Z, He called me Baby

(CD "Rescue", 6.10.2017, Self)

Albert Castiglia, 95 South

Albert Castiglia, Unhappy house of blues

Albert Castiglia, Deliah

Albert Castiglia, Chase her around the house

Albert Castiglia, You got me to that place

(CD "Up all night", 22.9.2017, RUF Records)

Charlie Parr, Dog

Charlie Parr, Salt water

Charlie Parr, I ain't dead yet

Charlie Parr, Another dog

(CD "Dog", 8.9.2017, Red House Records)

Chris Hillman, Bells of Rhymney

Chris Hillman, Given all I can see

Chris Hillman, Different rivers

Chris Hillman, Here she comes again

Chris Hillman, Wildflowers

(CD "Bidin' my time", 22.9.2017, Rounder)

Ed Snodderly, Whispering

Ed Snodderly, The quiet treatment

Ed Snodderly, Ride

Ed Snodderly, Circus leaf

(CD "Record shop", 5.9.2017, Majestic Records)

Larry Campbell & Theresa Williams, Three days in a row

Larry Campbell & Theresa Williams, My sweetie went away

Larry Campbell & Theresa Williams, The wishing well

Larry Campbell & Theresa Williams, Slidin' Delta

Larry Campbell & Theresa Williams, It ain't gonna be a good night

(CD "Contraband love", Red House Records)


Sendung 1.10.2017

B.B. & The Blues Shacks, I can't go on

B.B. & The Blues Shacks, Year of strife

B.B. & The Blues Shacks, All about that

B.B. & The Blues Shacks, Little secrets

(CD "Reservation Blues", 29.9.2017, Rhythm Bomb Records)

Egidio 'Juke' Ingalla & The Jackknives, Money takin' Mama

Egidio 'Juke' Ingalla & ... I don't know Baby

Egidio 'Juke' Ingalla & ... I was your fool

Egidio 'Juke' Ingalla & ... Miss Daisy

(CD "Switcheroo", 7.7.2017, Rhythm Bomb Records)

Van Morrison, I can tell

Van Morrison, Automobile Blues

Van Morrison, Bring it on home to me

Van Morrison, Ride on Josephine

(CD "Roll with the punches", 22.9.2017, Caroline/ Universal)

Pam Taylor, Tangeled up

Pam Taylor, Witch's ball

Pam Taylor, The rain song

(CD "Steal your heart", 22.9.2017, Independent)

WellBad, Wake-up call

WellBad, The oldest feeling

WellBad, Free from the world

WellBad, Sold-out show

(CD "The rotten", 1.9.2017, Blue Central Records)

Colter Wall, Codeine dream

Colter Wall, Snake mountain blues

Colter Wall, You look to yourself

Colter Wall, Bad butte

(CD "Colter Wall", 12.5.2017, Young Mary's Record Company)

Lizz Wright, Barley

Lizz Wright, Grace

Lizz Wright, Every grain of sand

Lizz Wright, All the way here

(CD "Grace", 15.9.2017, Concord Records)

Laura Cortese, Rhododendron

(CD "California calling", 6.10.2017, Compass Records)


Sendung 24.9.2017

Mindi Abair, Play to win

Mindi Abair, Pretty good for a girl (feat. Joe Bonamassa)

Mindi Abair, Freedom

Mindi Abair, I love to play saxophon

(CD "The East West Sessions", 15.9.2017, Pretty Good For A Girl Records)

Tommy Castro, Enough is enough

Tommy Castro, Rock bottom (feat. Mike Zito)

Tommy Castro, Soul shake

Tommy Castro, Sticks and stones

Tommy Castro, Live everyday (feat. Charlie Musselwhite)

(CD "Stompin' ground", 22.9.2017, Alligator)

Johnny Rawls, Rain keep fallin' (till I'm free)

Johnny Rawls, Blackjack was a gambler

Johnny Rawls, We did it

Johnny Rawls, Waiting for the train

(CD "Waiting for the train", 15.9.2017, Catfood Records)

Lal & Mike Waterson, The scarecrow

Lal & Mike Waterson, Magical man

Lal & Mike Waterson, To make you stay

Lal & Mike Waterson, Shady lady

Lal & Mike Waterson, Bright Phoebus

(CD "Bright Phoebus", LP 1972, CD 4.8.2017, Domino)

Anne Briggs, Fire and wine

Anne Briggs, Ride, ride

Anne Briggs, Tangled man

Anne Briggs, Standing on the shore

(CD  "The time has come", LP 1971, CD 7.7.2017, Earth Records)

Kevin Fisher, Dog beers

Kevin Fisher, I wish you were beer

Kevin Fisher, I like beer

Kevin Fisher, Beer blue sky

(CD "Beer me", Oktober 2017, 37 Records)

Leo Koster, Echoes

Leo Koster, Set you free in this time

Leo Koster, Boston

(CD "Leo Koster sings Gene Clark", 27.9.2017, Continental Europe)


Sendung 17.9.2017

Christian Rannenberg, New town shuffle

Christian Rannenberg, Pinetop is in the house

Christian Rannenberg, Bloodstains on the wall

Christian Rannenberg, Rent man blues

(CD "Old school blues piano styles", 8.9.2017, Acoustic Music)

Benny Turner, It's your move

Benny Turner, I'm ready

Benny Turner, See see Baby

Benny Turner, Mojo Boogie

(CD "My brother's blues", 15.9.2017, Nola Blues Records)

Savoy Brown, Witchy feelin'

Savoy Brown, Guitar slinger

Savoy Brown, Vintage man

Savoy Brown, Standing in a doorway

(CD "Witchy feelin'", 18.9.2017, RUF Records)

Gregg Allman, I love the life I live

Gregg Allman, Blind bats and swamp rats

Gregg Allman, Love like kerosine

(CD "Southern blood", 8.9.2017, Rounder)

Tom Russell, Leaving El Paso

Tom Russell, The sparrow of Swansea

Tom Russell, Rise again Handsome Johnny

Tom Russell, The light beyond the coyote fence

(CD "Folk Hotel", 8.9.2017, Proper Records)

Micah P. Hinson, The great void

Micah P. Hinson, Oh, spaceman

Micah P. Hinson, The lady frome Abilene

Micah P. Hinson, Come by here

(CD "Micah P. Hinson presents the holy strangers", 8.9.2017, Full Time Hobby)

Neil Young, Campaigner

Neil Young, Human highway

Neil Young, The old country waltz

Neil Young, Captain Kennedy

(CD "Hitchhiker", 8.9.2017, Reprise)


Sendung 10.9.2017

Jimmy Carpenter, Kid in my head

Jimmy Carpenter, Too late

Jimmy Carpenter, Blues with a feeling

Jimmy Carpenter, All your love

(CD "Jimmy Carpenter plays the blues", 8.9.2017, VizzTone)

Walter Trout & Sonny Landreth, Ain't going back

Walter Trout & Charlie Musselwhite, The other die of the pillow

Walter Trout & John Németh, Too much to carry

Walter Trout & Randy Bachmann, Got nothin' left

Walter Trout & John Mayall, Blues for Jimmy T.

(CD "We're all in this together", 1.9.2017, Mascot/Provogue)

George Thorogood, Wang dang doodle

George Thorogood, Boogie chillen

George Thorogood, Got to move

George Thorogood, No expectations

(CD "Party of one", 4.8.2017, Rounder)

Triggerfinger, Colossus

(Single aus "Colossus", 25.8.2017, Mascot/Provogue)

Bruce Cockburn, States I'm in

Bruce Cockburn, 40 years in the wilderness

Bruce Cockburn, Stab at matter

(CD "Bone on bone", 8.9.2017, True North Records)

Ian Felice, Will I ever reach Laredo

Ian Felice, In memoriam

Ian Felice, Signs of spring

Ian Felice, Water Street

(CD "In the kingdom of dreams", 25.8.2017, Loose Music)

Martin Simpson, Blues run the game

Martin Simpson, Bones & feathers

Martin Simpson, Ridgeway

Martin Simpson, Reynardine

(CD "Trails & tribulations", 1.9.2017, Topic Records)

Anne Briggs, The time has come

Anne Briggs, Highlodge hare

(CD "The time has come", LP 1971, CD 7.7.2017, Earth Records)


Sendung 3.9.2017

Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter, Philip Walker, Roll, roll, roll

Lonnie Brooks & ... Boogie rambler

Lonnie Brooks & ... Bon ton roulet

Lonnie Brooks & ... Feel good doin' bad

Lonnie Brooks & ... You're playing hookey

(CD "Lone star shootout", 1999/2003 Alligator)

Joakim Tinderholt & His Band, Trouble up the road

Joakim Tinderholt & His Band, Jungle Bo

Joakim Tinderholt & His Band, Hold on to me

Joakim Tinderholt & His Band, Number 9 train

(CD "Hold on", 30.6.2017, Big H Records/ Rhythm Bomb Records)

Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer, Kansas City Blues

Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer, Going back to Florida

Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer, Louis Collins

Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer, Who's been here?

(CD "A hundred years from today", 18.8.2017, Out of the past today)

Jimmie Bratcher, Honky tonk blues

Jimmie Bratcher, Singing the blues

Jimmie Bratcher, My sweet love ain't around

(CD "This is Blues Country", 4.7.2017, Ain't Skeers Tunes)

Ray Wylie Hubbard, God looked around

Ray Wylie Hubbard, Lucifer & the fallen angels

Ray Wylie Hubbard, Open G

Ray Wylie Hubbard, In times of cold

(CD "Tell the devil I'm gettin' there as fast as I can", 18.8.2017, Bordello Records)

Jeff Tweedy, Laminated cat

Jeff Tweedy, Ashes of Amercan flags

Jeff Tweedy, Dawned on me

Jeff Tweedy, Sky blue sky

(CD "Together at last", 22.6.2017, Anti/ Epitaph)

Richard Thompson, The ghost of you walks

Richard Thompson, Pharaoh

Richard Thompson, Keep your distance

Richard Thompson, Guns are the tongues

Richard Thompson, Devonside

(CD "Acoustic classics II", 18.8.2017, Beeswing Records/Proper


Sendung 27.8.2017

Val Starr & The Blues Rockets, I always turn the blues on

Val Starr & The Blues Rockets, Wether blues

Val Starr & The Blues Rockets, Bad luck and the blues

Val Starr & The Blues Rockets, It's always somethin'

(CD "I always turn the blues on", 1.8.2017, Sandwich Factory Records)

Jonny Lang, Make it move

Jonny Lang, Snakes

Jonny Lang, Signs

Jonny Lang, Wisdom

(CD "Signs", 25.8.2017, Provogue)

Johnny Okam, Deep in my bones

Johnny Okam, Turn the key

Johnny Okam, Hold your toungue

Johnny Okam, Waiting for the rain

(CD "In my shadow", 14.3.2017, Selbst)

Peter Bruntnell, End of the world

Peter Bruntnell, Dance of the dead

Peter Bruntnell, Long wy from home

(CD Nos da comrade", 2016 und 25.8.2017, Domestico Records/ CRS)

Will Hoge, Little bit of rust

Will Hoge, Through missing you

Will Hoge, Angel wings

Will Hoge, 17

(CD "Anchors", 11.8.2017, EDLO Records)

Chris Blevins, Big man

Chris Blevins, Daydream

Chris Blevins, Better than alone

(CD "Better than alone", 25.8.2017, Horton Records/ CRS)

The Jerry Douglas Band, The last wild moor

The Jerry Douglas Band, Go ahaed and leave

(CD "What if", 8.8.2017, Rounder)


Sendung 20.8.2017

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Dissed again

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, I ain't all that

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Hands ot time

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, So long (For Jay P)

(CD "Groovin' in Greaseland", 18.8.2017, Alligator)

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, She's $$$

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Down for love

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, How low can you go

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Lay it on down

(CD "Lay it on down", 21.7.2017, Mascot/Provogue)

Altered Five Blues Band, Three forks

Altered Five Blues Band, On my list to quit

Altered Five Blues Band, Gonna lose my lady

Altered Five Blues Band, Rotten

(CD "Charmed and dangerous", 11.8.2017, Blind Pig)

Little Steven, Standing in the line of fire

Little Steven, I'm coming back

(CD "Soulfire", 19.5.2017, Universal)

Glen Campbell, Funny how time slips away

Glen Campbell, Arkansas Farmboy

Glen Campbell, A thing called love

Glen Campbell, Adiós

(CD "Adiós", 9.6.2017, Universal)

Steve Young, Seven bridges road

Steve Young, My Oklahoma

Steve Young, Wild goose

Steve Young, White trash song

("Seven bridges road, The complete recordings", LP 1971,

CD-Wiederveröffentlichung 16.6.2017)

Jimmy Arnold, Jesse James

Jimmy Arnold, General Lee

Jimmy Arnold, Southern soul

Jimmy Arnold, Heroes

(LP "Southern soul" 1983, CD 2005 Rebel Records)

Hugh Moffat, Mama Rita

Hugh Moffat, Tomorrow is a long time

Hugh Moffat, Jack and Lucy

(LP "Loving you" 1986, CD 1995 Rounder)


Sendung 13.8.2017

John Pagano Band, Rise up

John Pagano Band, Trouble on heals

John Pagano Band, Make you shout

John Pagano Band, Catch that train

(CD "One more round", 1.8.2017, Midnight Circus Productions)

Layla Zoe, Backstage queen

Layla Zoe, Pull yourself together

Layla Zoe, The wind cries Mary

(CD "Songs from the road", 21.7.2017, RUF Records)

The Blues Overdrive, Death on the highway

The Blues Overdrive, Three time lover

The Blues Overdrive, Everybody was rocking

(CD "Overdrive Live!", 6.6.2017, Gateway Music)

Stacey Jones Band, One stop light

Stacey Jones Band, Gotta get over you

Stacey Jones Band, I'll be on my way

(CD "Love is everywhere", 14.7.2017, Selbst)

Gregg Allman, My only true friend

(Single aus "Southern Blood", 8.9.2017, Rounder)

Gregg Stewart, Sing a song

Gregg Stewart, One more love song

Gregg Stewart, If I could only fly

Gregg Stewart, Out in the parking lot

(CD "Twenty Sixteen", 15.8.2017, Stewsong Records)

Manchester Orchestra, The maze

Manchester Orchestra, The alien

Manchester Orchestra, The parts

Manchester Orchestra, The silence

(CD "A black mile surface", 28.7.2017, Rough Trade)

This is the Kit, Bullet proof

This is the Kit, Easy on the thieves

This is the Kit, Riddlet with ticks

This is the Kit, Two pence peace

(CD "Moonshine freeze", 7.7.2017, Concord Records)

Gregg Stewart, High flying bird



Sendung 6.8.2017

Chris 'Bad News' Barnes, It's tight like that

Chris 'Bad News' Barnes, It hurts me too

Chris 'Bad News' Barnes, Somebody been using that thing

Chris 'Bad News' Barnes, Caught him doing it

(CD "Hokum Blues", 28.7.2017, Vizztone)

Joshua Jacobson, Copendent Katie

Joshua Jacobson, Pistol packin' Papa

Joshua Jacobson, Bipolar Mama

Joshua Jacobson, Ticket agent

Joshua Jacobson, It's a good little thing

(CD "Good looking thing", 11.3.2017, Fatmouth Records)

Catfish Keith, Just can't keep from crying

Catfish Keith, Telling your pretty Mama

Catfish Keith, Jumpin' Jack Rabbit

Catfish Keith, Shake shugaree

(CD "Mississippi River Blues", 17.7.2017, Catfish Keith)

Offa Rex, Backleg miner

Offa Rex, The gardener

Offa Rex, The first time I ever saw you

Offa Rex, To make you stay

(CD "The queen of hearts", 14.7.2017, Nonesuch)

Richard Barone, The other side to this life

Richard Barone, Pack up your sorrows

Richard Barone, Don't make promises

Richard Barone, Sunday morning

Richard Barone, Close the door when you go

(CD "Sorrow & promises, Thhe Greenwich Village in the 1969th", 14.10.2016, RBM Special Editions)

Applewood Road, Applewood road

Applewood Road, Give me love

Applewood Road, Lovin' eyes

Applewood Road, Row boat

(CD "Applewood Road", 14.7.2017, Gearbox Records)

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, Nine times along

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, The light of his lamp

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, Something familar

(CD "Overnight", 13.10.2016, Rough Trade)


Hinweis: 30.7.2017 keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat mit Sonderprogramm


Sendung 23.7.2017

Jelly Roll Kings & Frank Frost, Jelly roll king

Arthur Lee Stephenson, Lightnin' struck the poor house

Jim Brewer, Hair like a horse's mane

Big Jack Johnson, Oil man

Sunnyland Slim, Be careful how you vote

Louis Meyer, Bottom of the harp

Jimmy Dawkins, Wes cide bluz

David Honeyboy Edwards, Eyes full of tears

Lester Davenport, When the blues hit you

John Primer, Cairo

H. Bomb Ferguson, Shake your apple tree

Lovie Lee Watson, Stick candy

Homesick James, Better know what you runnin' from

Big Leon Brooks, Young girl

Louisiana Red, Sittin' here wanderin'

(CD "Earwig Music Company, 16th anniversary sampler", 1995)

Richard Dawson, Ogre

Richard Dawson, Shapeshifter

Richard Dawson, Scientist

(CD "Peasant", 2.6.2017, Domino Records)

Lydia Lunch & Cypress Groove, A thousand miles of bad road

Lydia Lunch & Cypress Groove, Blaze of glory

Lydia Lunch & Cypress Groove, Won't leave you alone

(CD "Under the cover", 30.6.2017, Rustblade/ Broken Silence)

James Elkington, Make it up

James Elkington, Grief is not coming

James Elkington, Greatness yet to come

James Elkington, Any Afternoon

(CD "Wintres woma", 30.6.2017, Paradise of Bachelors)

Slaid Cleaves, Welding burns

Slaid Cleaves, Whim of iron

(CD "Still fighting the war", 12.7.2013, Music Road Records)

Jeff Tweedy, Lost love

(CD "Together at last", 22.6.2017, Anti/ Epitaph)


Sendung 16.7.2017

Dani Wilde, Bumble Bee

Dani Wilde, Hound dog

Dani Wilde, High on your love

Dani Wilde, Don't quit me baby

(CD "Live at Brighton Road", 16.6.2017, VizzTone)

Sonny Landreth, Key to the highway

Sonny Landreth, Bound by the blues

Sonny Landreth, Back to the Bayou Tech

Sonny Landreth, Walkin' Blues

(Do.-CD "Live in Lafayette", 30.6.2017, Mascot/Provogue)

Orlanda Guilande, Simple love

Orlanda Guilande, Sin City

Orlanda Guilande, No more

Orlanda Guilande, Gate of hell

(EP "Guilande")

Lonesome River Band, Mayhayley's house

Lonesome River Band, Blackbirds and crows

Lonesome River Band, As the crow flies

Lonesome River Band, I think I'm gonna be alright

(CD "Mayhayley's house", 23.6.2017, Mountain Home Music Company)

Adam Levy & Anthony da Costa, Tragically beautiful

Adam Levy & Anthony da Costa, All over your family

Adam Levy & Anthony da Costa, Run away

Adam Levy & Anthony da Costa, Come on home

(CD "Neighbors", 23.6.2017, Anthony da Costa Music)

White Owl Red, Hurts like hell

White Owl Red, Falls like the rain

White Owl Red, Your skin on my skin

White Owl Red, Nothing

(CD "Naked and falling", 26.6.2017)

Alaa Zouiten, Mahani Zin

(CD "Talking Oud", 24.6.2017, Kick The Flame)


Sendung 2.7 + 9.7.2017

The Cash Box Kings, I'm gonna get my Baby

The Cash Box Kings, Build that wall

The Cash Box Kings, Traveling riverside blues

The Cash Box Kings, Sugar sweet

The Cash Box Kings, All night long

(CD "Royal mint", 30.6.2017, Alligator)

The Sherman Holmes Project, Liza Jane

The Sherman Holmes Project, Breaking up somebody's home

The Sherman Holmes Project, Green river

The Sherman Holmes Project, Homeless child

(CD "The Richmond Sessions", 7.7.2017, M.C. Records)

Michael Packer, Erzählung + Blues for peace

Michael Packer, Erzählung + Chicago

Michael Packer, Erzählung + Mr. Packer

(CD "I am the blues, my story, Vol. 3", 15.5.2017, Iris Music Group)

Slaid Cleaves, Primer gray

Slaid Cleaves, Hickory

Slaid Cleaves, To be held

Slaid Cleaves, Junkyard

(CD "Ghost on the car radio", 30.6.2017, Candy House Media/ CRS)

Sean Rowe, Promise of you

Sean Rowe, The vine

Sean Rowe, It's not hard to say goodbye sometimes

Sean Rowe, The very first snow

(CD "New lore", 7.4.2017, Anti)

Bill Morrissey, Fifty

Bill Morrissey, These cold fingers

Bill Morrissey, Avalon Blues

Bill Morrissey, Cold cold night

(CD "The essential collection", 15.6.2004, Rounder)

Jefferson Ross & Thomm Jutz, Family drama

Jefferson Ross & Thomm Jutz, Not the thunder

(CD "Live at Hillbilly Haiku", 6.6.2017, Deep Fried Disks)


Sendung 25.6.2017

The Gordon Meier Blues Experience, Stop draggin' that chain around

The Gordon Meier Blues Experience, Just keep ridin'

The Gordon Meier Blues Experience, Red headed woman

The Gordon Meier Blues Experience, Gypsy woman

(CD "Magic Kingdom", 27.3.2017, Reverberocket Records)

Mitch Kashmar, The petroleum blues five

Jimmy Reiter, Waiting for my look to change

Baum's Bluesbenders, Online

Greyhound George & Andy Grüner, Nine lives

(Eutin, German Blues Challenge Festival, 30.6.-2.7.)

Joe Bonamassa, This train

Joe Bonamassa, Black lung heartache

Joe Bonamassa, Livin' easy

Joe Bonamassa, Woke up dreaming

(Do.-CD "Live at Carnegie Hall, 23.6.2017, Mascot/Provogue)

Clarence Bucaro, Cold dark night

Clarence Bucaro, Lord, light me a candle

Clarence Bucaro, These years

Clarence Bucaro, Anyone can lose their way

(CD "Tableau", 23.6.2017, 2020 Records)

Ebba Forsberg, Take this waltz

Ebba Forsberg, Hallelujah

Ebba Forsberg, Sisters of mercy

Ebba Forsberg, Hey, that's no way to say goodbye

(CD "Take my waltz - Ebba Forsberg sings Leonard Cohen", 2.6.2017,

Border Music AB /Broken Silence)

Jason Isbell, White man's world

Jason Isbell, If we were vampires

Jason Isbell, Chaos and clothes

Jason Isbell, Something to love

(CD "The Nashville sound", 16.6.2017, Southeastern Records)

Lauren Barth, Buddies

Lauren Barth, This old heart

(CD "Forager", 5.5.2017, Horton Records/ CRS)


Sendung 18.6.2017

Jimmy Cornett & The Deadmen, White trash Boogie

Jimmy Cornett & The Deadmen, Boogie chillun

Jimmy Cornett & The Deadmen, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

(CD "Shut up 'n' dance", 9.6.2017, Stringkiller Records)

Karen Lovely, Waking up the dead

Karen Lovely, Big black Cadillac

Karen Lovely, Next time

Karen Lovely, Punk rock Johnny Cash

(CD "Fish outta water", 16.6.2017, Independent)

Andy Frasco & The U.N., C. Boogie

Andy Frasco & The U.N., Down the road

Andy Frasco & The U.N., What more can I say

(CD + DVD "Songs from the road", 16.6.2017, RUF Records)

Good Time Charlie, Ready

Good Time Charlie, Line of fire

Good Time Charlie, New beat

Good Time Charlie, Freezin' penguin

(CD "Ready to rumble", 2.6.2017, Apollon Records)

Malcolm Holcombe, Years no more

Malcolm Holcombe, Good ole days

Malcolm Holcombe, Eyes of Josephine

Malcolm Holcombe, We struggle

(CD "Pretty little trouble", 26.5.2017, Gypsy Eyes Music)

Davis Corley, Take me down some

David Corley, Down with the universe

David Corley, A lifetime of mornings

(CD "Zero moon", 16.6.2017, Wolfe Island Records/ CRS)

The Mastersons, Fire escape

The Mastersons, Highway 1

The Mastersons, Shine on

The Mastersons, Happy when I'm movin'

(CD "Transient lulleby, 19.5.2017, Red House)

Ian Lassere, Sonoridade Pólvora

(CD "Sonoridade Pólvora, 5.5.2017, Ajabu!/ Broken Silence)


Sendung 11.6.2017

Andy T Band, feat. Alabama Mike, Deep inside

Andy T Band, Sad times

Andy T Band, Doin' hard times

Andy T Band, Dreaming about you

(CD "Double strike", 16.6.2017, American Showplace)

Jim Allchin, The Mexican end

Jim Allchin, Bad decisions

Jim Allchin, Just plain sick

Jim Allchin, Friends

(CD "Decisions", 16.6.2017, Sandy Key Music)

Gregg Allman, Floating bridge

Gregg Allman, Devil got my woman

Gregg Allman, Just another rider

Gregg Allman, I believe I'll go home

(CD "Low country blues", 2011, Rounder)

Allman Brothers, I got a right to be wrong

Allman Brothers, Never knew how much (I needed you)

(CD "Madness of the West, 1998, BMG)

Shannon McNally, You made me feel for you

Shannon McNally, Banshee moan

Shannon McNally, Prayer in open D

Shannon McNally, Let's go home

(CD "Black Irish", 9.6.2017, Compass Records)

Roger Waters, Deja vu

Roger Waters, Broken bones

Roger Waters, Is this the life we really want?

Roger Waters, Part of me died

(CD "Is this really the life we really want?", 2.6.2017, Simi Col/ Sony)

Pokey LaFarge, Riot in the street

Pokey LaFarge, Mother nature

Pokey LaFarge, Good luck charm

Pokey LaFarge, Going to the country

Pokey LaFarge, Wellington

(CD "Manic Revelations", 19.5.2017, Rounder)


Sendung 4.6.2017

David Bray, Sweet soaked city

David Bray, Flying in the city of angels

David Bray, Road rage

David Bray, My epitaph

(CD "Night rains", 17.5.2017, The Pangae Music House)

Seven T's, Autumn song

Seven T's, Jimmy the cat (feat. Abi Wallenstein & Chris Kramer)

Seven T's, Broken children

(CD "Knock' on radios door", 2017)

Micki Free, Tatoo burn

Micki Free, Six feet down in the blues

Micki Free, Mojo black coffee

Micki Free, Angels in the room

(CD "Tattoo burn redux", 12.5.2017, Mysterium Blues Records)

Mark Cameron Band, Doctor in the house

Mark Cameron Band, Dicy

Mark Cameron Band, Killin' floor

(CD "Live at Blues on the Chippwa", 1.5.2017, Cop Records)

Have Moicy, Robbin' banks

Have Moicy, Slurf song

Have Moicy, Sweet Lucy

Have Moicy, Driving wheel

Have Moicy, Weep weep weep

(LP 1976/ CD 1995 Rounder)

Tom Russell, Rio Grande

Tom Russell, The night the Chinese restaurant burned down

Tom Russell, Red velvet

Tom Russell, The renegade

Ian & Sylvia, Grey morning

Ian & Sylvia, The French girl

(CD "Play one more, The songs of Ian & Sylvia", 26.5.2017, True North)

Phoebe Legere, Men from boys

Phoebe Legere, Ok cupid

Phoebe Legere, Jambalaya

Phoebe Legere, Blue canoe

Phoebe Legere, Cajun moon

(CD "Heart of love", 14.2.2017, Optimistic Kitty Records)


Sendung 28.5.2017

Brad Stivers, 2.000 miles

Brad Stivers, Put it down

Brad Stivers, Can't wait

Brad Stivers, Save me

(CD "Took you long enough", 12.5.2017, VizzTone)

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Baby got gone (Single, Provogue)

Johnny Lang, Make it move (Single, Provogue)

Mississippi Allstars, Miss Maybelle

Mississippi Allstars, Run red rooster

Mississippi Allstars, Stealin

Mississippi Allstars, Prayer for peace

(CD "Prayer for peace", 2.6.2017, Sony Legacy)

Ginger Blues, My baby upset me

Ginger Blues, Fishing Blues

Ginger Blues, Roll 'em Pete

Ginger Blues, Nightlife

(CD "Berlin nights", 2.5.2017, Stormy Monday)

Jeff Dale & Jeff Stone, Honeyboy story

Jeff Dale & Jeff Stone, Rooster

Jeff Dale & Jeff Stone, Mud on my shoes

(CD "The Southside lives", Mai 2017, Pro Sho Bidness)

My Darling Clementine, The embers & the flame

My Darling Clementine, There's nothing you can tell me (That I don't already know)

My Darling Clementine, Friday night, Tulip Hotel

My Darling Clementine, Two lane Texaco

(CD "Still testifying", 2.6.2017, Continental Song City)

Carter Sampson, I don't want him

Carter Sampson, Don't leave me stranded

Carter Sampson, Wild bird

Carter Sampson, Better ways

(CD "Oklahoma queen and other songs", 14.4.2017, Continental Song City)

Jeff Finlin, Driving wheel #72

Jeff Finlin, Love among the wires

Jeff Finlin, Lost in your blue eyes

Jeff Finlin, The Guru in the girl

(CD "The Guru in the girl", 2.6.2017, Continental Song City)

Tommy Talton, Poblano

(CD "Somewhere South of Eden", 17.3.2017)



Sendung 21.5.2017

Curtis Salgado, I know a good thing

Curtis Salgado, Walk a mile in my Blues

Bobby Rush, Nighttime gardener

Kenny Neal, Bloodline

Kenny Neal, Blues mobile

Kenny Neal, I can't wait

Bob Margolin, Feelin' right tonight

Eric Bibb, You really got me

Doug McLeod, Long time road

Joe Bonamassa, Black night

Jonn Del Toro Richardson, Get me back home

(Gewinner Blues Music Awards 2017)

Kai Strauss, Get the ball rolling

Kai Strauss, I ain't buying it

Kai Strauss, This game ain't worth, playing no more

Kai Strauss, I gotta let you go

(CD "Getting personal", 12.5.2017, Continental Blue Heaven/ CRS)

Gabriel Delta Band, Hobo

Gabriel Delta Band, Duerme negrito

Gabriel Delta Band, Queen Bee

Gabriel Delta Band, Neven

(CD "Hobo", 3.3.2017, Ultra Sound Records/ A-Z Blues)

Jim Keaveny, Lonely old railroad blues

Jim Keaveny, The North Padre Island lulleby

Jim Keaveny, Livin in a dream

Jim Keaveny, Ring ring ring

(CD "Music man", 30.6.2009)

Marc Broussard, Do right woman

Marc Broussard, These arms of mine

Marc Broussard, In the midnight hour

Marc Broussard, Ever tear

CD "S.O.S., Save our Soul II, Soul on a mission", 19.5.2017, India Media)


Sendung 14.5.2017

Trampled Under Foot, Have a real good time

Trampled Under Foot, Bad woman blues

Trampled Under Foot, She's long, she's tall, she's gone

(CD "Badlands", 19.7.2013, VizzTone/ Telarc)

John Németh, S.T.O.N.E.D.

John Németh, Feelin' freaky

John Németh, Get offa dat butt

(CD "Feelin' freaky", 19.5.2017, Memphis Grease)

Selwyn Birchwood, Trial by fire

Selwyn Birchwood, Guilty pleasures

Selwyn Birchwood, Reaping time

Selwyn Birchwood, Police state

(CD "Pick your poison", 19.5.2017, Alligator)

Dr. Will, Doctor's order

Dr. Will, Dapper dude

Dr. Will, Born in the sixties

Dr. Will, Shiny red Jaguar

(CD "Addicted to trouble", 24.3.2017, Solid Pack Records)

David Bray, Night rains (Single)

David Backingham, Soldier (Single)

Harpeth Rising, Love child

Harpeth Rising, Prison trilogy

Harpeth Rising, I did not make the world

Harpeth Rising, In the singing

(CD  "Against all tides", 5.5.2017, Independent)

Chastity Brown, Drive slow

Chastity Brown, Whisper

Chastity Brown, Lies

Chastity Brown, How could I forgot

(CD "Silhouettes of sirens", 19.5.2017, Red House)

Charlie Cunningham, Born

Charlie Cunningham, Lines

Charlie Cunningham, Answers

Charlie Cunningham, Molino

Charlie Cunningham, While you are young

(CD "Lines", 27.1.2017, DumontDumont)


Sendung 7.5.2017

Nick Schnebelen Band, Bad woman blues

Nick Schnebelen Band, Fool

Nick Schnebelen Band, Mean town blues

(CD "Live in Kansas City", 5.5.2017, Vizztone)

Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos, Long Island sound

Anthony Rosano, Love get a hold on me

Anthony Rosano, Bound to you

Anthony Rosano, Blackbird

(CD "Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos", 11.4.2017)

Patty Reese, Soul satisfier

Patty Reese, Radio song

Patty Reese, Awsome sauce

Patty Reese, I hear a lie

Patty Reese, Goodbye

(CD "Let in the sun", 27.1.2017, Azalea City Recordings)

Willie Nelson, Little house on the hill

Willie Nelson, True love

Willie Nelson, A woman's love

Willie Nelson, God's problem child

(CD "God's problem child", 28.4.2017, Sony Music)

John Mellencamp, Mobile blue

John Mellencamp, Battle of angels

John Mellencamp, My soul's got wings

John Mellencamp, Easy target

(CD "Sad clowns & Hillbillis", 28.4.2017, Republic/ Universal)

Garland Jeffreys, 14 steps to Harlem

Garland Jeffreys, Time goes away

Garland Jeffreys, Waiting for the man

Garland Jeffreys, Help

(CD "14 steps to Harlem", 28.4.2017, Luna Park Records)

Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues, I'll fly away

Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues, Shadows in a shoebox

(CD "Different voices", 7.4.2017, Dawnserly Records)


Hinweis: 30.1.2017 keine Sendung da 5. Sonntag im Monat mit Sonderprogramm


Sendung 23.4.2017

Big Time Bossmen, Make my way

Big Time Bossmen, That's my gal

Big Time Bossmen, The last fuck

Big Time Bossmen, Damn you woman

(CD "Working on a plan", 21.4.2017, Donor Productions/ Rootzrumble)

Tinez Roots Club, Have you heard?!

Tinez Roots Club, Goin' to the church

Tinez Roots Club, What you do to me

Tinez Roots Club, We're gonna rock

(CD "Have you heard ?!", 21.4.2017, Donor Productions/ Rootzrumble)

Tyler Yarema & His Rhythm feat. Jeff Healey, Why did God make Boogie Woogie?

Tyler Yarema, The panic is on

Tyler Yarema, Sing, sing, sing

Tyler Yarema, Roll 'em Pete

(CD "Gotta bran' new suit", 1.4.2017, Radioland)

Zed Mitchell, Winter in Amsterdam

Zed Mitchell, After love

Zed Mitchell, One day in a time

(CD "Winter in Amsterdam", 24.3.2017, Timezone)

I draw Slow, Apocalypso

I Draw Slow, Don't wake the children

I Draw Slow, Avarenga

I Draw Slow, Crooked Life

(CD "Turn your face to the sun", 21.4.2017, Compass Records)

Father John Misty, Leaving L.A.

(CD "Pure Comedy", 5.4.2017, Pias Coop.)

Terry Klein, Everywhere but here

Terry Klein, Dull women keep immaculate house

Terry Klein, Madeline

(CD "Great Northern", 28.4.2017)

Yellow Teeth, The odds of dice

Yellow Teeth, Brother

Yellow Teeth, Silver and gold

(CD "Rags and pearls", 7.4.2017, Vitesse Records/ Timezone)

Father John Misty, Birdie


Sendung 16.4.2017

Lonnie Brooks, Temporary insanity

Lonnie Brooks, Don't take advantage of me

Lonnie Brooks, Hoodoo she do

Lonnie Brooks, Zydeco

(CD "DeLuxe Edition, 2003, Alligator)

Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi, Sonny and Brownie's last train

Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi, Baby please don't go

Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi, Take this hammer

Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi, Walk on

(CD "Sonny and Brownie's last train", 21.4.2017, MC Records)

Eric Bibb, Delta getaway

Eric Bibb, Migration Blues

Eric Bibb, This land is your land

Eric Bibb, Mornin' train

(CD "Migration Blues", 31.3.2017, Dixie Frog)

Michael Van Merwyk, Tell it like it is

Michael Van Merwyk, Coffee

Michael Van Merwyk, Count your blessings

Michael Van Merwyk, If I die tomorrow

(CD "Fight the darkness", 14.4.2017, Timezone)

Rodney Crowell, Life without Susanna

Rodney Crowell, It ain't over you

Rodney Crowell, Forgive me Annabelle

Rodney Crowell, Nashville 1972

(CD "Close ties", 31.3.2017, New West Records)

Kenny White, Che Guevara

Kenny White, Another bell unanswered

Kenny White, Charleston

Kenny White, 4000 reasons to run

(CD "Long list of priors", 7.4.2017, Continental Song City)

Orchestra Baobab, Mariama

Orchestra Baobab, Sey

Orchestra Baobab, Alekouma

(CD "Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng", 31.3.2017, World Circuit Records)

Maher Cissoko, Lannayaa

(CD "Kora Fo", 9.6.2017, Ajabul/ Broken Silence)


Sendung 9.4.2017

Trouble Cats, Heartbreaker

Trouble Cats, City of dreams

Trouble Cats, Building a fence

Trouble Cats, The trouble cat jump

(CD "Live in Aarhus 2017", 2017 Longlife Records)

Professor Louie, Prisoner of your sound

Professor Louie, Why did you do that to me

Professor Louie, Confessin' the blues

Professor Louie, I'm on my way

(CD "Crowin' the blues", 6.4.2017, Woodstock Records)

Godboogie, Play music and dance

Godboogie, So far away

Godboogie, Real dude

(CD "Play music and dance", 7.4.2017, Vizztone)

Jim Gustin, Crazy little woman

Jim Gustin, I ain't playing

Jim Gustin, Slipping away

(CD "Memphis", 31.3.2017, CD Baby)

Lynne Hanson, Devil said do

Lynne Hanson, Broken with you

Lynne Hanson, Just for now

Lynne Hanson, Gotta have rain

(CD "Uneven ground", 7.4.2017, Continental Song City)

Pieta Brown, Once again (feat. David Mansfield)

Pieta Brown, Street tracker (feat. Mark Knopfler)

Pieta Brown, Take me home (feat. David Lindley

Pieta Brown, All the roads (feat. The Pines)

(CD "Postcards", 10.3.2017, Lustre Records)

Oh Susanna, The darkroom at the school

Oh Susanna, Getting ready

Oh Susanna, Puget sound

Oh Susanna, My old Vancouver

(CD "Girl in Teen City", 7.4.2017, Continental Song City)

Lynne Hanson, Uneven ground


Sendung 2.4.2017

Till Seidel Band, Double eyed whammy

Till Seidel Band, Do what I wanna do

Till Seidel Band, Heartbreaker

Till Seidel Band, Let love change your mind

(CD "Lazy man's land", 31.3.2017)

Little Hook, Drowning in my own tears

Little Hook, Weedpicker

Little Hook, Tomorrow night

(CD "Little Hook", 24.3.2017, Naked/ Donor Productions)

Coco Montoya, Before the bullets fly

Coco Montoya, Lost in the bottle

Coco Montoya, Devil don't sleep

Coco Montoya, Hard as hell

(CD "Hard truth", 24.3.2017, Alligator)

Tiny Legs Tim, Hard to admit

Tiny Legs Tim, Evil

Tiny Legs Tim, Happiest man in town

Tiny Legs Tim, Victory

(CD "Melodium Rag", 3.2.2017, Sing My Title)

Darden Smith, Blessings

Darden Smith, Against the grain

Darden Smith, Everything

Darden Smith, Love will be the way

(CD "Everything", 7.4.2017, Compass Records)

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Rowdy heart, broken wing

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Sometimes

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Black and blue

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Postcard memories

(CD "Souvenirs", 24.3.2017, Magnolia Music)

Sky Smeed, You can't take back

Sky Smeed, Lunker bass

Sky Smeed, Disappear

Sky Smeed, Hard man to love

(CD "Lunker bass", 1.4.2017)

Truckstop Honeymoon, L.P.

Truckstop Honeymoon, Baja

Truckstop Honeymoon, Big things and little things

(CD "Big things and little things", 27.1.2017, Squirrel Records)


Sendung 26.3.2017

Marc Lelangue, Don't pity me

Marc Lelangue, You missed a good man

Marc Lelangue, Walk on

Marc Lelangue, Mississippi heavy water blues

(CD "Lost in the blues", 24.3.2017, Naked/Donor Productions)

Samantha Fish, He did

Samantha Fish, It's your voodoo working

Samantha Fish, Crow Jane

(CD "Chills & fever", 24.3.2017, RUF Records)

Walter Broes & The Mercenairies, Closed

Walter Broes & The Mercenairies, Slideshow

Walter Broes & The Mercenairies, You and me

(CD "Movin' up", 24.3.2017, Rootzumble/Donor Productions)

Chris Kramer & Beatbox 'n' Blues, Harp Boogie

Chris Kramer & Beatbox 'n' Blues, In the beginning there was rhythm

Chris Kramer & Beatbox 'n' Blues, Wait until tomorrow

Chris Kramer & Beatbox 'n' Blues, Now I'm found

(CD "On the way to Memphis", 2017, Blow 'till Midnight Records)

Hurricane Ruth, Barrelhouse Joe

Hurricane Ruth, Hard rockin' woman

Hurricane Ruth, Far from the cradle

(CD "Ain't ready for the grave", 10.3.2017, Hurricane Ruth Records)

Robert Carl Blank, Fate

Robert Carl Blank, Many ways in

Robert Carl Blank, Delicious nothing

Robert Carl Blank, The price

(CD "Fairground distractions", 16.9.2017, a1 Records/ SVP)

Kelly & Ellis, An ordinary day

Kelly & Ellis, Anyone who isn't me tonight

Kelly & Ellis, Just ask me

Kelly & Ellis, The cowboy rides away

(CD "The long road to you", 24.2.2017, Kelly & Ellis Entertainment)

Lynn Miles with Keith Glass, My road

Lynn Miles with Keith Glass, Surrender Dorothy

Lynn Miles with Keith Glass, I loved a cowboy

Lynn Miles with Keith Glass, Over you

(CD "Road", 31.3.2017, Continental Song City)


Sendung 19.3.2017

Delta Moon, Rock and roll girl

Delta Moon, The day before tomorrow

Delta Moon, Coolest fools

Delta Moon, Death letter

(CD "Cabbagetown", 17.3.2017, Jumping Jack Records)

Sean Chambers, I need your love

Sean Chambers, Bottle keeps staring at me

Sean Chambers, Bullfrog Blues

Sean Chambers, Sweeter than a honey bee

(CD "Trouble and Whiskey", 17.3.2017, American Showplace)

Chris Bergson Band, Knuckles & bones

Chris Bergson Band, Esplode or contain

Chris Bergson Band, Blues for Dave

(CD "Bitter midnight", 17.3.2017, Continental Blue Heaven)

Geoff Achison, I'm gonna ride

Geoff Achison, I wish you were mine

Geoff Achison, Front porch farewell

(CD "Another mile, another minute", 3.3.2017, Landslide)

Son Volt, Back against the wall

Son Volt, The storm

Son Volt, Cairo and southern

Son Volt, Threads and steel

(CD "Notes of blue", 17.2.2017, Transmit Sound/ Alive)

Dan Tuffy, The biggest bastard who ever rode the west

Dan Tuffy, Toorooka train

Dan Tuffy, Belinda

Dan Tuffy, The dying rider

(CD "Songs from Dan", 17.3.2017, Continental Song City)

Quiles & Cloud, Black star lightning

Quiles & Cloud, Deep ellum blues

Quiles & Cloud, Mississippi river

Quiles & Cloud, Faded flowers

(CD "Shake me now", 17.3.2017, Compass Records)

David Naiditch, Flatbush waltz

(CD "Bluegrass that swings", 1.1.2017, Naiditch Productions)


Sendung 12.3.2017

Guy Verlinde, How how how

Guy Verlinde, Jungle fever

Guy Verlinde, That Baby don't love ya

Guy Verlinde, Down the line

(CD "How how how", 22.2.2017, Blue String/Parsival bvba)

Julian Sas, Jump for joy

Julian Sas, Did you ever wonder

Julian Sas, Highway 61 revisted

Julian Sas, Bullfrog blues

(CD "Feelin' alive", 10.3.2017, Cavalier Records)

Vanessa Collier, Two parts sugar one part lime

Vanessa Collier, Whiskey and women

Vanessa Collier, Meet me where I'm at

Vanessa Collier, Up above my head I hear music in the air

(CD "Meeting my shadow", 24.2.2017, RUF Records)

Scott H. Biram, Long old town

Scott H. Biram, Set me free

Scott H. Biram, Still around

(CD "The bad testament", 24.2.2017, Bloodshot)

Rhiannon Giddens, The angels laid him away

Rhiannon Giddens, Birmingham Sunday

Rhiannon Giddens, Better get it right the first time

Rhiannon Giddens, Freedom highway

(CD "Freedom Higway", 24.2.2017, Nonesuch/ Warner)

Rhiannon Giddens, Spanish Mary

Rhiannon Giddens, Duncan & Jimmy

Taylor Goldsmith, Florida key

Rhiannon Giddens, Lost on the river # 20

(CD "The new basement tapes - Lost on the river", 21.11.2014 Capitol/Universal)

Guy Clark & Townes van Zandt, Let him roll

Guy Clark & Townes van Zandt, Snowin on Raton

Guy Clark & Townes van Zandt, Desperados waiting for a train

Guy Clark & Townes van Zandt, Pancho and Lefty

(CD "Live in Texas '91", 20.1.2017, Klondike Records)


Sendung 5.3.2017

Steve Hill, Damned

Steve Hill, Still a fool

Steve Hill, Smoking hot machine

(CD "Solo Recordings Volume 3", 3.3.3017, No Label Records/ Broken Silence)

John Ginty, Believe in smoke

John Ginty, Mountains have my name

John Ginty, Priscilla

(CD "Rockers", 17.2.2017, American Showplace)

Vin Mott, Don't make me love

Vin Mott, I'm a filthy man

Vin Mott, Freight train

(CD "Quit the women for the blues", 3.2.2017, Self/ CD Baby)

Blues Rocket Men, Blues day

Blues Rocket Men, Heart by heart

Blues Rocket Men, Guitar Boogie

(CD "Lifted", 15.1.2017, Stormy Monday)

Gottfried Böttger & Henning Pertit, Opening blues

Gottfried Böttger & Henning Pertit, Boogie Woogie No. 1

Henning Pertit, Boogie for you

Gottfried Böttger, 3 nach 9

(CD "Family Boogie", 15.1.2017, Stormy Monday)

Scott Nolan, Fire up

Scott Nolan, Trouble and love

Scott Nolan, Silverhill

Scott Nolan, Twister

(CD "Silverhill", 10.2.2017, Baldwin County Public Records)

Will Kimbrough & Brigitte deMeyer, Everything

Will Kimbrough & Brigitte deMeyer, Broken fences

Will Kimbrough & Brigitte deMeyer, I can hear your voice

Will Kimbrough & Brigitte deMeyer, October song

(CD "Mockingbird soul", 10.2.2017, Bdm Music/ H'art)

The Waifs, Higher ground

The Waifs, Done and dusted

The Waifs, Dirty little bird

The Waifs, Sugar Mama

(Do.-CD "Ironbark", 3.3.2017, Compass Records)


Sendung 26.2.2017

James O'Hara Blues-Band, A bottle of Gin

James O'Hara Blues-Band, Seven years

James O'Hara Blues-Band, Still a man

James O'Hara Blues-Band, War

(CD "James O'Hara", Februar 2017)

Wille & The Bandits, Miles away

Wille & The Bandits, 1970

Wille & The Bandits, Our world

Wille & The Bandits, Living free

(CD "Steal", 24.2.2017, Jigsaw Music)

Dave Fields, Going down

Dave Fields, Child of the world

Dave Fields, My Mama's got the blues

Dave Fields, Pocket full of dust

(CD "Unleashed", 14.2.2017, FMI Records)
Mary's Little Lamb, Blending in

Mary's Little Lamb, Incantation

Mary's Little Lamb, Stray arrow

Mary's Little Lamb, Forever gone

(CD "Elixier for the drifter", 21.2.2017, Rootz Rumble)

Don Nivens, Blank sheets of paper (Single 2.2.2017)

Garland Jeffreys, 14 steps to Harlem

(Singleauskopplung Album "14 steps to Harlem", 17.2.2017)

Duke Garwood, Blue

Duke Garwood, Sing to the sky

Duke Garwood, Garden of ashes

Duke Garwood, Sleep

(CD "Garden of ashes", 3.2.2017, Heavenly Recordings)

Tinariwen, Ittus

Tinariwen, Arhegh ad annagh

Tinariwen, Nànnuflày

Tinariwen, Tiwàyyen

(CD "Elwan", 10.2.2017, Pias)


Sendung 19.2.2017

Big Bill Morganfield, Help someone

Big Bill Morganfield, Can't call her name

Big Bill Morganfield, Help the bear

Big Bill Morganfield, Bloodstains on the wall

(CD "Bloodstains on the wall", 10.10.2016, Black Shuck Records)

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio, Keep on rolling

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio, It's you baby

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio, Delta Lowdown

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio, It's all over now

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio, 100 years of the blues

(CD "Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio", 10.2.2017, Alligator)

Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos del Junco, Heaven's when you'll dwell

Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos del Junco, Hug you

Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos del Junco, Spike driver blues

Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos del Junco, The blues don't like nobody

(CD "Blues etc...", 2.12.2016, Bluestime Productions)

Michael Chapman, Memphis in winter

Michael Chapman, Falling from grace

Michael Chapman, Money trouble

(CD "50", 20.1.2017, Paradise of Bachelors/ Cargo)

Chip Taylor, Until it hurts

Chip Taylor, Little angel wings

Chip Taylor, Senorita falling down

Chip Taylor, Save your blues and your money

(CD "A song I can live with", 17.2.2017, Train Wreck Records)

Much better - Thank you, Son of war

Much better - Thank you, Lullaby

Much better - Thank you, Condrete memories

(CD "Just a dream", 20.1.2017, Finest Noise Releases)

Michael Chapman, Rosh pina (Instr.)


Sendung 12.2.2017

Big Daddy Wilson, Cross creek road

Big Daddy Wilson, Neckbone stew

Big Daddy Wilson, Give me one reason

Big Daddy Wilson, Cookies gonna kill me

(CD "Neckbone stew", 27.1.2017, RUF Records)

Meena Cryle, Enough is enough

Meena Cryle, Take this pressure of me

Meeny Cryle, Lord have mercy

Meena Cryle, You don't know

(CD "In concert", 3.2.2017, Continental Blue Heaven/ CRS)

T.G. Copperfield, Rolling stone

T.G. Copperfield, Going down fighting

T.G. Copperfield, 3:30 Blues

T.G. Copperfield, Motorcycle bandit 3:14

(CD "T.G. Copperfield", 20.1.2017, Timezone)

Don Leone, Be my woman

Don Leone, Black mountain

Don Leone, Oh Mary

(EP "Welcome to the South West", 18.1.2017, Talk About Records)

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Beautiful scars

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Secret of a long lasting love

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Land of the living

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, This lonesome feeling

(CD "Kings and Kings", 27.1.2017, Fileundermusic/ Cargo

Christy Moore, The gardener

Christy Moore, Oblivious

Christy Moore, Lightning bird wind river man

Christy Moore, Green grown the Laurel

(CD "Lily", 27.5.2016, Columbia)

Shirley Collins, Cruel Lincoln

Shirley Collins, Pretty Polly

Shirley Collins, The rich irisch lady/ Jeff Sturgeon

Shirley Collins, Washed ashore

(CD "Lodstar", 4.11.2016, Domino Recordings)


Information: am 27.1.2017 keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat


Sendung 22.1.2017

John Mayall, Gimme some of that gumbo

John Mayall, It's hard going up

John Mayall, Cards on the table

John Mayall, Across the country

(CD "Talk about that", 27.1.2017, Forty Below Records)

The Rolling Stones, Commit a crime

The Rolling Stones, Ride 'em on down

The Rolling Stones, Hoo doo blues

The Rolling Stones, Little rain

(CD "Blue and lonesome", 2.12.2016, Polydor)

Thorbjörn Risager, Holler 'n' moan

Thorbjörn Risager, Hard time

Thorbjörn Risager, Maybe it's allright

Thorbjörn Risager, Train

(CD "Change my game", 27.1.2017, RUF Records)

Ben Granfelt, Long gone

Ben Granfelt, Hold my lover tight

(CD "Another day", 27.1.2017, Tuohi Records)

Seth Lakeman, Silent reigns

Seth Lakeman, Anna Lee

Seth Lakeman, Whenever I'm home

Seth Lakeman, Pulling hard against the stream

(CD "Ballads of the broken few", 27.1.2017, CV Cooking Vinyl/ India Media)

Chuck Hawthorne, Welding son of a gun

Chuck Hawthorne, Enemy

Chuck Hawthorne, Ashes & embers

Chuck Hawthorne, Post 2 gate

(CD "Silver line", 20.4.2015, 3 Notches Music)

Torgeir Waldemar, Island bliss

Torgeir Waldemar, Bottom of the well

Torgeir Waldemar, Souls of a string

Torgeir Waldemar, See the end

(CD "No offending border", 27.1.2017 Jansen Plateproduksjon/ Broken Silence)


Sendung 15.1.2017

Aaron Keylock, Medicine man

Aaron Keylock, Falling again

Aaron Keylock, Just one question

Aaron Keylock, Spin the bottle

Aaron Keylock, No matter what the cost

(CD "Cut against the grain", 20.1.2017, Provogue)

Peter Karp, Alabama town

Peter Karp, Till you get home

Peter Karp, That's how I like it

Peter Karp, The prophet

Peter Karp, Beautiful girl

(CD "Alabama town", 6.1.2017, Rose Cottage Records)

Dennis Gruenling, Knocking my knees

Dennis Gruenling, Little sugar

Dennis Gruenling, Won't you come back

Dennis Gruenling, Open the door

(CD "Ready or not", 22.7.2016, Vizztone)

Randy Thompson Band, Forever on my mind

Randy Thompson Band, Last letter home

Randy Thompson Band, What side are you on

Randy Thompson, Someday soon

(CD "War, peace, love, fear", 15.1.2016)

Eileen Kozloff, To the river I'll go

Eileen Kozloff, Asunder

Eileen Kozloff, No more war anymore

Eileen Kozloff, Will you still be mine

(CD "Just words", 1.1.2017)

Matt Hannah, Banks of the Mississippi

Matt Hannah, The night is my home

Matt Hannah, Different kind of light

Matt Hannah, Morning song

(CD "Dreamland", download 10.1./ CD 14.2.2017)

Wati Wati Zorey Band, Complainte de satan

Wati Wati Zorey Band, Moin te crois pi

Wati Wati Zorey Band, Nid de guepe

(CD "Zanz in lafére", 4.11.2016, Air Rythmo/Broken Silence)


Sendung 8.1.2017

Tas Cru, Grizzle n' bone

Tas Cru, Road to my obsession

Tas Cru, Biscuit

Tas Cru, Cover my love

Tas Cru, Woman won't you love me

(CD "Simmered and stewed", 15.11.2016, Vizztone)

The Kentucky Headhunters, Beaver creek mansion

The Kentucky Headhunters, God loves a rolling stone

The Kentucky Headhunters, Deep south blues again

The Kentucky Headhunters, Jukebox full of blues

The Kentucky Headhunters, Crazy Jim

(CD "On safari", 4.11.2016, Plowboy Records)

Nico Brina, 25 hours/ 8 days a week

Hot Lips, Heartbeat Boogie

Marcos Coll & Stefano Ronchi, Long legs blues

Handful of Blues, Doozy doozy boogie

Have Mercy Reunion, Hair parted in the middle

Andi's Blues Orchester, Rollin' and tumblin'

CD "Artist collection 9", 12.12.2016, Stormy Monday Records)

Joe Purdy, Who will be the next

Joe Purdy, Children of privilege

Joe Purdy, Cursin' air

Joe Purdy, Cairo walls

Joe Purdy, Maybe we'll all get along someday

(CD "Who willl be the next", 11.11.2016, Mudtown Crier Records)

Kelly's Lot, About her

Kelly's Lot, Come home

Kelly's Lot, Bitter sweet

Kelly's Lot, Without a song

(CD "Bitter Sweet", 21.1.2017)

The Infamous Stringdusters, Freedom

The Infamous Stringdusters, Maxwell

The Infamous Stringdusters, Sirens

The Infamous Stringdusters, Let me know

(CD "Laws & gravity", 13.1.2017, Compass Records

Kelly's Lot, Happy


Sendung 1.1.2017

Jahresrückblick 2016:

Julian Sas, Brighter days

Toronzo Cannon, Chickens comin' home to roost

Curtis Salgado, I know a good thing

The Imperials Crowns, mit Miz Aphrodite

Monkey Junk, Pray for rain

Colin James, Big road blues

Popa Chubby, C'mon in my kitchen

Mike Zito, Route 90

David Bromberg, Walkin' Blues

Rory Block, Bukka's day

Little Steve, Live and learn

Lost in Paris, Fire down below

Tas Cru, Time and time

Tom Purdy, New year's eve

Ben Bedford, High and low

Sarah Jarosz, Take another turn

Jimmy LaFave, Tomorrow is a long time

Rinel van Venrooij, Happiness is all around me

The Slow Show, Hurts

King Creosote, Melyn Wint

Conor Oberst, A little uncanny

Christian Kjellvander, Misanthrope river

Leonard Cohen, Traveling light

Levi Parham, Wrong way to hold a man

The Watchmen, Far off land

Alex Behning, Wir sehen uns wieder irgendwann

Phil Bee, One last kiss



Sendung 25.12.2016

Billy T-Band, Shame shame

Billy T-Band, On your own

Billy T Band, Gone

Billy T-Band, Trouble

Billy T-Band, I've been a fool

(CD Reckonning", 25.11.2016, Big H Records)

Brian Langlinais, Right hand road

Brian Langlinais, Louisiana love

Brian Langlinais, Don't go no further

Brian Langlinais, Tucumcari tonight

Brian Langlinais, Our love is slipping away

(CD "Right hand road", 16.9.2016, Patoutville Reords)

Dave Goodman, Down the 49

Dave Goodman, Swan song

Dave Goodman, Red hill

Dave Goodman, Down the hatch

(CD "Letter of law", Acoustic Music)

Carter Sampson & Hidden Agenda Deluxe, Coming around

Carter Sampson & ..., Drivin' home for Christmas

Carter Sampson & ..., Blue Christmas

Carter Sampson & ..., Christmas in Oklahoma

Carter Sampson & ..., I shall be leleased

(CD "Christmas from Amsterdam to Oklahoma", 18.11.2016, CRS)

Kelly Zirbes, Colors of December

Antsy McLain, Mary Lou's Christmas list

Jeff Talmadge, A soldier's Christmas

Washboard Hank, Away on a sideway

Jimmy Baldwin & Michael Oneil, Beer can Christmas tree

Chuck Mead, Holiday song

Slaid Cleaves, You're a mean one Mr. Grinch

(Last Chance Medicine Show)

Odetta, Freedom trilogy

Odetta, O' Jerusalem

(CD "Gonna let it shine", 19.10.2005, M.C. Records)


Sendung 18.12.2016

Charlie Parr, Something I said

Charlie Parr, HoBo

Charlie Parr, I ain't dead yet

Charlie Parr, Jaybird

Charlie Parr, Old dog blues

(LP "I ain't dead yet", 2.12.2016, Red House)

Grady Champion, Blues on Christmas

Benny Turner, I want some Christmas cheer

Buddy Guy, Home for Christmas

Hard Swimmin' Fish, Zat you Santa Claus

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix, Santa loves Boogie

The Reverend Shawn Amos, Santa Claus is gonna make it right

(Christmas-Sampler 2016, Blind Raccoon)

Luther Johnson, Merry Christmas Baby

George Thorogood, Rock'n Roll Christmas

Nathan & The Zydeco Cha-Cha's, I don't you just for Christmas

(Sampler "Must be Santa, Rounder Christmas Album")

Davina & The Vagabonds, Santa bring my baby back (to me)

Bill Kirchen & Austin de Lone, Santa wants some lovin'

Heather Masse, Mittens

John Gorka, Holed up Mason City

Dale Watson, Christmas to me

Larry Campbell & Theresa Williams, Blue Christmas

Robin & Linda Williams, Together all alone

Charlie Parr, Slim tall's Christmas on the lam

Jorma Kaukonen, The baby boy

The Wailin' Jennys, Glory bound

(Sampler "Christmas on the lam and other songs from the season, 21.10.2016, Red House)

Barry & Holly Tashian, Long, long ago

John McCutcheon, Christmas in the trenches

The Louvin Brothers, A shut-in at Christmas

John Fahey & Terry Robb, The holy & the ivy

(Sampler "Rounder Christmas")

Scala & Kolacny Brothers, River (Jony Mitchel)

Scala & Kolacny Brothers, It's Christmas, let's be glad (Sufjan Stevens)

(CD "December", 9.11.2012, Rhino Records)


Sendung 11.12.2016

The Cash Box Kings, Holler and stomp

The Cash Box Kings, That's my gal

The Cash Box Kings, Feel like going home

The Cash Box Kings, Hayseed strut

(CD "Holler and stomp", 4.10.2011, Blind Pig Records)

Lost in Paris Blues Band (Robben Ford, Paul Personne u.a.), Fire down below

Lost in Paris Blues Band, Tell me

Lost in Paris Blues Band, It's all over now

Lost in Paris Blues Band, Watching the river flow

Lost in Paris Blues Band, Driftin' Blues

(CD "Lost in Paris Blues Band", 2.12.2016, Ear Music)

Jon Gindick, Ghost dance

Jon Gindick, School

Jon Gindick, Mystery

Jon Gindick, Easy come, easy go

(CD "When we die, we all come back as music", 24.8.2016, Old Chimmey)

Ben Harper, Deeper and deeper

Ben Harper, All that has grown

Ben Harper, Dance like fire

Ben Harper, Goodbye to you

(CD "Call it what it is", 8.4.2016, Concord Music Group)

Gurf Morlix, Gasoline

Gurf Morlix, Bang bang bang

Gurf Morlix, You walk away

Gurf Morlix, These are my blues

(CD "Finds the present tense", 25.3.2013, Rootball)

Rinel van Venrooij, Look outside

Rinel van Venrooij, Dance

Rinel van Venrooij, Who has seen the wind

Rinel van Venrooij, Happiness (is all around me)

(CD "I hold you close", 31.10.2016, Horses Records)

Scala & Kolacny Brothers, Let me sleep (It's Christmas)

Scala & Kolacny Brothers, Did I make the most of loving you

(CD "December", 9.11.2012, Rhino Records)


Sendung 4.12.2016

Little Steve & The Big Beat, Just fooling around

Little Steve &..., Teasin' without the pleasin'

Little Steve &..., Change my ways

Little Steve &..., Just one more time

Little Steve &..., Live and learn

(CD "Another man", 9.12.2016, Continental Europe)

Phil Gammage, I begged of you

Phil Gammage, Ride with Railroad Bill

Phil Gammage, Lost in Loserville

Phil Gammage, Staring out of our window

(CD "Used man for sale", 9.12.2016, Continental Song City)

Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch, House Rockin' Boogie

Jason Elmore &..., Land of plenty

Jason Elmore &..., Green to gone

Jason Elmore &..., Mary Jane

(CD "Champagne velvet", 16.9.2016, Burnside Distribution)

Jim Koeppel, Johnny's in the doghouse

Jim Koeppel, RSVP to paradise

Jim Koeppel, Let me tell you

(EP "RSVP to paradise", 23.9.2016, CD Baby)

David Crosby, Somebody other than you

David Crosby, Paint you a picture

David Crosby, What makes it so?

(CD "Lighthouse", 21.10.2016, Verve)

Handsome Family, Tiny Tina

Handsome Family, Underneith the falls

Handsome Family, The sea rose

Handsome Family, Green willow valley

(CD "Unseen", 16.9.2016, Loose Music

Jason Wilber, A song for you

Jason Wilber, As tears go by

Jason Wilber, Coals and water

Jason Wilber, Echoes

Jason Wilber, Paradise

(CD "Echoes", 22.4.2016, Wilber Tone Records)

Thomas Ruez, Come children

(CD "Silent night", 11.11.2016, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 27.11.2016

Mike Zito, Wasted time

Mike Zito, Make blues not war

Mike Zito, One more time

Mike Zito, Chip of the block

Mike Zito, Route 90

(CD "Make blues not war", 18.11.2016, RUF Records)

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, Hold that train

Elvin Bishop, Can't even do wrong right

Charlie Musselwhite, The well

Marcia Ball, The tattooed lady and the alligator man

Tommy Castro, Common ground

Joe Louis Walker, Too drunk to drive trunk

Jimmy Johnson, Your turn to cry, Givin' up for your love

Delbert McClinton, Givin' up for your love

Johnny Winter, Shake your moneymaker

Hound Dog Taylor, Take five

(Do.-CD  "Alligator 45th Anniversary Collection", 10.6.2016, Alligator)

Tom Rush, Urge for going

Tom Rush, Drivin' wheel

Tom Rush, Get together

Tom Rush, No regrets

(CD "Tom Rush celebrates 50 years of music", 13.8.2013, Appleseed)

Pierce Pettis, Farewell

Pierce Pettis, That kind of love

Pierce Pettis, To dance

Pierce Pettis, Hallelujah song

Pierce Pettis, Something for the pain

(CD "That kind of love", 27.1.2009, Compass Records)

The Pines, Song for a winter's night

Suzzy Roche, Cold hard wind

(CD "Christmas on the lam and other songs from the seaon, 21.10.2016, Red House)

Thomas Ruez, Oh you little merry one

(CD "Silent night, Christmas carols on acoustic guitar", 11.11.2016, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 20.11.2016

Rory Block, Bukka's day

Rory Block, Keepin' outta trouble

Rory Block, Parchman farm blues

Rory Block, New Frisco train

Rory Block, Gonna be some walkin' done

(CD "Keepin' outta trouble: A tribute to Bukka White", 18.11.2016, Stony Plain)

Scott Taylor, I'm gonna getuchu

Scott Taylor, Tennessee

Scott Taylor, Alabama babe

Scott Taylor, As the tide goes by

(CD "Blues kitchen", 18.11.2016, Fetal Records)

Eddie Martin, Mississippi sound

Eddie Martin, How

Eddie Martin, Song of five things

Eddie Martin, All depends

(CD "Black, white and blue", 11.11.2016, Blueblood Records)

Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen, So long Marianne

(CD "Live in London", 2009)

King Creosote, You just want

King Creosote, Melin Wynt

King Creosote, Surface

(CD "Astronaut meets appleman", 2.9.2016, Domono Records)

Cris Jacobs, Hallelujah hustler

Cris Jacobs, Jack the whistle and the hammer

Cris Jacobs, Cold Carolina

Cris Jacobs, Leaving Charm City

John McSherry, Carrowmore

John McSherry, Sunrise at Bealtaine

(CD "The seven suns", 4.11.2016, Compass Records)


Sendung 13.11.2016

Cee Cee James & The Mission of S.O.U.L., Hidden and buried

Cee Cee James & ..., Stripped down & surrendered

Cee Cee James & ..., The edge is where I stood

Cee Cee James & ..., So grateful

(CD "Stripped down & surrendered", 21.10.2016, FWG Records)

Rik Emmet & Resolution 9,  Stand still

Rik Emmet & ..., Human race

Rik Emmet & ..., The ghost of shadow town

Rik Emmet & ..., Heads up

(CD "Res 9", 11.11.2016, Provogue)

Xander + The Peace Pirates, Fire

Xander + ..., Dancing in the light

Xander + ..., Rain

Xander + ..., Truth lies

(CD "11:11", 11.11.2016, V2 Records)

Eric Bibb, Tossin' an' turnin'

Eric Bibb, Born to be your man

Eric Bibb, Wish I could hold you now

(CD "The happiest man in the world", 15.4.2016, Dixie Frog)

Leonard Cohen, Treaty

Leonard Cohen, On the level

Leonard Cohen, Traveling light 

Leonard Cohen, Steer your way

(CD "You want it darker", 21.10.2016, Sony)

John Calvin Abney, Goodbye temporarily

John Calvin Abney, Way out

John Calvin Abney, I'll be here, Maired

John Calvin Abney, In such a strange town

(CD "Far cries and close calls", 23.9.2016, Continental Song City)

Della Mae, Long shadow

Della Mae, No expectations

Della Mae, Boston town

(CD "Della Mae", 28.4.2015, Rounder)


Sendung 6.11.2016

Monkey Junk, Best kept secret

Monkey Junk, Time to roll

Monkey Junk, Pray for rain

Monkey Junk, The hunter

Monkey Junk, Blue lights go down

(CD "Time to roll", 4.11.2016, Stony Plain)

Phil Bee's Freedom, Down don't bother me

Phil Bee's Freedom, One last kiss

Phil Bee's Freedom, Go to get better in a little while

(CD "Memphis moon", 21.10.2016, Continental Europe)

Charlie & The Nightcats, King without a crown

Charlie & The Nightcats, I know

Charlie & The Nightcats, Goodbye

(CD "Without you", Herbst 2016)

Conor Oberst, Tachycardia

Conor Oberst, Barbery coast (later)

Conor Oberst, The rain follows the plow

Conor Oberst, A littly uncanny

(CD "Ruminations", 14.10.2016, Nonesuch)

Christian Kjellvander, Midsummer (red dance)

Christian Kjellvander, Misanthrope river

Christian Kjellvander, Gallow

(CD "A village: Natural light", 14.10.2016, Tapete)

Shannon Lyon, I'm never bored

Shannon Lyon, I get lonesome

Shannon Lyon, Girl from the county zoo

Shannon Lyon, The Oktoberfest song

(CD "My throat is soar", 4.11.2016, Continental Song City)

Beoga, The bonny ship, the diamond

Beoga, Aurora

Beoga, Jump the boom

(CD "Before we change our mind", 30.9.2016, Continental Record Services)


Am 30.10 keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat mit einem Sonderprogramm


Sendung 23.10.2016

Imperial Crowns, I gotta right

Imperial Crowns, The calling

Imperial Crowns, Love n' the devil

Imperial Crowns, Miz Aphrodite

Imperial Crowns, Liberate

(CD "The calling", 21.10.2016, Dixie Frog)

Si Cranstoun, Old school

Si Cranstoun, Jukebox jump

Si Cranstoun, Skinny jeans

Si Cranstoun, Thames river song

Si Cranstoun, Lover please

(CD "Old school", 19.8.2016, RUF Records)

Theo, I want to say thank you

Theo, Get it on

Theo, I don't need no doctor

Theo, Heart of a soul

Theo, Louisiana 1927

(CD "Heart of a soul", 21.10.2016, Staages Music)

Zephaniah Stringfield, Going to North Carolina

Zephaniah Stringfield, I should've never seen her go

Zephaniah Stringfield, Leaving my New Mexico home

Zephaniah Stringfield, When I die

(CD "The book of Zephania", 19.7.2016, Zephaniah Stringfield)

Willie May, Battle of the strays

Willie May, I'm going home

Willie May, Hey big Fanny

Willie May, Zombie dance

(CD "Maiuke", 10/2016, Booman Music/ Willie May Music)

John McEuen, Travelin' mood

John McEuen, I still miss someone

John McEuen, Jules' theme

John McEuen, Mr. Bojangles

(CD "Made in Brooklyn", 21.10.2016, Chesky Records)

Colvin & Earle, The way that we do

Colvin & Earle, You're still gone

Colvin & Earle, Ruby Thuesday

(CD "Colvin & Earle", 10.6.2016, Concord Music Group)


Sendung 16.10.2016

George 'Harmonica Smith', Blowing the blues

George 'Harmonica Smith', Yes, Baby

George 'Harmonica Smith', Boogie with George

George 'Harmonica Smith', Bad start

George 'Harmonica Smith', Sunbird

(CD "Now you can talk about me", 1989, Blind Pig)

Al Jones, In time - right time - any time

Al Jones, Have you ever had the blues

Al Jones, Rev up Boogie

Al Jones, You don't have to go

(CD "In time - right time - any time", 1.10.2016, Stormy Monday)

David Bromberg, Walkin' Blues

David Bromberg, 9000 miles

David Bromberg, Yield not to temptation

David Bromberg, Delia

David Bromberg, You don't have to go

(CD "The blues, the whole blues and nothing but the blues", 21.10.2016, Red House)

Max Paul Maria, San Francisco

Max Paul Maria, Sad south

Max Paul Maria, Someday babe

(CD "Figurines", 21.10.2016, Devil Duck Records)

Madison Violet, Ohio

Madison Violet, Trouble

Madison Violet, Operator

(CD The knight session", 30.9.2016, India Media Group)

Wayne Graham, Mexico

Wayne Graham, Cliffs of Dover

Wayne Graham, Monastary stone

Wayne Graham, Fellow man

(CD Mexico", 7.10.2016, K&F Records)

The Slow Show, Hurts

The Slow Show, Lulleby

The Slow Show, This time

The Slow Show, Breaks today

The Slow Show, Brick

(CD "Dream darling", Haldern Pop Recordings)

Michael Fix, A day in the life

(CD "Bending air", 21.10.2016, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 9.10.2016

Nico Brina, Chilly Billy Boogie

Nico Brina, 25 hours, 8 days a week

Nico Brina, Groggy froggy boogie

Nico Brina, Grinning cat boogie

Nico Brina, Pinky monkey boogie

(CD "25 hours, 8 days a week", 1.10.2016, Stormy Monday)

Popa Chubby, Bye bye love

Popa Chubby, Motörhead saved my live

Popa Chubby, Dirty Diesel

Popa Chubby, The catfish

Popa Chubby, C'mon in my kitchen

(CD "The Catfish", 7.10.2016, Ear Music)

Colin James, Big road blues

Colin James, Gypsy woman

Colin James, Goin' away

Colin James, Hoodoo man blues

Colin James, Ain't long for a day

(CD Blue highways", 14.10.2016, True North Records)

Georg 'Harmonica' Smith, Astatic stomp

(CD "Now you can talk about me" 1989, Blind Pig)

Chip Taylor, Who's gonna built that wall

(Oktober 2016, Train Wreck Records)

Alex Behning, Wenn Du mal wieder im Norden bist

Alex Behning, Frisches Gras

Alex Behning, Was hast Du gesehen

Alex Behning, Wir sehen uns wieder irgendwann

(CD ""Trickster und Propheten", 7.10.2016, Ufer Records)

Gabrielle Louise, Cherish sincerly

Gabrielle Louise, Love on the rocks

Gabrielle Louise, Graveyard ballad

Gabrielle Louise, No moon at all

(CD "If statics clear", 26.8.2016, Prima Records)

The Coal Porters, The day the last Ramone died

The Coal Porters, The blind bartender

The Coal Porters, Unhappy anywhere

The Coal Porters, Another girl

(CD "No. 6", 26.8.2016, Prima Records)


Sendung 2.10.2016

Johnny Neel, Tommy Lepson & Dave Chappell, Make you strong

Neel, Lepson & Chappell, Basket case

Neel, Lepson & Chappell, Last train

Neel, Lepson & Chappell, Nothing without you

(CD "East coast sound" 1.6.2016, Rip Bang Records)

Kat Riggins, Now I see

Kat Riggins, Change is gonna come

Kat Riggins, The devil is a liar

Kat Riggins, Blues is the new black

(CD "Blues revival", 4.8.2016, Bluzpic Media Group)

Dan Bubien, Palast rider

Dan Bubien, Grinding these gears

Dan Bubien, Darkhearted woman

Dan Bubien, The struggle is real

(CD "Grinding in these gears", 12.8.2016, Dan Bubien Music)

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, The L&N don't stop here anymore

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, Lonesome whistle

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, KC Moan

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, In the pines

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, Early morning rain

(CD"Shine a light: Field recordings from the Great American Railroad", 23.9.2016, Cooking Vinyl)

James McMurtry, Screen door

Hayes Carll, Girl with the dirty hair

The Band of Heathens, Oklahoma gypsy shuffle

Verlon Thomas, Lil' runaway

Terri Hendrix, Red bandana blues

Mando Saenz, Home again

Malt Wilkins, Highway prayer

Adam Carroll, My only good shirt

(CD "Highway prayers", A tribute to Adam Carroll", 28.10.2016, Eight 30 Records)

Marcel Dadi, Song for Chet

(CD "Hommage á Marcel Dadi", 28.10.2016, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 25.9.2016

Tony Joe White, Hoochie woman

Tony Joe White, The bad wind

Tony Joe White, Rain crow

Tony Joe White, The middle of nowhere

Tony Joe White, Where do they go

(CD "Rain crow", 27.5.2016, Yep Records)

Timo Gross, The desert

Timo Gross, Get up

Timo Gross, Travelin Pt. 2

Timo Gross, One way ticket

(CD "Heavy soul", 23.9.2016, Grand Cru Records)

Pete Alderton, Revelation Blues

Pete Alderton, So cool

Pete Alderton, Down the river

Pete Alderton, Love blues

(CD "Something smooth", 23.9.2016, Ozella Music)

Dallas Turner, Little Joe Wrangler

Dallas Turner, Gamblin' Black Jack Davey

Dallas Turner, Cowboy ace in the hole

Dallas Turner, Yello rose of Texas

Dallas Turner, Home on the range

(CD "25 Cowboy Songs", LP 1967, CD 16.9.2016, Rural Rhythm Records)

Washboard Hank, Shovelin' Bob

Washboard Hank, Cartoon swing

Washboard Hank, Beer cans down the Trans Can

Washboard Hank, Why does the wind blow so wild

(CD "Human beans", 22.7.2016)

The Youngers, No money

The Youngers, Devil's fingers

The Youngers, Old times

The Youngers, Fly away

(CD "Picture of you", 19.9.2016, Let it Roll Records)

Adam Carroll, Good behavior

Adam Carroll, Tears in my gumbo

Adam Carroll, Lil' runaway

(CD "Let chose you", 19.5.2015)

Dallas Turner, The big corrall


Sendung 18.9.2016

Bruce Katz, Don't feel so good today

Bruce Katz, Bessie's bounce

Bruce Katz, Disfunshunal

Bruce Katz, Think fast

(CD "Out from the center",16.9.2016, American Showplace Music)

Devon Allman, Galaxies

Devon Allman, Hold me

Devon Allman, Live from the heart

Devon Allman, A night like this

(CD "Ride or die", 23.9.2016, RUF Records)

Cheese Finger Brown, Who are you to judge

Cheese Finger Brown, Country shake down

Cheese Finger Brown, Grey eagle

Cheese Finger Brown, Bend over Mama

Cheese Finger Brown, Lulleby before I go

(CD "Low-down people", 16.9.2016, Humu Records)

Simo, Please

(Single aus CD "Let love show the way", 29.1.2016, Provogue)

Si Cranstoun, Old school

(Single aus CD "Old school", 19.8.2016, RUF Records)

2Ton Bridge, Take your hands off my land

2Ton Bridge, Post hole digger

2Ton Bridge, Parchman prison clay

2Ton Bridge, Nothing but time

Pat Guadagno, Carousel

Pat Guadagno, Gravedigger

Pat Guadagno, People in my age

Pat Guadagno, Ships

Pat Guadagno, This guitar is for sale

(CD "New Jersey Material", 8.5.2012)

Writersday, Get back

Writersday, Taking a train home

Writersday, Up in California

Writersday, Fallen angel

(CD "Picking flowers on the moon", 16.9.2016, White Dove Music)

Pat Guadagno, Don't let us get sick


Sendung 11.9.2016

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, Raining in Paris

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, Shy voice

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, Whiskey flavoured tears

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, I want it

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, I like my hot sauce cold

(CD "The Big sound of Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials", 23.9.2016, Alligator)

Grady Champion, Bump and grin

Grady Champion, Life support

Grady Champion, Leave her running

Grady Champion, What a woman

(CD "One of a kind", 16.9.2016, Malaco Records)

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Kismet

Ronnie Earl & The Bluescasters, Double trouble

(CD "Maxwell street", 9.9.2016, Stony Plain)

Beaver Nelson, Well, well, well

Beaver Nelson, It ain't yours

Beaver Nelson, Men without women

Beaver Nelson, Katie Bug's lulleby

(CD "Positive", 22.8.2016, Freedom Records)

Yarn, When summer ends

(CD "Almost home", 30.3.2012, Yarn)

Yarn, I'm the man

Yarn, Easy road

Yarn, I let you down

(CD "This is the year", 27.6.2016, Ardsley Music)

Yarn, Strikes & gutter

(CD "Come on in", 2010, Yarn)

Nancy Cassidy, Heart of a song

Nancy Cassidy, Cinnamon eyes

Nancy Cassidy, Whole bunch of love

Nancy Cassidy, In your arms

(CD  "Heart of a song", 1.6.2016, Twitter Twatter Music)

Writersday, Big big world

(CD "Picking flowers on the moon", 16.9.2016, White Dove Records)


Sendung 4.9.2016

Kenny Neal & Billy Branch, Don't start me talking

Kenny Neal & Billy Branch, Going slow down

Kenny Neal & Billy Branch, I just keep loving her

Kenny Neal & Billy Branch, Early one morning

(CD "Double take", 2004, Alligator)

Frank 'Bang' & The Cook County Kings, Million miles away

Frank 'Bang' & The Cook County Kings, Can't find my way home

Frank 'Bang' & The Cook County Kings, Can't go on this way

(CD "The blues don't care", September 2016, Blue Hoss Records)

Joey Gilmore Band, Man of the world

Joey Gilmore Band, Brownskin woman

Joey Gilmore Band, Chain of fool

Joey Gilmore Band, Night time is the right time

(CD "Respect the blues", 17.8.2016, Mosher St. Records)

Colin Linden, No more cheap wine

Corb Lund, I wanna be in the cavalry

Doug Sahm, Louis Riel

Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, Do not stand at my grave and weep

Emmylou Harris, Where will I be

Guitar Heroes: James Burton, Albert Lee, Amos Garrett, That's all right Mama

Ian Tyson, Cottonwood canyon

Steve Earle, Rivers of Babylon

(3-CD-Box "40 years of Stony Plain", 3.6.2016, Stony Plain)

Bob Carpenter, Silent passage

Bob Carpenter, First light

Bob Carpenter, Morning train

Bob Carpenter, Gypsy boy

Bob Carpenter, Down along the border

(LP 1974/1984, CD 2004 "Silent Passage", Stony Plain)


Sendung 28.8.2016

Mamie Smith, Crazy Blues

Ma Rainy, Stack O'Lee Blues

Bessie Smith, Careless love Blues

Lottie Kimbrough, Rolling log Blues

Kate and Blind Willy McTell, God don't like it

Memphis Minnie, 'Frisco town

Lucille Bogan, Shave 'em dry

Bertha Lee and Charlie Patton, Mind reader blues

Victoriy Spivey, Hodoo man blues

(CD "Blues women, reborn and remastert", 26.7.2016, Rough Guides/World Music Network)

Shaun Murphy, Your husband is cheatin' on us

Shaun Murphy, Happy with the one I got now

Shaun Murphy, Hate the blues (But the blues sure seems to love me)

(CD "It won't stop raining", 18.4.2016, Vision Wall Records)

Joanna Connor, It's a woman's way

Joanna Connor, By your side

Joanna Connor, Swamp swim

(CD "Six string stories", 26.8.2016, M.C. Records)

Richard Shindell, Careless

Richard Shindell, The deer and the parkway

Richard Shindell, Abbie

Richard Shindell, The dome

(CD "Careless", 9.9.2016, Continental Europe)

The Watchman, Sprinkles and milk

The Watchman, Far off land

The Watchman, Time to travel

The Watchman, Columbus stockade

(CD "Dorset moon", 26.8.2016, Continental Europe)

Jack Tempchin, Singing in the street

Jack Tempchin, Circle ties that bind

Jack Tempchin, So long my friend

Jack Tempchin, Song for you

Jack Tempchin, Old river

(CD "One more song", 2.9.2016, Blue Elan Records)


Sendung 21.8.2016

Andi's Blues Orchester, Good morning little schoolgirl

Andi's Blues Orchester, I hear my mother calling

Andi's Blues Orchester, The new sugar man

Andi's Blues Orchester, It ain't be long fo' day

(CD "Just blow in your own town", 15.7.2016, Stormy Monday)

Sari Schorr, Ain't got no money

Sari Schorr, Damn the reason

Sari Schorr, Demolition man

Sari Schorr, Kiss me

(CD "A force of nature", 19.8.2016, Manhaton Records)

Jan Gerfast, The darkside

Jan Gerfast, Shaking the ground

(CD "Hippies united", 2013, Magic Music)

Jeff Young, The darkside

Jeff Young, Art of conversation

Jeff Young, Choose your own unknown

Jeff Young, Two years shy of century

(CD "Choose your own unknown", 19.8.2016, M2 Records)

Freddy Powers, Tom Sayer and Huckleberry Finn (feat. Merle Haggard)

Freddy Powers, A friend in California

Freddy Powers, Wild party Blues (feat. Merle Haggard)

Freddy Powers, Two timing woman

(My great escape", 2003, Hag Records)

Stewart Eastham, Someone new

Stewart Eastham, Across the sea

Stewart Eastham, It's understood

Stewart Eastham, The man I once was

(CD "The man I once was", 4.5.2013)

The Krickets, Haunting me

The Krickets, Song of the spanish moss sirens

The Krickets, Voodoo ressurection

The Krickets, Sing to you (Arthurs song)

(CD "Spanish moss sirens", 17.5.2016)

Richard Shindell, Your guitar

(CD "Careless", 26.8.2016, Continental Song City)


Sendung 14.8.2016

Joe Louis Walker, Eyes like a cat

Roscoe Gordon, Sit right here

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, It takes time

Maria Muldaur & Taj Mahal, Soul of a man

Long John Baldry, Midnight special

Paul Reddick, Mourning dove

Monkey Junk, Mother's crying

Billy Boy Arnold, Bad luck Blues

Rory Block, Candy man

Big Dave McLean, Atlanta moan

Ruthie Foster, Keep your big mouth closed

Sonny Rhodes, Meet me at the 10th Street Inn

Jim Byrnes, Wrapped up, tied up

King Biscuit Boy, Blue light Boogie

(3-CD-Box "40 years of Stony Plain", 3.6.2016)

Avett Brothers, Ain't no man

Avett Brothers, You are mine

Avett Brothers, True sadness

Avett Brothers, Victims of life

(CD "True sadness", 24.6.2016, Republic/Universal)

John Gorka, Down in the Milltown

John Gorka, Love is our cross to hear

John Gorka, Winter cows

John Gorka, I saw a stranger with her hair

(CD "Before the beginning", 22.7.2016, Red House)

Euferzine, Borderlines

Euferzine, Run Tory run

Euferzine, Mournful melody

Euferzine, Merciful hand of the Lord

Euferzine, Tom Asunder

(Do.-CD "Where did the time go", Juli 2016)

Martin Hegel, Secondante, aurette amiche

(CD "A Mozart Tribute", 19.2.2016, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 7.8.2016

Tin Pan Alley, Hamster wheel

Tin Pan Alley, Crossroads

Tin Pan Alles, Junior's wailing

Tin Pan Alley, Stormy Monday

(CD "Blues (h)our", 8.7.2016, Stormy Monday)

Gary Hoey, Boxcar Blues

Gary Hoey, Who's your Daddy

Gary Hoey, Steamroller (tribute to Johnny Winter)

Gary Hoey, Blind faith

(CD "Dust & Bone", 29.7.2016, Mascot/Provogue)

Isaiah B. Brunt, Still waiting

Isaiah B. Brunt, That place on the road

Isaiah B. Brunt, Travel back in time

Isaiah B. Brunt, Same old road

(CD "A moment in time", 1.7.2016, Isaiah B. Brunt Music)

John Flynn, Soul

John Flynn, Get up (Tracy G's last will and testament)

John Flynn, Help me make it through the night (feat. Kris & Kelly Kristofferson)

John Flynn, Mercy

(CD "Mercy", 5.8.2016, Flying Stone Music)

Jimmy Pizzitola, Karate Kid Blues

Jimmy Pizzitola, Walk with me

Jimmy Pizzitola, Fresh water

Jimmy Pizzitola, A cat named Steve

(CD "The chocktaw wildfire", 2.5.2016, Supahit Records)

The Felice Brothers, Triumph

The Felice Brothers, Sally

The Felice Brothers, Diamondball

The Felice Brothers, Sell the house

(CD"Life in the dark", 24.6.2016, Yep Roc Records)



Am 31.7. keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat mit Sonderprogramm


Sendung 24.7.2016

Jim McCarty & Friends:

Fanny Mae

Let me love you baby

Jenny Jenny/ Good Golly Miss Molly

Excello Boogie

Got a mind to give up living

School days

No fun

Sweet sixteen

Born in Chicago

(Do.-CD "Jim Carty & Friends, Live from Callahan's", 2011, Cally's Records)

Ben Bedford, Letters from the earth

Ben Bedford, The fox

Ben Bedford, The voyage of John and Emma

Ben Bedford, Prairy earth

Claudia Schmidt, Sea of forgiveness

Claudia Schmidt, Nothing

Claudia Schmidt, The likes of you

Claudia Schmidt, Jane's gone

(CD "New whirled order", 4.3.2014, Red House)

Doolin', The galway girl

Doolin', Ballad of Hollis Brown

Doolin', Amsterdam

Doolin', Itinerant singing boy

(CD "Doolin'", 15.7.2016, Compass Records)


Sendung 17.7.2016

Guy Verlinde, Drivin' home to you

Guy Verlinde, Jump and Jive

Guy Verlinde, Winter Blues

Guy Verlinde, Take your time

Guy Verlinde, Let's have a party

(CD "Rooted in the blues", 13.5.2016, Dixie Frog)

AG Weinberger, Baby please don't go

AG Weinberger, I can't get enough

AG Weinberger, Mother Blues

AG Weinberger, Sweet little number

(CD "Mighty business", 22.11.2015, Bigfoot Records)

Sid Selvidge, Walkin' down Beale Street

Grandma Dixie Davis, Beale Street Blues

Sleepy John Estes, Big fat Mama/Liquore store

Fury Lewis, Fury's Blues

Teenie Hodges, Rock me baby

Johnny Woods, Frisco blow

Mud Boy & The Neutrons, On the road again

(LP 1979 "Beale Street Saturday Night", CD 14.5.2015 Omnivore)

Stone Cupid, The cardinal

Stone Cupid, Saint old chain

Stone Cupid, 100 floors

Stone Cupid, Anthem

(CD "The cardinal", 22.1.2016, Stone Cupid)

Julie Christensen, Ten people

Julie Christensen, Another one

(CD "Weeds like us", 20.11.2012, Houshold Ink)

Chip Taylor, I'll carry for you

Chip Taylor, She had no time to get ready, she just was

Chip Taylor, St. Marguerite

Shayne Zadravec, I'll carry for you

(EP "I'll carry for you", Juli 2016, Trainwreck Records)

Kristin Scott Benson, Great waterton

Kristin Scott Benson, When fall comes to New England

(CD Stringworks", 22.7.2016, Mountain Home Music Company)

Earls of Leicester, Ain't you

(CD "Rattle and roar", 15.7.2016, Rounder)



Sendung 10.7.2016

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, New old lady

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, You gonna lie

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Don't do it

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Too closer together

(CD "You asked for it...Live", 8.7.2014, Alligator Records)

Laurence Jones, I will

Laurence Jones, Take me high

Laurence Jones, The price I pay

Laurence Jones, Higher ground

(CD "Take me high", 22.7.2016, RUF Records)

Nick Moss Band, Dead man's hand

Nick Moss Band, Grateful

Nick Moss Band, I dig

Nick Moss Band, From the root to the fruit

(CD "From the root to the fruit", 20.5.2016, Blue Bella Records)

Levi Parham, Wrong way to hold a man

Levi Parham, Gonna be a long day

Levi Parham, Waiting game

Levi Parham, Love comes around

(CD "The American Blues", 24.6.2016, Music Road Records)

Andrew Calhoun, Getaway

Andrew Calhoun, Glad old man

Andrew Calhoun, You better get a lawyer

Andrew Calhoun, Long legged lover

Andrew Calhoun, If

(CD "Hope", 16.8.1994, Waterbug Records)

Robb Moss, Charlie

Robb Moss, High five

Robb Moss, Halfway to heaven

Robb Moss, Wind without a feather

Robb Moss, Fool's gold

(CD "The other world", 13.6.2016, Moss Creek)

Dori Freeman, Where I stood

Dori Freeman, Any wonder

Dori Freeman, Song for Paul

(CD "Dori Freeman", 15.1.2016, Free Dirt Records/CRS)


Sendung 3.7.2016

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, Hold that train

Shemekia Copeland, Devil's hand

Elvin Bishop, Can't even do wrong right

Toronzo Cannon, Bad contract

Charlie Musselwhite, The well

Marcia Ball, The tattooed lady and the alligator man

Tommy Castro & The Painkillers, Common ground

Selwyn Birchwood, Don't call no ambulance

Joe Louis Walker, Too drunk to drive drunk

Lee Rocker, Crazy when she drinks

Moreland & Arbuckle, Take me with you (when you go)

Delbert McClinton, Givin' up for your love

Hound Dog Taylor & The HouseRockers, Take Five

JJ Gray & Mofro, 99 shades of crazy

The Kentucky Headhunters & Johnny Johnson, Stumblin'

(Do.-CD "Alligator 45th anniversary collection", 10.6.2016, Alligator Records)

Jimmy LaFave, Going home

Jimmy LaFave, Never is a moment

Jimmy LaFave, Buffalo returns to the plains

Jimmy LaFave, Into your life

(CD "Favourites 1992 - 2001", Music Road Records)

Sarah Jarosz, Early morning light

Sarah Jarosz, Everything to hide

Sarah Jarosz, Take another turn

Sarah Jarosz, Take me back

(CD "Undercurrent", 17.6.2016, Sugar Hill Records)

The Looking, Where did you go

The Looking, Two daughters

The Looking, Waiting on you

The Looking, Burning doves

(CD "Lead me to the water", Continental Import/CRS)

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, I won't give up my train

(CD "The Country Blues", 8.7.2016, Compass Records

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, Georgia on a fast train

(CD "Before the sun goes down", 16.1.2015, Compass Records)


Sendung 26.6.2016

Fenton Robinson, I hear some blues downstairs

Fenton Robinson, I wish for you

Fenton Robinson, Going west

Fenton Robinson, Killing floor

Fenton Robinson, As the years go passing by

(CD "I hear some blues downstairs", LP 1977, CD 10.10.2003 Alligator)

Sammy Eubanks, All blues to me

Sammy Eubanks, Stop that grinnin'

Sammy Eubanks, Sugar me

Sammy Eubanks, I'm gonna leave you

(CD "Sugar me", 17.4.2016, Underworld Records)

Wily Bo Walker, Walking with the devil

Wily Bo Walker, Loan me a dime

Wily Bo Walker, When the angels call your time

Wily Bo Walker, Little Gina

(Do.-CD "The Wily Bo Walker Story I and II", 2016)

Sam Bush, Where's my love

Sam Bush, Play by your own rules

Sam Bush, Lefty's song

Sam Bush, Carcinoma Blues

(CD "Storyman", 24.6.2016, Sugar Hill)

Hackensaw Boys, C'mon baby don't let bet against me

Hackensaw Boys, By and by

Hackensaw Boys, Limousin lady

Hackensaw Boys, Ol' Nick

(CD "Charismo", 22.4.2016, Free Dirt Records)

Society of Broken Souls, One more kiss

Society of Broken Souls, Shape I'm in

Society of Broken Souls, Wyoming

Society of Broken Souls, On the other side

(CD "Things still left unsaid", 21.5.2016)

Jimmy LaFave, Tomorrow is a long time

(CD "Trail five", 3.6.2016, Music Road Records)

Markus Segschneider, Goodbye with a smile

(CD "Guitar Instrumentals", 2012, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 19.6.2016

Jimmy Thackery & John Mooney, Jamaican mess around

Jimmy Thackery & John Mooney, Eliza

Jimmy Thackery & John Mooney, Take time

Jimmy Thackery & John Mooney, Jitterbug swing

(CD "Sideways in paradise", 1993, Blind Pig)

Royal Southern Brotherhood, Wonder why

Royal Southern Brotherhood, Spirit man

Royal Southern Brotherhood, Hooked on the plastic

Royal Southern Brotherhood, Stand up

(CD "Royal Gospel", 17.6.2016, RUF Records)

Markey Blue, I'll wait for you

Markey Blue, Cash is always king

Markey Blue, Lay down Lucille

Markey Blue, Worries

(CD "The blues are knockin' ", 29.4.2016, SouthOsound Record)

Rusty Smith & Friends, Get the blues when it rains

Rusty Smith & Friends, Church bell blues

Rusty Smith & Friends, How can I keep from singing

Rusty Smith & Friends, House of carpenter

(CD "Rusty Smith & Friends", 10.7.2013, Rusty Smith)

Chip Taylor, Bobby, I screwed up

Chip Taylor, Refugee children

Chip Taylor, St. Joan

Chip Taylor, Book of hope

(CD "Little brothers", 24.6.2016, Trainwreck Records)

Christine Salem, Mama don't give up

Christine Salem, Bondite

Christine Salem, Lolilola

Christine Salem, Lab

(CD "Larg pa lo kor", 10.6.2016, Blue Fanal/ Broken Silence)

Djelimady Tounkara, Djeli Blues

Djelimady Tounkara, Alloumasson Diafama

(CD "Djeli Blues", 27.5.2016, Label Bleu/ Broken Silence)

Duo Dorado, Kirov in summer

(CD "New colors from argentina", 2014, Acoustic Music)


Sendung 12.6.2016

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne, Look out! There's a train coming

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne, I need your lovin'

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne, I'm coming home

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne, Rock, rock little girl

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne, Boogie to gloryland

(CD "Jumpin' and boppin", 3.6.2016, Stony Plain)

Sven Zetterberg, Besides that

Sven Zetterberg, Once in a while (is better than never at all)

Sven Zetterberg, Walk out like a lady

Sven Zetterberg, My blues got me walking

(CD Something for everybody", 1.7.2016, Gamlestans Grammofonbolag/Broken Silence)

John Fuller & The Philipp Walker Band, Fools paradise

John Fuller & The Philipp Walker Band, Bad luck overtook me

John Fuller & The Philipp Walker Band, Miss you so

John Fuller & The Philipp Walker Band, Mercy mercy

(CD "Fullers Blues", 17.6.2016, Black Magic Records/CRS)

Ole Frimer Band, Hustled down from Texas

Chris O'Leary Electric Band, Harvest time

(Gast-Bands bei der German Blues Challenge + German Blues Award 17.-19.6.2016 in Eutin)

Brooks Williams, Year began

Brooks Williams, Joker's wild

Brooks Williams, Rosalyn

Brooks Williams, Nobody wins

(CD "My turn now", 13.5.2016, Continental Records Services)

Gianmaria Testa, Forse qualcuno domani

Gianmaria Testa, Una barca scura

Gianmaria Testa, Tela di ragno

Gianmaria Testa, Al mercato di porta palazzo

Gianmaria Testa, Ritals

(CD "Da questa parte del mare", 2006, Fuoriva/Harmonia Mundi)

Yelly Yelly, Azzad

Yelly Yelly, Mared Youghai

Yelly Yelly, One skip apart

Yelly Yelly, Land and country

(CD "Terre de mon poème", 10.6.2016, Beating Drum/Broken Silence)


Sendung 5.6.2016

The Honey Island Swampband, How do you feel

The Honey Island Swampband, She goes crazy

The Honey Island Swampband, Through another day

The Honey Island Swampband, Devil's den

(CD "Demolitian day", 17.6.2016, RUF Records)

Paul Reddick, Shadows

Paul Reddick, Mountain dove

Paul Reddick, Diamonds

Paul Reddick, Living in another world

(CD "Ride the one", 20.5.2016 (17.6. in Europa) Stony Plain Records)

Alexis P. Suter Band, Talk to myself

Alexis P. Suter Band, All for loving you

Alexis P. Suter Band, Livin' in a world

Alexis P. Suter Band, Another peace and time

(CD "All for loving you", 17.6.2016, American Showplace)

Guy Clark, My favourite picture of you

Guy Clark, Hell bent on a heartache

Guy Clark, Heroes

Guy Clark, Good advice

Guy Clark, Death of Sis Draper

(CD "My favourite picture of you", 2.8.2013, Dualtone)

Harry Dean Stanton, She thinks I still care

Harry Dean Stanton, Cancion mixteca

Harry Dean Stanton, When I get my rewards

Harry Dean Stanton, Promised land

(CD "Partly fiction", 1.8.2014, Omnivore Records/Rycodisc)

David Olney, Jerusalem tomorrow

David Olney, Dillinger

David Olney, Stonewall

David Olney, $20 Serenade

(CD "Holiday in Holland", 18.3.2016, Strictly Country Records)


Hinweis: Am 29.5.16 keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat


Sendung 22.5.2016

Albert Castiglia, Get your ass in the van

Albert Castiglia, What I like about Miami

Albert Castiglia, Where did I go wrong

Albert Castiglia, Where the devil makes his deal

Albert Castiglia, What the hell was I thinking

(CD "Big dog", 20.5.2016, RUF Records)

Ana Popovic, If tomorrow was today

Ana Popovic, Long road down

Ana Popovic, Who's yo' Mama?

Ana Popovic, Wasted

Ana Popovic, Crying for me

(3-CD-Box "Trilogy", 20.5.2016, Artiste Xclusive Records)

Richard Koechli, Six string spell

Richard Koechli, Ausverkauf

Richard Koechli, Blind Willi

Richard Koechli, Minnie

(Musik-Hörbuch "Dem Blues auf den Fersen", 10.3.2016, Fontastix)

Jeb Loy Nichols, To be rich (should be a crime)

Jeb Loy Nichols, I'm in need now

(Do.-CD "Long Time Traveller", 5.2.2016, On-U Sound)

Don Nivens, Wild mountain honey

Don Nivens, September gone

Don Nivens, Mr. tax man

Don Nivens, The church lady

(CD "The dog, the cat & the mirror", 2013)

3hattrio, Get back home

3hattrio, Western city nights

3hattrio, Get on the bus

3hattrio, Left Texas

(CD "Dark desert night", 17.9.2015, Okehdokee Records)

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, Two soldiers

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, Turtle dove

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, It's a long long way to the top of the world

("Ragged but right", LP 1988, CD 2010, Rhino)


Sendung 15.5.2016

Jane Lee Hooker, In the valley

Jane Lee Hooker, Mean town blues

Jane Lee Hooker, The hunter

Jane Lee Hooker, Mannish boy

Jane Lee Hooker, Shake for me

(CD "No B!", 22.4.2016, RUF Records)

Get The Cat, A pocket full of change

Get The Cat, Too perfect for me

Get The Cat, My sweet Sue

Get The Cat, Someone like you

(CD "Four", 6.5.2016, Q-rious Music)

Henning Pertiet, Down in the alley

Henning Pertiet, Boogie for you

Henning Pertiet, CPM Blues

Henning Pertiet, Spannish Boogie

Henning Pertiet, Chicago Blues

(CD "Live 2016", 13.4.2016, Stormy Monday)

T. Michael Coleman, There is a mountain

T. Michael Coleman, Rain

T. Michael Coleman, Older than dirt

T. Michael Coleman, Have mercy on my soul

(CD "Pocket", 2016, Chesterbury Records)

Anne Hills, Cindy's cryin'

Anne Hills, Early snow

Anne Hills, Hard times are here again

Anne Hills, Hold on to me

Anne Hills, When princes meet

(CD "The things I notice now/ Anne Hills sings the songs of Tom Paxton", 2012, Appleseed)

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Something tamed something wild

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Deep deep down heart

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Note on a windshield

Mary Chapin Carpenter, The things that we are made of

(CD "The things that we are made of", 6.5.2016, Lambert Light Records)

T. Michael Coleman, Higher and higher


Sendung 8.5.2016

Moreland & Arbuckle, Mean and evil

Moreland & Arbuckle, Woman down in Arkansas

Moreland & Arbuckel, Mount comfort

Moreland & Arbuckle, Long did I hide it

Moreland & Arbuckle, I'm a king bee

(CD "Promised land or bust", 6.5.2016, Alligator)

Robin Trower, When will the next blow fall

Robin Trower, Where you are going to

Robin Trower, In too deep

Robin Trower, We will be together someday

(CD "Where you are going to", 6.5.2016, Manhaton Records)

Sugar Blue, Sugar Blue Boogie

Sugar Blue, Mercedes Blues

Sugar Blue, Cyber Blues

Sugar Blue, Mary Ann

Sugar Blue, Time

(CD "Voyage", 29.4.2016, M.C. Records)

Mountain Heart, Blue skies

Mountain Heart, Maggie's farm

Mountain Heart, No one to listen

Mountain Heart, Have you heard about the old hometown

Mountain Heart, I can't get over you

(CD "Blue skies", 6.5.2016, Compass Records

Jason Wilber, As tears go bye

Jason Wilber, Coals and water

Jason Wilber, Echoes

Jason Wilber, Annie you save me

Jason Wilber, Paradise

(CD "Echoes", 22.4.2016, Wilber Tone Records)

Reagan Boggs, Ready to run

Reagan Boggs, The storms are on the ocean

Reagan Boogs, My little man

(CD "Empty glasses", 12.4.2016, Reckless Bess Records)


Sendung 1.5.2016

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Live in 1967, Vol. 2:

Tears in my eyes

Your funeral and my trial

So many roads

Bye bye bird

Please don't tell

Sweet little angel

Talk to your daughter

Bad boy

Stormy Monday


Ridin' on the L & N

Chicago line

Double trouble

(6.5.2016, Forty Below Records)

The Music is you, A tribute to John Denver:

My Morning Jacket, Leaving on a jet plane

Dave Matthews, Take me to tomorrow

Kathleen Edwards, All of my memories

Train, Sunshine on my shoulders

Lucinda Williams, This old guitar

Amos Lee, Some days are diamonds

Allen Stone, Rocky mountain high

Brett Dennen & Milow. Annie's song

Evan Dando, Looking for space

Emmylou Harris & Brandie Carlile, Take me home country road

Blind Pilot, The eagle and the hawk

Mary Chapin Carpenter, I guess he'd rather be in Colorado

(2013. ATO Records)


Sendung 24.4.2016

ohne Moderation, die Grippe hat mich (und meine Stimme) erwischt, aber zumindest Musik sollt Ihr doch am Sonntagabend hören können:

Toronzo Cannon, Walk it off

Luther Dickinson, Bye and bye, I'm going to se the kin

Tommy Castro, Common ground

The Kentucky Headhunters + Johnny Johnson, Stumblin'

Marcia Ball, The Tattooed Lady and the Alligator man

Elvin Biship, Can't even do wrong right

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Never trust a woman

Selwyn Birchwood, Don't call no ambulance

Jarekus Singleton, I refuse to loose

Joe Louis Walker, Hornet's nest

Tommy Castro, The devil you know

Anders Osborne, Peace

(Sampler, Alligator, 2016)

New Multidudes (= Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, Yim Yames)

Advantanc, The songs of Woody Guthry, 2.3.2012, Rounder

New Multidudes, Hoping Machine

New Multidudes, Fly high

New Multidudes, My revolutionary mind

New Multidudes, Old L.A.

New Multidudes, Talking empty Bed Blues

New Multidudes, Chorine my sheba queen

New Multidudes, Careless reckless love

New Multidudes, Angel's Blues

New Multidudes, No fear

New Multidudes, Changing world

New Multidudes, New Multidudes

New Multidudes, Jake walk Blues

New Multidudes, Whereabouts can I hide

New Multidudes, Old Cocaine

New Multidudes, Atom dance


Sendung 17.4.2016

John Mooney, Shake hands and tell me goodbye

John Moones, Brand new woman

John Mooney, Train is leavin'

John Mooney, Take a walk round the corner

John Mooney, Shout sister shout

John Mooney, Hot tub mambo

(CD "Comin' your way", 1979, Blind Pig Records)

Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo, Is it love?

Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo, Strange love

Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo, Heaven sittin' down

Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo, That's the last time

Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo, To bad when you touch it

(CD "R & B", 1991, Blind Pig Records)

Roy Buchanan, When the guitar plays the blues

Roy Buchanan, Short fuse

Roy Buchanan, Sneaking Godzilla through the alley

(CD "When the guitar plays the blues", 1985, Alligator)

Merle Haggard, What happened?

Merle Haggard, Learning to live with myself

Merle Haggard, Mama's hungry eyes feat. Alison Krauss

Merle Haggard, Momma's prayer

Merle Haggard, Blues stay away from me

(CD "The Bluegrass Session", 2007, McCoury Music)

Gene Clark, For no one

Gene Clark, Please Mr. Freund

Gene Clark, Jimmy Christ

Gene Clark, Where my love lies asleep

Gene Clark, Because of you

(CD "Here tonight, The white light demos", 2013, Omnivore Records)

Fruition, The meaning

Fruition, The way that I do

Fruition, Beside you

(CD "Labor of love", 22.4.2016, Randm Records)



Sendung 10.4.2016

Professor Longhair, Big chief

Professor Longhair, You're driving me crazy

Professor Longhair, Red beans

Professor Longhair, Willie Fugal's Blues

Professor Longhair, Bad head

Professor Longhair, Crawfish fiesta

(CD "Crawfish fiesta", 30.1.1980, Alligator)

Big Joe Duskin, Down the road a piece

Big Joe Duskin, Betty and Dupree

Big Joe Duskin, One dirty rat

Big Joe Duskin, Black mountain Blues

Big Joe Duskin, North to Alaska

(CD "Big Joe Duskin jumps again - Cincinatti Blues Session", 2006, Yellow Dog Records)

Tas Cru, Tired of bluesmen cryin

Tas Cru, Changing my way

Tas Cru, That lovin thang

Tas Cru, Heal my misery

Tas Cru, Dark side of the mountain

(CD "Tired of bluesmen cryin", 2.10.2012, Crustee Tees Records)

Melcolm Holcomb, Sweet Georgia

Melcolm Holcomb, Another black hole

Melcolm Holcomb, Leavin' Anna

Melcolm Holcomb, Way behind

(CD "Another black hole", 26.2.2016, Gypsy Eyes Music/Proper)

Suzanne Jarvie, Hills of home

Suzanne Jarvie, Sweet Carolina

Suzanne Jarvie, Shadow of the sultan

(EP "One take only", 2016, CRS)

Sara Ajnak, Tamma

Sara Ajnak, Aldduo

Sara Ajnak, Reäjnnou Neäjdda

Sara Ajnak, Ajgieb

(CD "Ráhjat", 8.4.2016, S.A. Records/ Broken Silence)

Las Hermanas Caronni, La melodie de chose

Las Hermanas Caronni, Tuchinsky canzonetta

(CD "Nevega Mundos", 1.4.2016, Les Grands Fleuves/ Broken Silence)


Sendung 3.4.2016

Dennis Jones, Enjoy the ride

Dennis Jones, Skin and bone

Dennis Jones, What

Dennis Jones, Lonely joint

(CD "Both sides of the track", 12.2.2016, Blue Rock Records)

Guy King, The same thing that make you laugh (can make you cry)

Guy King, Hey now

Guy King, There must be a better world somewhere

Guy King, Bad case of love

(CD "Truth", 19.2.2016, Delmark)

Val Starr & The Blues Rockett, Woman in a mission

Val Starr & The Blues Rockett, My baby

Val Starr & The Blues Rockett, None of my busyness

Val Starr & The Blues Rockett, The blues is not a color

(CD "Woman in a mission", 29.2.2016, Sandwich Factory Records)

Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns, Anytime is Saturday night

Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns, Hey Mary Wanna

Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns, I wonder who's kissing her now

Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns, Brand new funk

(CD "Bad Kids Club", 1.4.2016, Continental Coast)

Kris Kristofferson, Sunday morning coming down

Nikki Lane, Just someone I used to know

Lucinda Williams, Hickory wind

Richard Thompson, Wedding bells

Elizabeth Cook, If teardrops were pennies

Jill Andrews, Come early mornin'

(CD "Buddy Miller & Friends, Cayamo Sea Sessions", 5.2.2016, New West Records)

Matt Patershuk, Prettiest one

Matt Patershuk, I was so fond of you

Matt Patershuk, Harviestown

Matt Patershuk, Little guitar

(CD "I was so fond on you", 12.2.2016, Black Hen Music)

Nils Kercher, Tuuli itkee

(CD "Suku - Your life is your poem", 19.2.2016, Ancient Pulse Records)


Sendung 27.3.2016

Tommy Z, Going to a party

Tommy Z, Blizzard of the Blues

Tommy Z, Lovergirl

Tommy Z, My eyes (keep me in trouble)

(CD "Blizzard of the Blues, 5.2.2016, South Blossom Records)

Curtis Salgado, I know a good thing

Curtis Salgado, Walk a mile in my Blues

Curtis Salgado, Simple rough

Curtis Salgado, Ring telephone ring

Bluesmopolitans, Rising up

Bluesmopolitans, I wonder

Bluesmopolitans, Steh auf

Bluesmopolitans, Heit geh I net ausse

(CD "Ois durchanaund", 7.3.2016, CBM Brugger)

Steve Dawson, Riley's henhouse door

Steve Dawson, Can't put that monkey on my back

Steve Dawson, California savior

Steve Dawson, Roses blues

(CD "Solid states and loose ends", 1.4.2016, Black Hen Music)

David Corley, Blind man

David Corley, Pullin' off the wool

(Single-Auskopplung EP "Lights out", Mitte April, CRS)

The Mystix, Good morning coming down

The Mystix, A lifetime worth of blues

The Mystix, Hard times

The Mystix, Hi-line

(CD "Live -Rhythm & Roots", 29.3.2016, Mystix Eyes Records)

Ali Farka Touré, Diarabi

Ali Farka Touré, Banga

(CD "Talking Timbuktu", 1994, World Circuit)


Sendung 20.3.2016

3DayzWhizkey, The long road

3DayzWhizkey, 3DayzWhizkey

3DayzWhizkey, Mick Jagger

3DayzWhizkey, The devil and the big blue sea

(CD "Live and let live", 25.3.2016, Blues Boulevard)

Shari Puorto, Home of the blues

Shari Puorto, Six month sober

Shari Puorto, Workin' the room

Shari Puorto, What's the matter with the world?

(CD "My obsession", 16.10.2015, Little Lightning Productions)

Blind Lemon Pledge, Run John run

Blind Lemon Pledge, Nag nag nag

Blind Lemon Pledge, She broke the ten commandments

Blind Lemon Pledge, Railroad Mama

(CD "Pledge drive", 4.3.2016, Ofeh)

Andy Frasco & The U.N., Tie you up

Andy Frasco & The U.N., You're the kind of crazy I like

Andy Frasco & The U.N., When you're lonely, fill you up

Andy Frasco & The U.N., My recovery

(CD "Happy Bastards", 24.3.2016, RUF Records)

The Unwanted, The morning blues

The Unwanted, The diamantina drover

The Unwanted, Turn the corner

The Unwanted, No expectations

(CD "Music from the Atlantic fringe", 4.1.2010, Compass Records)

I Draw Slow, Bread and butter

I Draw Slow, Don't she run

I Draw Slow, Souvenirs

I Draw Slow, Springtime

(CD "White wave chapel", 8.7.2014, Pinecastle Records)

The Gloaming, Cadah an tSugain

The Gloaming, Cucanandy

(CD "The Gloaming 2", 26.2.2016, Real World)

Doc Watson & Family, I heard my mother weeping

Doc Watson & Family, Reuben's train

Doc Watson & Family, Pretty Saro

Doc Watson & Family, Jimmy Sutton

Doc Watson & Family, And am I born to die?

(CD "Tradition", LP 1977, CD 2015, Rounder)


Sendung 13.3.2016

Jon Spear Band, Shake your Boogie

Jon Spear Band, Blues about you

Jon Spear Band, Live music is better

(CD "Live music is better", 26.2.2016)

Joe Rusi, Make a better world

Joe Rusi, Sunday morning blues

Joe Rusi, It's not me

(CD "Who I am", 4.12.2015, Big H Music)

Tasha Taylor, How long

Tasha Taylor, Leave that dog alone

Tasha Taylor, Same old thing

(CD "Honey for the biscuit", 26.2.2016, RUF Records)

Doug McLeod, Home cookin'

Doug McLeod, I want you

Doug McLeod, Long time road

Doug McLeod, The masters plan

(digital "Live in Europe", 4.3.2016, Black & Tan)

Dani Wilde, Change

(CD "Songs about you", 2015)

Rachel Garniez, My house of peace

Daisy Chapman, Home fires

(CD "Songbirds Collective, Four voices/four worlds", 26.2.2016, Jaro Medien)

The Mystix, Might love

The Mystix, Mean woman blues

The Mystix, Keep on walkin'

The Mystix, Time brings about a change

(CD "Mitghty tone", 2012)

Tucker Zimmerman, The roadrunner

Tucker Zimmerman, Upside circus world

Tucker Zimmerman, Blue goose

Tucker Zimmerman, Alpha centauri

Tucker Zimmerman, The red wind

(LP 1969 "Ten songs"", CD 23.10.2015, Cherry Red Records)


Sendung 6.3.2016

Stevie Nimmo, Roll the dice again

Stevie Nimmo, Still hungry

Stevie Nimmo, Gambler's roll

Stevie Nimmo, Lovin' might do us good

(CD "Sky won't fall", 4.3.2016, Manhaton Records)

Mark Cameron, Doctor in the house

Mark Cameron, Morning after

Mark Cameron, Done me wrong

Mark Cameron, Playing rough

(CD "Playing rough", 15.1.2016, Cop Records)

The Jordan Patterson Band, Favourite boy

The Jordan Patterson Band, She's cold

The Jordan Patterson Band, Play my song

The Jordan Patterson Band, Do you believe

(CD "The back track recording project", 19.2.2016, Flaming Cheese Records)

Layla Zoe, Breaking freedom

Layla Zoe, Wild horses

(CD "Breaking freedom", 26.2.2016, RUF Records)

Noa, You - tu, waltz for Joaquim and Noa

Noa, Don't be afraid

Noa, Little star

(CD "Love medicine", 19.6.2015, MW Records)

Carter Sampson, Highway rider

Carter Sampson, Run away

Carter Sampson, Take me home with you

Carter Sampson, Tomorrow's light

(CD "Wilder side", 12.1.2016, Continental Record Services)

Ben Bedford, Twenty one

Ben Bedford, Amelia

Ben Bedford, Land of the shadows

Ben Bedford, One night at a time

(CD "Land of the shadows", 2009, Waterbug)

Martin Hegel, Vergiss mein nicht (Mozart)

(CD "Mozart tribute", 19.2.2016, Acoustic Muskc)


Sendung 28.2.2016

Tom Waits, The soul of a man

Lucinda Williams, It's nobody's fault but mine

Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeshi, Keep your lamp trimmed and burning

Sinead O'Connor, Trouble will soon be over

Luther Dickinson, Bye and bye, I'm going to see the king

Rickie Lee Jones, Dark was the night - cold was the ground

(CD God don't never change - The songs of Blind Willie Johnson", 26.2.2016, Alligator)

Toronzo Cannon, Bad contract

Toronzo Cannon, Midlife crisis

Toronzo Cannon, Strength to survive

Toronzo Cannon, Mrs. from Mississippi

(CD "The Chicago Way", 26.2.2016, Alligator)

Peter Karp, The Arson's match

Peter Karp, Your prettyness

Peter Karp, Train o'mine

(CD "The Arsons match - Live in NYC with Mick Taylor", 1.3.2016, Rose Cottage Recordings)

The Infamous Stringdusters + Joan Osborne, Listen

The Infamous Stringdusters + Sarah Jarosz, Won't be long

The Infamous Stringdusters + Celia Woodsmith, Old whiskey bottle

The Infamous Stringdusters + Aoife O'Donnovan, Run to heaven

The Infamous Stringdusters + Abigail Washburn, Rock and roll

(CD "Ladies & Gentlemen", 26.2.2016, Compass Records)

Frank Solivan, The fishin' song

Frank Solivan, I am a rambler

Frank Solivan, Mexico

Frank Solivan, Leaving on a jet plane

Frank Solivan, Wayfaring stranger

(CD "Family, friends and heroes", 4.3.2016, Compass Records

The Earls of Leicester, Big black train

The Earls of Leicester, Till the end of the world roll down

The Earls of Leicester, Dig a hole in the meadow

The Earls of Leicester, Dim lights, thick smoke

(CD "The Earls of Leicester", 12.9.2015, Rounder)


Sendung 21.2.2016

Nico Brina, Steam roller boogie

Nico Brina, Washboard boogie

Nico Brina, Bring it on home to me

Nico Brina, When the saints go marching in

(CD "The b'session", 8.2.2016, Stormy Monday)

Kirk Fletcher, Funnybone

Kirk Fletcher, Rock with me

Kirk Fletcher, Blues for Robben & Larry

(CD "Burning Blues", 26.2.2016, m2 Music)

Waydown Wailers, Waydown Blues

Waydown Wailers, No time no waste

Waydown Wailers, Susy Q

Waydown Wailers, Whiskey and cornbread

(CD "Empty promises", 26.2.2016, Woodstock Records)

Annee 2CU Blues-Band, You're my brand

Annee 2CU Blues-Band, Don't be afraid of the dark

Annee 2CU Blues-Band, When a blind girl cries

(CD "A twist of blues", 7.10.2015)

Jeff Young, Coasting

Jeff Young, Don't just break your heart

Jeff Young, Stand clear of the closing doors

(CD "Pure Heringbone", 19.1.2010, Sun Soul Records)

Paul Burch, Baby blue jodel

Paul Burch, To Paris (with regrets)

Paul Burch, Gunter hotel blues

Paul Burch, The girl I sawed in half

Paul Burch, Fast fuse blues"

(CD "Meridian rising", 26.2.2016, Plowboy Records)

Noam Pikelny & Oife O'Donovan, Fish and bird

Noam Pikelny & Chris Thile + Bryan Sutton, Bear dog grit

Noam Pikelney, Bob McKinney

(CD "Beat the devil and carry rail", 2011, Compass Records)


Sendung 14.2.2016

Benny Turner, Reconsider Baby

Benny Turner, Ain't no sunshine

Benny Turner, If I can't have you

Benny Turner, Black night

(CD "When she's gone", 4.2.2015, Nola Blue)

Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls, Only you know and I know

Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls, Waiting for the dream

(CD "Soul Brothers", 2014, Catfoot Records)

Johnny Rawls, Keep it close

Johnny Rawls, Having a party

Johnny Rawls, Your love is lifting me

Johnny Rawls, Lucy

(CD "Tiger in a cage", 19.2.2016, Catfood Records)

Julian Sas, End of the line

Julian Sas, Stop talking jive

Julian Sas, Brighter days

Julian Sas, Walking home with angels

(CD "Coming home", 9.2.2016, Cavalier Records)

Freakwater, What people want

Freakwater, Take me with you

Freakwater, Velveteen Matador

Freakwater, Skinny knee bone

(CD "Scheherazade", 12.2.2016, Bloodshot Records)

Carrie Rodriguez, Llano estacado

Carrie Rodriguez, Que nabera de perder

Carrie Rodriguez, Frio en el Alma

Carrie Rodriguez, Noche de ronda

(CD "Lola", 19.2.2016, Luz Records/ Broken Silence)

Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko, Al'encoute du moro

Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko, Poisson au fond de l'ocean

Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko, Before the rain

(CD "Jardins migrateurs", 22.1.2016/ 4.3.2016 Ma Casa/ Broken Silence)


Sendung 7.2.2016

Will Wilde, Thirty eight

Will Wilde, If I get my hands on you

Will Wilde, What makes people

Will Wilde, Jealous woman

(CD "Live in Hamburg", 29.1.2016, Big Lake Music)

Albert Collins, She's fine

Albert Collins, Brick

Albert Collins, The things I used to do

(Do.-CD + DVD  "Albert Collins & The Icebrakers, Live at Rockpalast", 1.2.2016, MIG)

RB Stone, Somme call it freedom

RB Stone, 35 Miles to mobile

RB Stone, You don't want me

RB Stone, Won't stop rockin'

RB Stone, Weapons of mass persuation

(CD "Some call it freedom (some call it the blues)", 1.2.2016, Middle Mountain Music)

Israel Nash, The fire and the flood

Israel Nash, The rag & bone man

(CD "Israel Nash's silver season", 9.10.2015, Loose Music)

The Pines, Where something wild still grows

The Pines, Sleepy hollow

The Pines, Come what is

The Pines + John Trudell, Time dreams

(CD "Above the prairie", 5.2.2016, Red House Music)

Quiles & Cloud, Deep ellum blues

Quiles & Cloud, Mississippi river

Quiles & Cloud, Faded flowers

(CD "Beyond the rain", 29.1.2016, Compass Records)

Sierra Hull, Choices and changed

Sierra Hull, Fallen man

Sierra Hull, Lullaby

(CD "Weighted mind", 5.2.2016, Rounder)

Dona Rosa, Fado do emigrante

(CD "Historias da rua", 2000, Jaro Medien)



Hinsweis: am 31.1.2016 keine Sendung, da 5. Sonntag im Monat mit Sonderprogramm



Sendung 24.1.2016

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Devil's look like angels

Reverend Peyton's ..., Big blue Chevy 72

Reverend Peyton's ..., Between the ditches

Reverend Peyton's ..., Shut the screen

(CD "Between the ditches", 2012, Side One Dummy Records)

Wentus Blues Band, Baa baa

Wentus Blues Band, Sparrows & Swallows

Wentus Blues Band, Thin red line

Wentus Blues Band, Mean green machine

(CD "Lucky Strike Woman", 15.1.2016, Ramasound Records)

Robban, You're the kind of trouble

Robban, Stay with you

Robban, Black rose

Robban, Heart of mine

(CD "Broken hearted again", 4.9.2015, Ramasound Records)

Ina Forsman, Hanging lose

Ina Forsman, Talk to me

Ina Forsman, Now you want me back

(CD "Ina Forsman", 29.1.2016, RUF Records)

Jonathan Edwards, Tomorrow's child

Jonathan Edwards, Mole in the ground

Jonathan Edwards, This old guitar

Jonathan Edwards, Gracie

Jonathan Edwards, Johnny's come home

(CD "Tomorrow's child", 16.6.2015, Rising Records)

Grant Peoples & The Peeples Republik, Breakfast in the Gulag

Grant Peeples & ..., If the truce holds

Grant Peeples & ..., Miner Poets

Grant Peeples & ..., Shine republic shine

(CD "A congress of treasons", Februar 2016, Gatebone Records)

John McCutcheons, Casey Jones

John McCutcheons, Mr. Block

John McCutcheons, What we want

John McCutcheons, The rebell girl

(CD "Joe Hill's last will", 1.5.2015, Appalsongs)


Sendung 17.1.2016

Walkin' Cane Mark, Ellada ellada

Walkin' Cane Mark, Tryin' to make you understand

Walkin' Cane Mark, Arizona woman

Walkin' Cane Mark, (I'm a) freight train

Walkin' Cane Mark, Eddies Boogie

(CD "Trying to make you understand", 27.11.2015, Enable Records)

Lester 'Mad Dog' Davenport, I'm gonna move

Lester 'Mad Dog' Davenport, Slow down Baby

Lester 'Mad Dog' Davenport, Mad Dog on the loose

Lester 'Mad Dog' Davenport, I'm gonna give up

(CD "When the Blues hits you", 1992/2003, Earwig Music Company)

Chris Yakopcic, Preachin' Blues

Chris Yakopcic, Sweet time Blues

Chris Yakopcic, Sounds of the highway

Chris Yakopcic, Tower of song

(CD "The next place I leave, 16.10.2015, Yako Records)

Drew Landry, Tiger fan

Drew Landry, Shotguns & beer

Drew Landry, Land of dead giants

(EP "Tailgaten relief", 2006, Pailhorse Music)

Dayna Kurtz, Raise the last glass

Dayna Kurtz, If I go first

Dayna Kurtz, Far away again

Dayna Kurtz, You'll always live inside of me

(CD "Rise and fall", 31.3.2015, M.C. Records)

The Honey Dewdrops, Same old

The Honey Dewdrops, Fair share blues

The Honey Dewdrops, Numb

(CD "Tangled country", 8.5.2015, Randm Records)

Steve Folk, My green rollercoaster

Steve Folk, Baltimore

Steve Folk, The end of the world

(CD "Black sheep bones, 30.11.2015, CRS)


Sendung 10.1.2016

Clifton Chenier, I am the Zydeco man

Clifton Chenier, The new Zydeco

Clifton Chenier, Eighteen long years

Clifton Chenier, In the mood

(CD "I'm here!", 1990, Alligator)

Chubby Carrier, Who stole the hot sauce

Chubby Carrier, Zydeco sont pas sale

Chubby Carrier, Rockin' in the cradle of the South

(CD "Who stole the hot sauce", 1996, Blind Pig)

Raful Neal, Steal away

Raful Neal, Blues on the moon

Raful Neal, No cuttin' loose

Raful Neal, Been so long

(CD "Louisiana Legend", 2003/15.6.2015, Alligator)

Lonnie Mack + Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hound dog man

Lonnie Mack + Stevie Ray Vaughan, Satisfy Susy

Lonnie Mack + Stevie Ray Vaughan, Double whammy

Lonnie Mack + Stevie Ray Vaughan, You ain't got me

(CD "Strike like lightning", 1985/2003, Alligator)

J.D. Souther, Run like a thief

J.D. Souther, How long

J.D. Souther, Silver blue

(LP/CD "John David Souther", LP 1972/CD 15.1.2016, Rycodisc)

J.D. Souther, Faithless love

J.D. Souther, Baby come home

J.D. Souther, Songs of love

(LP/CD "Black Rose", LP 1976, CD 8.1.2016, Omnivore)

Drew Landry, Prison grave

Drew Landry, Chicken pot pie

Drew Landry, Gamblin' shack

(CD "Keep what's left", 2008, Pailhorse Music)

Drew Landry, Make it rhyme

Drew Landry, Strength of a song

Drew Landry, Oceans apart

(CD "Sharecroppers whine", 2012, Pailhorse Records


Sendung 3.1.2016

Hound Dog Taylor, Held my baby last night

Hound Dog Taylor, She's gone

Hound Dog Taylor, It's alright

Hound Dog Taylor, Wild about you Baby

Hound Dog Taylor, I just can make it

Hound Dog Taylor, It hurts me too

(CD "Hound Dog Taylor & The House Rockers", LP 1971, CD 1990, Alligator)

Luther Allison, Give me back my way

Son Seals, Sadie

Sonny Landreth, Taylor's rock

Magic Slim & The Teardrops, Freddy's blues

Vernon Reid & Alvin Youngblood Hart, It's alright

George Thorogood, I just can't make it

Ronnie Earl & Friends, Wayward angel

(CD "Hound Dog Taylor, A tribute, 1998, Alligator)

Thea Gillmore, The difference

Ed Harcourt, The sweetest sound of all

Slaid Cleaves, Streets of Larado

Cowboy Junkies, The street, that man, that life

Michael McDermott, Carry your cross

A.A. Bondy, Still I dream

Carrie Elkin, Jesse likes birds

Giant Sand, Love knows no borders

(Do.-CD "Joey's songs", 2011, Omnivore

Lowden & Navarro, The wheels on the bus

Ellis Paul, Mr. Teetot

The Band of Blacky Ranchette, Working on the railroad

Gurf Morlix, Dan Blocker

Freddy Johnston, Sparky the heroin dog

The Handsome Family, Snowball

The Baseball Project, Take me out to the ballgames

Eddy Kilgallon, Bye bye day

The Weird Deluxe, There's a hole in the bottom of the year

(Co.-CD "Joey's songs for Kids", 2012, Omnivore)